I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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Im now locked out of economy, and feel like ive been robed !!
I was pressured to take my original refund through ovo and economy would send the rest later !! Its probably only 100 pounds but its alot to me .
Economy refused to issue a new final bill after getting the correct meter reading.
Is there anything I can do
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I'm not sure of the specifics with regards to this refund, @Sibren but if you're waiting on a revised final bill and credit balance (and therefore a refund) the administrator of Economy Energy would be the ones to advise on this. Drop them an email at: Economy.Energy@uk.gt.com - they're pretty quick at replying nowadays.

Hope it gets sorted quickly!

I am a former EE client who left the country last year and I haven’t been able to get refund from the money in credit on my account (a few hundred pounds). So I would be very pleased to get my money back now. How can I do to get what they owe me?

Thanks for your help,

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Hey @ajeandel check out the info on this topic.  @Tim_OVO posted a reply to someone with a similar query yesterday.

Hi I was an economy energy customer until their collapse back in Jan, I’m still waiting to here if I was in credit/debit, even when ovo took over 3 direct debits were still payed to them. I did speak to someone at OVO back in June/July and was told then that it would soon be sorted and I’ve still heard nothing 

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It has been a long process, @Moppet006, we appreciate your patience. 

Grant Thornton has been appointed as the administrator for Economy Energy. They can be contacted at: Economy.Energy@uk.gt.com, they may be able to shed some light and offer a time frame for resolution.

I'd recommend getting in touch with our team, the’ll be able to see if there is any progress our end. You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat, or give them a call on: 0330 303 5063 Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


And I’m now getting ‘final reminders’ from collections!!  Has no-one put a stop on my account yet, pending my refund??

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Without having access to your account, @Martin90, it’s difficult for me to advise fully as to why you’re receiving these final reminders and to look into how your complaint has been handled. 

We take complaints seriously, it sounds like the process has been followed and escalated correctly, unfortunately due to the complaint relating to Economy Energy the likelihood is that we can’t offer a resolution until the issue is resolved. 

Please reach out to our team, they’d be happy to check this over. 


I have just realised that apparently all my complaints are ‘closed’ if I do not reply to OVO’s reply to my complaint within 24 hours!  

Hello, I would like to think someone can look into why I have not yet (this is 9 months now) since I was told I would be refunded any monies owed by Economy energy.

My current DD with OVO because of the extra winter fuel I am using ought to be increased, but, as I reckon I am owed approx £ 500.00,  I am not increasing the DD until I am refunded. I do not want to fall into the same financial nightmare of OVO suddenly disappearing from the face of the earth and getting away with owing money.

Sorry to be a wet blanket or sound cynical here, but, until such big companies can be seriously trusted with my hard earned money, and made serious consideration of how they run the business and look after their faithful paying customers, then maybe, people like myself would be able to rest assured again of been treated appropriately.

And I also would like to know if there is anyone still waiting or has been refunded since the collapse of Economy energy.

I know for a fact I am owed money and I can explain this on the forum if you wish. Or should I involve the financial ombudsman to give some leverage.

I look forward to any thoughts people have on this matter, but better still, I would be well pleased if an OVO rep can kindly look into it the problem for me.

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Thanks for flagging this to us, @acan3529 


If you see Amy’s comment above yours, it will have the contact details of Grant Thornton, who are the administrator for Economy Energy. Please reach out to them about this missing refund. 


Here’s some info on Direct Debits and how we calculate them. 



Am I the only person in the world STILL not to have received my refund from OVO for my Economy energy overpayment.

I left ECONOMY/OVO in October 2018 unfortunately as things collapsed. 

I am still owed in excess of £700 and its 18 months later !

In any other world this would be classed as stealing.

It’s disgusting that OVO is allowed to get away with this.

This is the time I could really do with this money to pay legitimate bills.






Still haven’t received my refund for an overpayment in excess of £700.

Left economy energy in Oct 2018 so this is now 18 months.

Not an ounce of communication.

I wouldn’t recommend OVO to my worst enemy.

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Hi @ben and thanks for posting here on the Forum.

I’ve just received a letter and Statement from the Administrators of Extra Energy, informing me that I’m about to receive payment for an account which ceased in August 2015. That’s 4 years 8 months.

When these energy suppliers collapse because they’ve lost control over their customer accounts, they leave an incredible mess which someone else has to sort out.

To make matters even more difficult for the Court-appointed Administrators, they also have to sift through stacks of bogus claims from fraudsters. Some of this are brazen lies, but others are based on ID theft from people who really were genuine customers.

Even on this OVO Forum, I’ve had to ask the Moderators to remove details from ex-Economy Energy customers who revealed their account numbers and the amount they were in credit!

I understand your frustration. But it’s not correct to lay the blame at the door of OVO. They were appointed as the “Supplier of Last Resort” by Ofgem in order to pick up the supply of energy to customers.

OVO are not the Administrators. Nor do they hold any funds which could be distributed to  ex-EE customers. They can only receive and disburse money once it is released to them by the Administrators, who report to the Court.

