I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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To update on what's going on, hopefully you'll now be aware, Economy Energy, has ceased trading and Ofgem (the GB energy regulator) has decided that OVO Energy will be taking over all Economy Energy customers energy supply.

We added lots of useful information to our website to help answers some of the common questions we've already been seeing coming through.

If you have a question about the transition, please check our website here first and if your question is not covered, please post below so that we can have a look and let know what happens next.

Here are a couple of the most common questions we've seen so far:

What's happening with my old contract and rates?
You are being switched to OVO’s standard variable plan, Simpler Energy. You’ll find full details on your energy rates in our welcome pack, which is being sent soon.

How long will the process of switching over to OVO take?
The migration process will take around 21 days for dual fuel accounts. Once your account is set up, you'll receive a welcome letter with everything you need to know about your new account with OVO.

What's happening with my credit balance?
Once your account has been transferred to OVO, we’ll review your credit balance and provide further details. There is another topic here that has a bit more information on this.

What about my Warm Home Discount?
Don’t worry, we’ll be honouring all Warm Home Discount payments to all eligible customers. More details will follow.

Hopefully for most of the customers it will be smooth transition, but there is a lot to do, so please bear with us as we navigate through moving you to OVO Energy.

Updated on 25/2/2020

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Hi. This FKs SIL. We emailed a certain somebody at Ovo this morning and as someone who works in complaints at another utility company, i was ashamed to resort to such tactics.

However it has had the desired effect and the email got passed to a real person who took the time to read it, digest it and respond.

So far so good.

It’s a shame that it had to come to this. No-one should have to do what we did just to TALK to a company. We shouldn’t even have had to consider the Ombudsman at this early stage but getting through to someone was impossible.

We would like to thanks every one for their help and support esp @Transparent@Tim_OVO & @Amy_OVO 

Best wishes FK and SIL

Ohh I thought that EE were poor, but their web site sort of half worked.
I could submit a gas meter read. They never managed to get the electricity one to work, had to mail or call that one in. But it was cheep, you DO get what you pay for....
But I have been FORCED onto OVO, the standing charges and unit rates are much higher than EE and absolutely NOTHING WORKS...
Got asked for initial meter reads - I have many, the ones EE ignored, the ones from when they collapsed, etc. etc. - tried calling and the NO HELP chat - to try and find which reads to submit, eventually got a mail back, they had decided which of my reads to use 🤞🏽..
.Success I thought...
The day before yesterday I get a mail from OVO asking for this months meter reads, I log on today to give them, but the 'Your on your way' (to get fleeced by us) page is still up, initial reads obviously not added, and NO WAY to add a meter read on ANY page.
I now have the option of leaving it and being subject to the 'roll a dice and add any random number wild guesstimation' meter read or sit for the day on their Customer service number.. 0330 3035063 (its a hard to find number, so here it is if you need to waste a day)
All I want to do is get a proper meter read submitted, so that I can get an actual bill, so that I can move on ASAP..... I don't need all of this hassle in my life,,

P.S can anyone recommend a company with reasonable standing charges and unit prices??

PPS I'm going to be VERY surprised if this makes it through to the actual chat pages, I expect it will be vetted and an unfortunate ERROR WILL occur🤓 and it will disappear into a 'not to be reported to the boss deleted file'😉
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Hi Sorry been busy recently and called them last week.

“Wayne” could not have been any less interested. He was asking about the account and the emails i received but my son in law usually deals with all that side, so i couldn’t answer the question.Wayne stated that if my SIL calls he will be able to deal with it and advised that he did not need any of his (SIL) details to enable him to speak to Ovo. Not sure about that.

Anyway SIL is ringing later today or tomorrow and i will update once done.

Many thanks for all the info. Really appreciated.

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Just spoken to someone at Ovo who has advised to resend the bills and email to the hello email address and it will be looked at. Advised that this usually results in the “Weve had an email from an address that isnt on your account. “ but i’ve been promised that won’t happen this time…..

Fingers crossed!!



I was an economy energy customer and was automatically switched to OVO, when the EE stopped trading.
I was told to carry on paying the direct debit and OVO would take over the direct debit.

You emailed me to say that you will be taking over my supply on the 31st of January and I would be receiving a bill from you within 6 to 8 weeks.. you also said I would received a final bill from EE.

Neither of those things have happened, and I am still paying my dual fuel direct debit to EE.

i have also received and email saying you are putting your prices up, that is a bit rich considering I have no idea what my actual bill is.

logging into your website tells me absolutely nothing, as you have no information to tell me.

i note that you are currently taking over another failed company, it would be nice if you could sort out the EE take over first.

