Introducing the new Carbon Tracker

  • 15 May 2020
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Introducing the new Carbon Tracker
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If you’re on our new billing platform you’ll see the most up to date Carbon Tracker on your online account, as of the 19th of May. 

You’ll be able to monitor your carbon emissions, purchase OVO Beyond and donate to the OVO Foundation. 

This new version of the Carbon Tracker won’t be available on the OVO app initially and will redirect you to your online account for now.

Here’s a sneak preview :spy: :


There’s some more info on these other topics: here, here and here.

6 replies

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Let us know what you think of this new feature, OVO members ^ 


We’re really keen to hear if you like it! 

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Yes @Tim_OVO I’ve just tried it.

Once you click the link to take you into the Carbon Tracker pages, there is no button to take you back to your Online Account page. Oops!

And I’ve just given feedback via the online tool. Let’s see what happens with that!

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@Fred Rick @John_Treehouse @Stephen Bell @Steve587 @Gum168 @UC Bear @JimTraynor@Delboy @PeterR1947 @ITGeek123  


Have you guys checked out the new live tracker online? You were all involved in the development of this feature, so it would be very handy to hear your feedback now that it’s live! 


Leave a comment below :)


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@Jeremy19 - Have you had a look at this topic? Looks like it could be of interest to you.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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@MikeE have you had a look at the new Carbon Tracker, on your online account? We’d be grateful to hear your feedback on it! 

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@Tim_OVO yeah just checked it out.

On my IHD I saw a similar thing but only being displayed as a figure as opposed to a graph.

More interesting this way !