I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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I was recently moved from Economy Energy to OVO but have noticed an extra Direct |Debit payment went out during the course of the transition. Will my account and any over payments be moved to my OVO account?
I'm one of the customers with Economy Energy who have been moved across to OVO without any consultation. The first I knew of it was when I received an email a few days ago which said:


Good news – we’re ready to start supplying your energy. Now we need your opening meter readings to make sure your first statement is as accurate as possible. You can find out all about it in the attached.

The OVO Team

Nothing about being moved because my old supplier had gone bust.
Nothing about the kind of deal I have now.
Nothing about how long I might be locked in to OVO.

I replied straightaway saying I didn't want to change suppliers and asking where you'd got my email address from as it seemed someone was in breach of GDPR. I didn't get a reply, but today you contacted me asking for meter readings. It's only now that you've sent links to your website that I can see what's happened.

How long beyond the bare minimum do you think I'll stay for?
I was an economy energy customer and was automatically switched to OVO, when the EE stopped trading.
I was told to carry on paying the direct debit and OVO would take over the direct debit.

You emailed me to say that you will be taking over my supply on the 31st of January and I would be receiving a bill from you within 6 to 8 weeks.. you also said I would received a final bill from EE.

Neither of those things have happened, and I am still paying my dual fuel direct debit to EE.

i have also received and email saying you are putting your prices up, that is a bit rich considering I have no idea what my actual bill is.

logging into your website tells me absolutely nothing, as you have no information to tell me.

i note that you are currently taking over another failed company, it would be nice if you could sort out the EE take over first.

I do hope that you will not try and charge me from the 31st of January when you should have taken over my direct debit to EE while telling me that I need to chase EE for the surplus paid from January to now.
I have been waiting for my >£560 from Ovo for weeks and still have not been contacted. As they owe me the money and do not have any defence, I shall be taking legal action on April 1st. They are behaving like EE did just before it went bust. I count my lucky stars that I am not a customer of this outfit.
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Hi all,

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If anyone still needs help with their transfer over from EE, please check out this up to date topic for more information.

Lots of complaints about receiving inflated first bills from OVO by former EE customers on MoneySavingExpert. OVO even have the cheek to charge an exit fee for leaving a fixed tariff the customer had no say in being put on in the first place. I was with GB Energy when they went down and the move to Co-op was smooth as silk. My concern is now that I am disputing the opening reading for the period from 31 Jan - my OVO account claims I gave 2 different readings for the same day - it will delay my move elsewhere. Not had a final EE bill but then that is not OVO's fault.
Slightly off-topic question... I joined EE in July 2017 on the "Online Saver" tariff which was due to end in July 2018. Nothing happened or changed at the end of this period. No indication on the bills and I did not receive a separate notification. Indeed, the October bill still had me on the "Online Saver" tariff with the associated rate. I was happy with that and didn't see a reason to change. The tariff change notification (30 days) eventually came in early January, literally days before EE went into administration.

After four months, I have now received the final EE bill. As you can probably guess, they have charged me the standard variable rate from October onward, which I do not think is fair as they didn't provide the required timely notification for the price increase! I have contacted EE to discuss this matter, but for various reasons they say they are unable to help. I also contacted Ombudsman Services but because EE no longer exists as a company they cannot help me either and they recommended for me to get in touch with OVO, which I have now done. However, as this is before their time I don't have high hopes...

I was wondering, is there anybody else out there who has experienced the same 'glitch' of EE 'forgetting' to move customers from a fixed tariff to a variable tariff?
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Hi @eek, thanks for getting involved!

I'm sorry to hear you've had issues with Economy Energy's final statement. Unfortunately, we're unable to do anything to help with this, however we suggest speaking to Ofgem about any issues you've faced whilst you were with Economy Energy.