I do hope that you will not try and charge me from the 31st of January when you should have taken over my direct debit to EE while telling me that I need to chase EE for the surplus paid from January to now.
I checked my back and even though my supply transferred to OVO Energy on 28th Jan, my direct debits to Economy Energy still got paid on 1st Feb 2019. Will this money transfer to Ovo energy accounts? Do I need to cancel these DD payments from going out of my bank account? Will I see new ones from OVO?
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Just a further update to say the cheque arrived today.

Many thanks again to everyone for their help



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That’s great news @FK2020. You and SIL had to fight hard for this.

I’m really sorry that the mechanism approved by Ofgem fell short on this occasion.


For what it’s worth, my step of last resort was going to be a letter to your MP. Of course this rather depends on who they are and their understanding of the process.

I’m fortunate in having an MP who is an advocate for renewable micro-generation. He would quickly have grasped the situation and forwarded my Constituent’s Letter to BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), requesting answers from them and Ofgem.

An MP’s letter landing on the desk of a Civil Servant carries a lot of weight. It may lead to a Parliamentary Question or a proposal for a change of legislation, so it must be answered promptly and accurately.

I’m adding this point here because others will come across this Discussion Topic in the months and years to come. I wanted to let them see the possible alternative strategies which they might employ if they faced a similar situation to yourself.

Thank you for corresponding here on the Forum, and allowing us to talk through possible solutions. It has been very insightful.


The tariff info is the correct value inclusive of the 5% tax paid on gas and electric.
The welcome plan will be the excluding vat prices.

So the tariff info values are your inclusive values showing the total amounts in pence per kWh and standing charge.

I hope this helps clear things up.
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Has anyone else noticed that BBC Watchdog tomorrow night (Weds 29th May) contains an item about customers losing out when energy firms collapse?
Please stop advising people to contact the administrators it's a pointless exercise as they simply ignore your emails about the situation concerning your refund status and OVO aren't interested in trying to help either one minute they agree they have received your final verified bill and say it's now being processed for payment then after 2 weeks of silence a follow up mail chasing payment results in them telling you it's still with the admistrators and they are powerless to help the whole process is a shambles and the promise the OVO would provide refunds to ex EE customers now looks like a ploy to gain additional business for the company who seem to onlyhave their own commercial interests at heart
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Hi @Amy_OVO 

Thank you so much. 

I can’t understand why i wasn’t given this before instead of those emails time after time...

Email now sent to Grant Norton so see whats happens next.

Thanks again


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Aagh!! You’re being sent round in circles @FK2020 

I still think the best way to do this is by email them because that gives you a piece of evidence which you can use in the event of your case being looked at by the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

The key issue is to identify the nature of your request in the first line of the email. That should prevent a member of Customer Services from clicking the button which sends you a standard response.


Outstanding Credit owed to me as a customer of Economy Energy.

Please forward to appropriate Department within OVO.

Then follow that with the details.

If you want to, give them the web address of this Forum discussion. They can then see what we’ve suggested!

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I'm not sure that we can answer that point on this OVO Forum, @prohibited

It appears that you are referring to charges that apply to Pay As You Go customers. There is a separate Boost Forum for those discussions.
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Thanks @Transparent .

I’ve done as much of the profile as i can as much relates to OVO customers, of which i am not.

As you can probably tell i’m getting very frustrated with the situation…..

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Hi @Valb - we're working on getting accounts set up for everyone who moved over to us from Economy. It's unlikely we'll have been able to check the readings just yet and confirm which are being used on your account. It can normally take up to 6 weeks during a normal switch between suppliers.
Can you confirm:

a) by when Economy Energy accounts will be transferred to Ovo (in case someone wants to either switch away or to one of your fixed rate tariffs)? ;and

b) is Ovo also responsible for collecting debit balances with EE (not just repaying accounts that had a positive balance)? If not, who is?
StewD, Valb,
I had the same thing, been transferring to Ovo since 12th Januaey, still not received a welcome pack and EE have still been taking my direct debit as I was asked not to cancel.
I would like to switch companies asap as there are far cheaper alternatives and now Ovo are increasing their prices in April (12% more for electric).
Please stop ignoring me, Ovo, and let me switch!
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Hi @gt94sss2

Good questions, I've added the answer to the question about how the long the process to move you from Economy Energy to OVO will take above, as I'm sure that's a question others will have.

In regards to debt balances, all balances are coming across to us. Debt balances accrued after the date you switch to us, will be part of the normal OVO debt process.

Debt from prior to the date you switched to OVO will be reviewed by the administrators for Economy Energy - it’s not the responsibility of OVO, but we’re keeping details of any debt on our records for the moment.

Hope this helps.

Hi Darran,

Many thanks for your prompt reply - much appreciated.

I assume the migration process timescale is the same if you had a single fuel with Economy Energy.

Also, thanks for the information about pre-existing balances on accounts. We had an outstanding complaint with EE about our debt balance (direct debits not being taken, compensation paid being offset against our payments when they were collected etc.).