As the law stands, you are permitted to contact the Administrators yourself. If you think you have information which could assist in clearing up the mess of the accounts, then you should obviously do so.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks @ben ; I’ve just replied to you over here.

In a moment I anticipate that a Moderator will merge these Topics so that others can read my response on a thread where they’ve most likely to find it.

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So when Economy Energy (EE) went under i received two final bills with credit on them.

I have been advised that OVO are dealing with the refunds.

Six months later and still nothing - i appreciate that we are in lockdown etc.

SO OVO won’t talk to me on the phone because it’s not an emergency and when i email them they say 


We’ve had an email from an address that isn’t on your account. To keep your details safe, we can only reply to questions from the address you’ve registered with us.

If you want to change your email address, you can quickly do it in Your Online Account by going to the My Details page. You can also update other details, give reads and check your usage there.

Or, if you’d like to add another person to your account so they can discuss things with us directly, just email us from your registered email address with the following:

Your Account Number

Your Date of Birth

The name of the person youll be adding to the account

Their Date of Birth

Their email address

Kind regards,

The Ovo Energy Team


Problem is i don’t have an OVO account (i was in the process of leaving EE when they went under) so i cannot “quickly do it in Your Online Account “ and as the email address i am contacting them from is my only email address i don’t know which one they are expecting me to use.

I suspect the truth is that the email address i am using is not on OVOs records and they use the message above as a generic DPA/we cannot talk to you” message.

How do i speak to someone phone/email to get my refund sorted because whoever is sending these responses is not reading the email content and is just hitting “Unrecognised email address” and sending that message each time…



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I’ve moved your post here, @FK2020, you’ll find a lot of info in the above thread. Please reach out to our team, we’ll take a look into this.You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or our Help Centre has online chat!


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Hi @Amy_OVO 

Thank you so much. 

I can’t understand why i wasn’t given this before instead of those emails time after time...

Email now sent to Grant Norton so see whats happens next.

Thanks again


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and right back at OVO again….

GT sent an email that states

I have an outstanding credit on my account; who do I contact to raise a query?

The joint liquidators have finalised all credit balances and are unable to work any queries.

Customers with a credit balance should contact OVO Energy on 0330 102 7517 from a landline

So please can i have some clear guidance on how to move forwards?


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Aagh!! You’re being sent round in circles @FK2020 

I still think the best way to do this is by email them because that gives you a piece of evidence which you can use in the event of your case being looked at by the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

The key issue is to identify the nature of your request in the first line of the email. That should prevent a member of Customer Services from clicking the button which sends you a standard response.


Outstanding Credit owed to me as a customer of Economy Energy.

Please forward to appropriate Department within OVO.

Then follow that with the details.

If you want to, give them the web address of this Forum discussion. They can then see what we’ve suggested!

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@Transparent Many thanks emailing is where is started…


Well one more email and the its OFGEM…..

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Keep us informed of progress please @FK2020.

If you receive another Standard Response, then we can get one of the Moderators to raise this with the Customer Services Manager.

And it’s not Ofgem who would deal with your issue. They’re the Industry Regulator.

Consumer issues are dealt with by the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. But you’re not able to approach them yet because certain boxes have to be ticked first.

Let’s take this one step at a time and make sure we document it here. Then this discussion will be available for viewing by others who might find themselves in the same situation.


Although you’re not with OVO, could you also please complete your Forum Profile page. That’s where I look for basic background information. Thanks.

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Thanks @Transparent .

I’ve done as much of the profile as i can as much relates to OVO customers, of which i am not.

As you can probably tell i’m getting very frustrated with the situation…..

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Yes. It is frustrating. And it’s particularly difficult when the customer records of the defunct Energy Supplier are in a shambolic mess!

The difference now is that you’re not alone. You have the Forum behind you! :blush:

At this stage I’m not wanting to jump to any conclusions. But I can foresee a possible mistake that might have been made regarding your EE account.

As you’d just switched away from them and received the all-important Final Bill, it’s possible that the Administrators have failed to realise that the credit was never actually paid out. This would mean that your credit (and probably a score of others) wasn’t presented to the Court as an outstanding company debt.

You are still covered by the payment guarantee because that’s backed by Ofgem funds.

And you also have the evidence of those Final Bill documents.

Let’s just see what reply you get from OVO next.


Thanks for completing your Profile page. Does it let you add the name of your current Energy Supplier and Plan-name into the line where we normally put the name of our OVO Plan?

If not, I’ll ask the Moderators to get this changed. It’s useful to have contributions here from those with other Suppliers .

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Keep us updated on this one, @FK2020 - it’s a bit of a mad situation with the supplier and now the administrators unreachable. OVO are in a touch situation, right alongside you. 


Still, we have a duty to help and advise as best we can. If we’re not doing that, we need to! We’re here to help and I would be keen to hear how it was resolved, so others can use this thread as a reference for their own situation.