Opinions on the OVO EV Everywhere tariff

  • 1 March 2018
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I would be interested to hear about peoples experience with the Ovo EV plan.
Going to be getting an EV probably mid May and I was thinking of switching from Ecotricity to Ovo, getting an economy 7 meter fitted and charging the car during the night.
Is this going to be the most economical way to run an EV?

5 replies

We are with OVO and do not have an Economy 7 meter. I guess for the most time we charge 10pm before we go to bed and unplug in the morning when we get up. For us the cost of electric for the car seems negligible - we do 9,000 miles a year. Mostly local with occasional motorway charges.
I am looking to be doing about 20000 miles per year and almost always charge at home so the Nissan will make up a big part of out electricity so was thinking economy 7 should save some money.
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It's great! I was already paying for 100% Green Electricity, so using the free 2 years membership to Polar by joining OVO EV Everywhere, it costs me nothing to charge up every day at my local supermarket. I drop the car off, have a 10min walk home. have some tea, watch the news, and then walk back and pick it up all ready for the next day. I get some exercise and 60 miles a day for zero cost, what's not to like?
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I have Economy7 and have set my Nissan Leaf to accept charge only during economy hours. Economy7 rates are less than 2/3 the normal day rate. It certainly makes sense for me.
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Hey @paulashby

Just checking back in, its been a while, did you decide to go for an EV? If so we'd love to hear about your experience of owning one so far!!

If you haven't quite made the leap yet check out our other owners and their experiences here: