Is my new address supplied by OVO?

  • 23 September 2018
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So I got the keys to a new flat Friday evening, and it has a payg meter, had issues finding out who supplies the electric, got told it was eon originally, but eon disagrees and states that ovo do. Now spent about an hour making phone calls yesterday to try and get new account sorted as there isn’t any power at the property yet. But I now find that the number I need to call isn’t open at the weekend. Then later in the day I get even more confused that boost maybe the supplier, but they say it’s pay monthly, but ovo say it’s payg. All I want is to setup an account and get electric in the property so we can start moving in. I was told by the person who gave me keys that there might be a debt on the metre, but I don’t want to pay for this as it’s not my responsibility. But I didn’t want to wait until Monday to get sorted as I’m back at work by then. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @JohnBritten - if it's a PAYG meter, head over to our Boost Forum to get the info you need!

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Hi @JohnBritten :)

Yes, this does sound confusing doesn't it?!

Firstly, take a note of the Meter Reading. In case there might be any later dispute, you can always take a photo of it too. Most digital cameras and phones embed a time/date stamp within the picture's heading, so that's pretty clear evidence!

If the previous tenant really was supplied by OVO, then this is to your advantage. They have a very good record for Customer Support!

OVO's Pay-As-You-Go accounts have been labelled "Boost" for quite a while. However, as I'm not a PAYG customer myself, I'm unsure just how much separation there is between the two sides of the business.

At first thought, I wondered how there could possibly be an outstanding debt on a PAYG account. But I can now foresee a couple of reasons this might be so. Rest assured you won't be paying anyone else's debt. OVO will be able to start your new account from zero.

Can you please tell us whether this is a Smart Meter we're discussing, or simply a digital meter which can take credits from a top-up card? Smart Meters can be reprogrammed remotely with new tariff parameters. If the previous tenant was paying off an outstanding debt by having a higher price-per-kWh, then this will need changing.

Even if you are considering moving to a different supplier, don't be in a hurry to do so. It can take a month for the "system" to fully transfer a meter to a new individual. The timescales are dictated by Ofgem and the 14-day "cooling-off-period" set out in the Consumer Credit Act.

So you might as well stick with OVO in the meantime and enjoy the benefits of their efficient Customer Services Unit resolving the issues!

If you end up paying over the odds for your first couple of weeks of electricity, don't worry. Once the meter is reprogrammed, you'll be due a credit.

Your next task is to email them giving them your name, current address, the address of the new flat (incl postcode), name of landlord and name of previous tenant if you know it. State the day you took on the flat and the meter reading you've just taken.

If you need further clarification, please feel free to post again here. We're a friendly bunch!

Unfortunately it’s not a smart metre, just a normal payg one. I’d have just like to have been able to speak to someone on the phone to get it sorted. I know at my current address which is supplied by eon I spent about 10 minutes getting the account setup.
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Hey @JohnBritten - if it's a PAYG meter, head over to our Boost Forum to get the info you need!

Thanks for everyone’s help. Turns out after all the running around we’re not even with ovo. Ovo setup an account with my wife, gave her a code to use at a PayPoint to activate the key, but after 3 failed attempts they decided that they don’t supply us. So we had to start again. We’re with sse actually. So after being told I’m with eon, then ovo, now with sse. Good news is at least the electric is now on and we can start moving in.
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🆒 That's fine, @JohnBritten. The OVO Forum is open to those who are not customers!

And if you do decide you'd like a better level of Customer Service... well you now know where to come, don't you!