My OVO only showing out of date 'onboarding' switch progress when I try and log in - why?

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3 Months later and no communication from OVO. Still haven't been able to give meter readings through the website or app, worried I will lose online only bonus.
No communication from anyone when raising support tickets. Forum is last hope... Don't want to be hit with a huge bill.


Hi @brendan1234,

I've added a few tags to your post so other users with the same issue can find it.

It soulds like we might be missing a bit of information. When you transfer suppliers, we have to check a number of details with your old supplier, and the energy industry. They send this information back to us once its 'validated', and then we can complete the setup of your account. If we're missing any of this information, it can hold it up.

Send us a message via FacebookTwitter or our Help Centre has online chat, and we’ll check this for you.



Hey @Bobby1999 and @Ace Buzz

I've moved your queries over to this topic as you might find the other comments helpful.

@Bobby1999 As it's been over the 6 week time-frame for you, I'd recommend contacting us on Facebook or Twitter so we can look into your account.

I dont use either however I do use a phone so will contact using the old-fashioned method.
for 2 months now i have been unable to access my account on line i just get the welcome to ovo your account is on track to being set up you have 14 days ect......
The customer service team just keeps saying they know of the fault and several people have the same fault and it will be fixed in 5 days

BUT NO COMPENSATION for the inconvenience
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Hey @paul-aylesbury - I've moved your topic over here where you should be able to find the information you need.

I am with OVO for over 5 months now and I cannot view my statements nor anything on my account! All the tabs on the left panel are inactive! It is so annoying because OVO advertises easy access to useage and all details online, which is FAKE because it is not working for me since I am with OVO. I raised this issue multiple times via email with customer service and all I am getting is the email back that the IT team will contact me shortly, which has never happened.
Reading this forum I can see that it is not only me who is receiving such poor service.
I've been on supply from OVO since 10th October 2017 and still can't see my Electricity readings online or in App. I've continued to call OVO support about this and have been promised resolution several times I am with the same problem.

For a company with a reputation of good customer support this can only be incompetent management on their side and it obviously isn't causing OVO any problems as they are still able to bill their customers an estimated amount which reduces any risk to them.

OVO don't care enough about this issue.
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@Kay I've just replied to your PM about this to advise the following;

Our My OVO system is pretty robust but as with most major technologies, it’s subject to bugs/tech issues etc. I’m very sorry to hear that you have been subject of a tech error. If you have already spoken to the team and they’ve advised it’s not fixable, then I completely appreciate why you would be unhappy as we’re not giving you the service you deserve.

If there is a possibility that this could be fixed, I’d encourage you to get in touch with our Facebook or Twitter team so they can look into this to try and find the root cause.

Facebook -
Twitter -

@Bobtbadger I'm sorry to hear that you've been affected by a possible Tech glitch too. I'd recommend that you contact the team as well if this has been going on for a while.

I love OVO and almost all of its website which I find easy to use. BUT whenever I log into OVO, I see a screen telling me about the progress of my switch (which happened successfully in October 2017). It is also slightly alarming as it comes up with a WARNING that my electricity installation has been cancelled (which was briefly true due to the inefficiency of the previous supplier). How can I get rid of this? I've learned to ignore it, but I don't need to see it and I can imagine that someone more vulnerable might be really worried by it.
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@Morph I think this might be something that the Tech guys could fix for you. Drop the Social team a message on Facebook - or Twitter - so they can look into this further.

My account on Myovo is showing the track of the switch for almost a year now. Is there anything that can be done?
Hey @Amershan

I've moved your topic over here where you should be able to find the information you need.

> I've moved your topic over here where you should be able to find the information you need.

Well clearly we *won't* find the information we need in this post. I have exactly the same problem with my switch (>6 weeks now), I too was told weeks ago that it was "being passed onto the IT tech guys", and I too have had absolutely no follow-up or resolution on this. I've read this entire thread and there is nothing useful in here.

And don't bother claiming its because you are waiting for the previous supplier to handover information - this was a house move and *you* were the previous/incumbent supplier at the new property. You can't even manage to set up a new account to a property you are already supplying to!

By the way Emma, is your forum signature "Helping you have the light bulb moment!" a subtle hint that we should all switch to for our energy? 🙂
Hi there.
We have been with OVO as the incumbent supplier since November 2016. We are still seeing the same issue online that it's stuck in the initial phase as everyone else on this thread.
We've called up and had this logged with tech support multiple times since then.
The customer service were quite good in getting us free monthly bills through the post but it's not good enough to not provide required functionality.
Any ideas why this issue is affecting so many people and what can be done about it? I'm seriously thinking of changing suppliers so I can get the online functionality I need.
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Sorry to hear about that @mooneh. We're going to need to look into your account to see what the issue is here. The best way to do this is by messaging the team on Facebook or Twitter. Just include your account number, full name and DoB.
I've been through the switching service with OVO and submitted meter readings for both my Gas and Electric but still can't get access to MyOVO to check anything else. All it keeps stating is...
You are switching to OVO on 28th March for Electric and 8th April for Gas.

Surely as we're now nearly in July, this should be completed by now!

Any help/advise gratefully received as this has not been a pleasant switching experience so far and am considering moving on elsewhere.
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Hey @duncanrist - I've moved your post over here where you can find more info about this message. See @Lucy_OVO's best answer on the first page 🙂

I switched to OVO in October but I’m still unable to submit my meter readings. Any suggestions?

I know I have too since 14 th October they are useless . Seems it takes more then six weeks then they say. Nearly 8 weeks and still no good. I even tried automated meter reading but the phone only takes electric and not gas reading then tells you thanks your updated.  

Think they have got too big too quick and have forgotten customer service. 

Same here, waiting since beginning of October. Emailed, telephoned but still nothing. Such a shame OVO used to show the way to the other energy companies now they appear to be joining them. Customer service seems to have lost its interest.

Hi, When logging into my account I am not able to access to any of the menu options( such as Meter reading, Usage, Statements...).

I am a client for two months now and I have already received two emails informing that I can see my new statements however when logging into my account the option is deactivated.

I have tried to use the incognito window but it does not work too.

Can you please help?




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I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble accessing your account and submitting your readings, @jazz3d@Baron@Kathryn.Hazlehurst & @Beatriz.


This is something we’re going to need to look into, find out how to contact us in Lucy’s best answer.