ICEd cars in EV parking bays - Discuss!

  • 5 October 2018
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Internal Combustion Engine cars park in electric charging bay. How would they like it if EV cars blocked petrol pumps.

4 replies

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Just do what I do and park behind while charging my car 🙂 If they have an issue with that, they shouldn't have parked in my spot 🆒 At times it has lead to me nearly keying someones car out of frustration but I stop myself and be the bigger man and park behind them and charge my car (If the cable is long enough)
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Have to ask wife for nice 7m type 2 lead for Christmas.
Good luck kim
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Well I kind of enjoy blocking them in haha. Sorry I can be a real D**k when it comes to ICE drivers parking in EV parking bays. I think they need to be fined a lot. Then they will not do it after 🙂
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I can see how this could be highly irritating and annoying.

There are plenty of examples of people being inconsiderate in the world, SUVs taking up two parking bays anyone?

It is probably not legally enforceable. Are these on private land or public highways?
I only found out the other day that the disabled bays that the council put on the road outside disabled peoples houses are not legally enforceable, as they would need to pass a local bye-law for every one they installed. Still I wouldn't park in one!