I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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To update on what's going on, hopefully you'll now be aware, Economy Energy, has ceased trading and Ofgem (the GB energy regulator) has decided that OVO Energy will be taking over all Economy Energy customers energy supply.

We added lots of useful information to our website to help answers some of the common questions we've already been seeing coming through.

If you have a question about the transition, please check our website here first and if your question is not covered, please post below so that we can have a look and let know what happens next.

Here are a couple of the most common questions we've seen so far:

What's happening with my old contract and rates?
You are being switched to OVO’s standard variable plan, Simpler Energy. You’ll find full details on your energy rates in our welcome pack, which is being sent soon.

How long will the process of switching over to OVO take?
The migration process will take around 21 days for dual fuel accounts. Once your account is set up, you'll receive a welcome letter with everything you need to know about your new account with OVO.

What's happening with my credit balance?
Once your account has been transferred to OVO, we’ll review your credit balance and provide further details. There is another topic here that has a bit more information on this.

What about my Warm Home Discount?
Don’t worry, we’ll be honouring all Warm Home Discount payments to all eligible customers. More details will follow.

Hopefully for most of the customers it will be smooth transition, but there is a lot to do, so please bear with us as we navigate through moving you to OVO Energy.

Updated on 25/2/2020

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I’m really sorry that the mechanism approved by Ofgem fell short on this occasion.

Thank you. However we feel it was more Ovo’s inability to read an email and act in a sensible manner, rather than resort to technical reasons why they wouldn’t communication with us.

Anyway, all resolved now.


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That’s great news @FK2020. You and SIL had to fight hard for this.

I’m really sorry that the mechanism approved by Ofgem fell short on this occasion.


For what it’s worth, my step of last resort was going to be a letter to your MP. Of course this rather depends on who they are and their understanding of the process.

I’m fortunate in having an MP who is an advocate for renewable micro-generation. He would quickly have grasped the situation and forwarded my Constituent’s Letter to BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), requesting answers from them and Ofgem.

An MP’s letter landing on the desk of a Civil Servant carries a lot of weight. It may lead to a Parliamentary Question or a proposal for a change of legislation, so it must be answered promptly and accurately.

I’m adding this point here because others will come across this Discussion Topic in the months and years to come. I wanted to let them see the possible alternative strategies which they might employ if they faced a similar situation to yourself.

Thank you for corresponding here on the Forum, and allowing us to talk through possible solutions. It has been very insightful.

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Just a further update to say the cheque arrived today.

Many thanks again to everyone for their help



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Hi. This FKs SIL. We emailed a certain somebody at Ovo this morning and as someone who works in complaints at another utility company, i was ashamed to resort to such tactics.

However it has had the desired effect and the email got passed to a real person who took the time to read it, digest it and respond.

So far so good.

It’s a shame that it had to come to this. No-one should have to do what we did just to TALK to a company. We shouldn’t even have had to consider the Ombudsman at this early stage but getting through to someone was impossible.

We would like to thanks every one for their help and support esp @Transparent@Tim_OVO & @Amy_OVO 

Best wishes FK and SIL

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Many thanks. I will have a look at this in the morning. I might have one last telephone call first.


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Thanks for sharing the progress of this @FK2020 :

So let me now tell you that you have the right to issue a Complaint about that email using the published Complaints Procedure

A little-known fact is that you don’t have to be a customer to issue a formal complaint against an Energy Supplier. For example if one of them cold-called you and gave you incorrect information, their Complaints Process would be open to you.

OVO have 5 working days to respond to your complaint.

(And yes, I have checked this with someone who works in the Domestic Energy sector, and they have read what you’ve posted here on the OVO Forum!)

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GOOD NEWS!!! I’ve had a reply!!!!!! :)




BAD NEWS!!! It starts…..

Hi there,


Weve had an email from an address that isnt on your account. To keep your details safe, we can only reply to questions from the address youve registered with us.


If you want to change your email address, you can quickly do it in Your Online Account by going to the My Details page. You can also update other details, give reads and check your usage there.


Beth who my SIL spoke to on 27 June 2020 @14:05 said a person would read the email and deal with it.

This is so frustrating…. My SIL works in the water industry and assures me that if someone contacted the company he works for, they would not just keep sending these emails and would read them and understand the person on the other end.

But apparently not Ovo.

So glad i never became an Ovo customer…..