Ofgem's guidance states

If you had made a complaint to your old supplier and it had not yet been resolved, you will need to raise the issue again with the new supplier once we have chosen them. This includes, for example, complaints you may have previously made about your account balance.

Is this in fact the case if the administrators will be dealing with pre-transfer balances rather than yourselves?

Finally, a suggestion but you may want to link to your blog entry from https://www.ovoenergy.com/economy-energy in case other ex-EE customers transferring over haven't yet found the forum.

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Hi @gt94sss2

The migration process for single fuel should be quicker but as you can appreciate we have a lot of new customers to move over to us, so it may take a little longer than if you were simply switching to us as a new customer 🙂

If you did have a complaint open with Economy, then once you are on supply with us, you will be able to raise a new with us directly if there are still issues with your account that need resolving.

I've linked the website FAQ in the original post, but I will edit the copy to make this clearer, and I have also linked to another topic on credit balances in the original post too, which will give more information on balances in general.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for posting that @FK2020.

So there are four possible strategies here:

a; A Moderator picks up your messages here and pushes them under the nose of the Customer Services Manager (a very senior person)

b; You go to Companies House, pick up the names of the Directors and write to them! It can be very effective, but I haven’t needed to do so for OVO. I tend to use that strategy when I want to make positive comments about what would improve the situation in future. Such letters/emails usually generate very swift replies, and without the use of “standard response paragraphs”.

c; You approach the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. Technically they can’t act for you because you haven’t any evidence of first completing a Complaints Procedure. But in this case you couldn’t do so.

d; you find the Court that the Administrators of EE were appointed by and write directly to the Judge. Yes, you can do so under our British legal system. But it’s more work for you than the other options.


Options b, c & d need to highlight that you are likely to be one of several customers stuck in this situation. So you are “drawing to their attention” an issue which needs their help to investigate, rather than just demanding your own personal resolution.

I’d suggest we start with Option a. So let’s tag @Tim_OVO to see which of them picks this up first.

Remember… You are not alone. The Forum is behind you! :slight_smile:

Were do you start with the shambles.... Economy Energy folds, told Inam getting moved to OVO, they are a lot more expensive than Econemy and also more expensive than a lot of others, trying to get my credit back from them with no reply, asked to move supplier to a cheaper better one, but they blocked it, now i am no further forward with my credit £286 and never get a reply, i try to log into the app but says its still in the process of transferring, yet that was done 29th jan now 4th March. What joke, people look for an alternative, I found Logic 12 month contract but 5p per unit cheaper and 6p cheaper standing order per day, oh and OVO are away to raise the costs yet again
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Hi Economy Energy customers!

You are being very quick off the mark in using this Forum to present queries!

Please check we haven't already given an answer to a similar question because this Forum is largely populated by volunteers (like me!) and we can't possibly answer each individual query.

Looking through the questions being raised, they divide into two main categories. I will comment on each here.

A. An existing customer of EE:

It may take several weeks to transfer all these accounts across, but you do not need to take any immediate action. There is no possibility of you losing gas or electricity in the meantime.

Whether you are currently paying too much or too little will all get resolved, but it is likely to take longer if you start making changes during this transfer period. It's easier if you keep payments stable. After all... no one from OVO is going to be sending out payment-demand letters in the meantime!

B. Past customers of EE who are owed money:

When a company takes over another, there are rules as to how the pre-existing debt is handled. In this case there is an Administrator appointed, and it is their responsibility to settle those debts according to a priority list. Customer debts are high on this list, as are wages owed to EE's staff. Lowest priority is usually Directors of the failed company.

It is not automatic that OVO acquires EE's debts. However, it makes sense for OVO to collate a record of any debts it is aware of so that the Administrator is able to claim that total as part of the package. I expect that's why @Darran_OVO has asked you to Direct Message him.

Ofgem will check that this is handled correctly. However, they are the Energy Industry Regulator, and individual customers can't claim directly from them.

In all cases, I commend to you the immortal words of Private Jones:
Don't panic !
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Hi @Disgruntled, just stepping in here to add some context which @Eva_OVO has indicated.

All EE customers that have been switched to OVO were moved over and put on our variable tariff. The reason for this is we are not able to automatically switch you onto a fixed tariff (which have the cheapest rates), as Eva is right we need verbal confirmation from you to be able to do this and you'd need to set up a direct debit as well, which we also have obligations to walk you through when fixing in.

We have been sending communications out to all EE customers to advise them they can fix in, and encouraging all customers to do so if that's the right thing for them. As Eva pointed out, you can view these fixed plans in your online account and check the prices. You then just need to give us a call and we can go through the process to get you fixed in on better rates.

We haven't done this to try and make money from EE customers, we are simply not allowed to move you onto a fixed tariff without your consent and following our compliance processes laid down by Ofgem.

We'd encourage you to check the fixed rate prices and get yourself onto one of these plans as soon as you can, so you can benefit from these rates.