New self-service reward - what's changing?

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Thanks for your reply Emily.

No it wasn't explained to me that billing could be delayed. So OVO not following their own process in explaining things, and my concern to make sure everything is set up correctly has cost me £15.

Feeling a little unloved to be honest.

Maybe it is time for us to go our separate ways.
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This should've been mentioned when you arranged the appointment, @Is_it_just_me, so I'm sorry this wasn't done.

You may not have lost your SSR becasue of this, we'd be happy to check for you - just send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your full name, DoB and account number. If you don't use social media, you can speak with the team on our online chat at the Help Centre. Don't worry you won't be at risk of losing it if you contact us.

If the SSR isn't going to be paid in the next quarter, you can appeal the decision.

It would be a shame for you to switch away because of this, we're more than happy to help with this!

I thought I knew how the SSD worked and that I had complied with the terms but found that I had lost nearly half of it over the last 12 month period. Why?
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I've moved your post here, @samread, the above will cover all the info you need regarding the Self Service Reward.

If you can't find the answer you need, let us know - just send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your full name, DoB and account number. You can also use the Help Centre that has online chat!


Sorry, Amy, but what "above" are you suggesting that will cover the answer to my question?
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Hi @samread,

I think Amy was referring to the thread as a whole, where a lot of Forum users have been discussing the SSR and it's terms and conditions at length. If you can't work our why some of your SSR is missing, it might be worth getting in touch with Customer Services and they'll be able to look into your account specifically. You can give us a ring (0330 303 5063),or send us a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB.


I have never seen any discount shown on my statements, where do I find out if I have been awarded any?
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You'll find all the info you need above, @Martin Ward, hope this helps!
I have never seen any rewards on my statements. I have been with OVO 5 years
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Hey @Martin Ward,

The information we would need to check this over is very account specific, I'd recommend giving our team a call.

You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063 Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Hope this helps!
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Do I lose my self se.revive reward if I contact VOL by E, Mail. Derek Higgs.
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Hi @Peterlynn

All the information you need is on this page here:

There is a link to the terms and conditions around what to do in an emergency.

The changes to the self service reward come into effect on 1st October.

Hope this helps.


**Updated 16/07/2019**

More details on the Self Service Reward here.

Welcome to the forum, @Derek Higgs, I've moved your post here, you'll find plenty of handy info. Check out the best answer above!
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My direct debit went in arrears last bill.I have now increased it do I still qualify for SER that month.

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All the details are in the answer I link you to before, @Derek Higgs