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Just spoken to someone at Ovo who has advised to resend the bills and email to the hello email address and it will be looked at. Advised that this usually results in the “Weve had an email from an address that isnt on your account. “ but i’ve been promised that won’t happen this time…..

Fingers crossed!!



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Not sure about this one, @FK2020 - can you confirm that you’ve had these complaints raised (and closed) with the Energy Ombudsman?

Looking at the website now 2 are closed. No reason given but at the time IIRC it was because i am complaining about a company that i am not a customer of and the other might be because i hadn’t waited eight weeks. One is still open but looks like it not completed so i might look at that later today.


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Hi Sorry been busy recently and called them last week.

“Wayne” could not have been any less interested. He was asking about the account and the emails i received but my son in law usually deals with all that side, so i couldn’t answer the question.Wayne stated that if my SIL calls he will be able to deal with it and advised that he did not need any of his (SIL) details to enable him to speak to Ovo. Not sure about that.

Anyway SIL is ringing later today or tomorrow and i will update once done.

Many thanks for all the info. Really appreciated.

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Hi @FK2020 Do you have any update for us?

I have received further advice from within the energy industry, and there is a route you can take to find a resolution via the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

Please let us know if you’d still like help.


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Have you made any progress towards getting your money back @FK2020 ?

@Tim_OVO is suggesting you check the Resolution Notes.

And I’m wondering if you’ve tried making contact with the Liquidators.

Don’t worry if you draw a blank. I still have other options to suggest. You are not fighting this issue on your own!

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I tried option b earlier and now have three closed complaints with the Office of the Energy Ombudsman as whatever options i choose it always states “we can’t help you”.


Not sure about this one, @FK2020 - can you confirm that you’ve had these complaints raised (and closed) with the Energy Ombudsman? I would recommend referring to their first resolution notes. If you feel there’s new info or incorrect conclusions, it would need to be their complaint handlers that investigate.


Keep us updated if you can! :) 

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Hi again @FK2020 

I’ve been doing some digging around behind the scenes.

The first thing I’ve discovered is that the Administrators, all of Grant Thornton,  were appointed in case 8006 of 2019 by The High Court Of Justice, Birmingham District Registry. That Notice is published here.

However there is a further Gazette record showing that the firm was passed into the hands of a Liquidator on 27th Jan 2020.

If you look at the foot of that Notice, there are links. The second one, Notice of move from Administration case to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, contains the AM22 form giving the Liquidators’ contact details, followed by the entire text of the Adminstrators’ Report to the Court.


I’m still pursuing another line of enquiry, but I thought you might want to contact the Liquidators in the meantime.

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hi @Transparent  Many thanks.

I tried option b earlier and now have three closed complaints with the Office of the Energy Ombudsman as whatever options i choose it always states “we can’t help you”.

All i want is for someone to actually READ the email!!

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Thanks for posting that @FK2020.

So there are four possible strategies here:

a; A Moderator picks up your messages here and pushes them under the nose of the Customer Services Manager (a very senior person)

b; You go to Companies House, pick up the names of the Directors and write to them! It can be very effective, but I haven’t needed to do so for OVO. I tend to use that strategy when I want to make positive comments about what would improve the situation in future. Such letters/emails usually generate very swift replies, and without the use of “standard response paragraphs”.

c; You approach the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. Technically they can’t act for you because you haven’t any evidence of first completing a Complaints Procedure. But in this case you couldn’t do so.

d; you find the Court that the Administrators of EE were appointed by and write directly to the Judge. Yes, you can do so under our British legal system. But it’s more work for you than the other options.


Options b, c & d need to highlight that you are likely to be one of several customers stuck in this situation. So you are “drawing to their attention” an issue which needs their help to investigate, rather than just demanding your own personal resolution.

I’d suggest we start with Option a. So let’s tag @Tim_OVO to see which of them picks this up first.

Remember… You are not alone. The Forum is behind you! :slight_smile:

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OK Just received an new email… well its the same old boring one…


Hi there,


Weve had an email from an address that isnt on your account. To keep your details safe, we can only reply to questions from the address youve registered with us.


If you want to change your email address, you can quickly do it in Your Online Account by going to the My Details page. You can also update other details, give reads and check your usage there.


Or, if youd like to add another person to your account so they can discuss things with us directly, just email us from your registered email address with the following:


Your Account Number

Your Date of Birth

The name of the person youll be adding to the account

Their Date of Birth

Their email address


Kind regards,

The Ovo Energy Team

Top score (78%) in Which? Energy Customer Survey 2017

uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year 2017

European Customer Service Team of the Year in the ECCCSA Awards 2016

Top 20 employer according to The Sunday Times Best Companies 2017



O?VO? Energy Ltd. registered in England and Wales No. 06890795

VAT No. 100119879

Help save paper - do you need to print this email?


---- Previous Messages -----



I am confused. This is my only email address (my email address) and you have replied to it.

I do not have an account with OVO as I was an Economy Energy customer, so I am unsure why you state that ?We?ve had an email from an address that isn?t on your account.?


The (my relatives email address) address that appears below was authorised to discuss with Economy Energy previously.


Therefore I cannot set up an online account with you to do any of the things that you want me to do.


I have received emails to say I am owed credit from Economy Energy and that OVO are dealing with it.


I cannot speak to you on the telephone as it?s not an emergency and you won?t speak with me via email because you believe this is fraudulent.


What can I do? I would suggest you ring me or wrote to me at my home address but you wouldn?t accept them from me via email and I bet you don?t have those details anyway.


Please can this be escalated to someone who can understand the problem I am having before I have to take this to OFGEM. You have my credit




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Keep us updated on this one, @FK2020 - it’s a bit of a mad situation with the supplier and now the administrators unreachable. OVO are in a touch situation, right alongside you. 


Still, we have a duty to help and advise as best we can. If we’re not doing that, we need to! We’re here to help and I would be keen to hear how it was resolved, so others can use this thread as a reference for their own situation. 



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Yes. It is frustrating. And it’s particularly difficult when the customer records of the defunct Energy Supplier are in a shambolic mess!

The difference now is that you’re not alone. You have the Forum behind you! :blush:

At this stage I’m not wanting to jump to any conclusions. But I can foresee a possible mistake that might have been made regarding your EE account.

As you’d just switched away from them and received the all-important Final Bill, it’s possible that the Administrators have failed to realise that the credit was never actually paid out. This would mean that your credit (and probably a score of others) wasn’t presented to the Court as an outstanding company debt.

You are still covered by the payment guarantee because that’s backed by Ofgem funds.

And you also have the evidence of those Final Bill documents.

Let’s just see what reply you get from OVO next.


Thanks for completing your Profile page. Does it let you add the name of your current Energy Supplier and Plan-name into the line where we normally put the name of our OVO Plan?

If not, I’ll ask the Moderators to get this changed. It’s useful to have contributions here from those with other Suppliers .

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Thanks @Transparent .

I’ve done as much of the profile as i can as much relates to OVO customers, of which i am not.

As you can probably tell i’m getting very frustrated with the situation…..

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Keep us informed of progress please @FK2020.

If you receive another Standard Response, then we can get one of the Moderators to raise this with the Customer Services Manager.

And it’s not Ofgem who would deal with your issue. They’re the Industry Regulator.

Consumer issues are dealt with by the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. But you’re not able to approach them yet because certain boxes have to be ticked first.

Let’s take this one step at a time and make sure we document it here. Then this discussion will be available for viewing by others who might find themselves in the same situation.


Although you’re not with OVO, could you also please complete your Forum Profile page. That’s where I look for basic background information. Thanks.

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@Transparent Many thanks emailing is where is started…


Well one more email and the its OFGEM…..

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Aagh!! You’re being sent round in circles @FK2020 

I still think the best way to do this is by email them because that gives you a piece of evidence which you can use in the event of your case being looked at by the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

The key issue is to identify the nature of your request in the first line of the email. That should prevent a member of Customer Services from clicking the button which sends you a standard response.


Outstanding Credit owed to me as a customer of Economy Energy.

Please forward to appropriate Department within OVO.

Then follow that with the details.

If you want to, give them the web address of this Forum discussion. They can then see what we’ve suggested!

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and right back at OVO again….

GT sent an email that states

I have an outstanding credit on my account; who do I contact to raise a query?

The joint liquidators have finalised all credit balances and are unable to work any queries.

Customers with a credit balance should contact OVO Energy on 0330 102 7517 from a landline

So please can i have some clear guidance on how to move forwards?


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Hi @Amy_OVO 

Thank you so much. 

I can’t understand why i wasn’t given this before instead of those emails time after time...

Email now sent to Grant Norton so see whats happens next.

Thanks again