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Has anyone else noticed that BBC Watchdog tomorrow night (Weds 29th May) contains an item about customers losing out when energy firms collapse?
I am led to believe that after Economy Energy folded in January that my supply & account has been taken over by Ovo Energy, sadly I know nothing about it ie. nothing through the post no emails. I haven't a clue what tariffs I am on and I can't believe that when you try and call it is impossible to get through on the phone to OVO you get all the message and press whatever button to get through but sadly no connection, I tried this weeks ago & it was exactly the same then please advise as I am at my wits end.

I am still waiting for my account details from OVO off my old energy company that had ceased trading - economy energy. I have been advised about a deadlock letter from Ofgem as OVO original said this would take 6 weeks as per the email received from them It has now been 6 months. I am going to seek legal advice as I feel no effort to resolve the problem. I have rang OVO at least 3 times for my readings from my previous provider to be told they have extended the time span, I did not sign a contract with OVO and this is exploitation of our rights and gross profiteering of myself and other customers. Ofgem should have stipulated that we were put on the lowest tariff and exempt from any early get out clause, instead they have put us on the simpler tariff the dearest... any savings we had coming back from Economy Energy will now be swallowed up by OVO. Definitely not good customer relations.
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Oh no, @FrustratedCustomer and @Disgruntled - this really is dragging on, isn't it?!

Let me clarify a few things:

A. Those responsible for resolving the administrative mess which Economy Energy left behind are the Court-appointed Administrators. As a Creditor you have the right to lodge any claim with them.

However, just be aware that the ex-customers who are still awaiting a resolution of outstanding issues will almost certainly be those where EE's records are incomplete or contain errors. That's at the heart of why the firm collapsed in the first place - they lost control over the administrative procedures.

For that reason, I suggest you try to assist the Administrators by providing them with any details which might help their investigations.

B. As you are now customers of OVO, you have the right to use their Complaints Procedure, which you can download here. If you chose to go down this route then I recommend doing so by email because you then retain a time/date stamped copy of what you said.

C. There are two stages to OVO's Complaints Procedure. The second one has an 8-week (not 6-week) period in which the matter should be resolved.

If the 8-weeks is up, then that is the point where you reach the "Deadlocked" status. You can ask OVO for a letter/email which states this, but it's not essential because you will already have the date on your original email as evidence.

D. Your right of appeal is to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. They will first check that you have indeed completed the Complaints Procedure.

You should not be in contact with Ofgem. They are the Energy Industry Regulator and do not deal with end-users.

Please bear in mind that the Ombudsman may well sympathise and offer advice. But if OVO have done all that they can with the information provided to them by the Administrators, then he will not be able to "find in your favour". Your complaint can only relate to a matter where OVO themselves are demonstrably at fault.

Any compensation awarded by the Ombudsman is nominal - typically £50. The main point of the Ombudsman's intervention is to instruct Energy Suppliers to follow a correct procedure or recalculate a bill, for example. So if you're after a financial award, then you'll probably be disappointed.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply, I fully understand what you are saying. I have spoken with customer call centre at OVO who have been very apologetic throughout although it is not there fault, for which I have said I don’t not blame them or OVO. I feel all those that are in the same position as ourselves should be put on the lowest tariff available with the company we are moved over too.. without any get out clause which OVO have not done. I feel like I am in limbo at the moment and moving forward I am going to, when able to return to paying quarterly and pay for what I use.
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That's fair comment, @Disgruntled.

For most people, OVO's lowest Tariff is usually the one from their sister-company, Lumo Energy. It's an online-only account, and there are strict conditions. Without the telephone Customer Support, I wouldn't recommend it for those who've recently left EE.

The next-lowest tariff will, in most cases, be a 12month or 24month fixed price with Direct Debits a month in advance. It will have exit fees, and the exact conditions will differ depending on the start-date. Those who've just left EE are understandably wary of signing up for a contract like this.

Like all other Domestic Energy Suppliers, OVO is limited by Ofgem in the number of tariffs it can offer at any one time. They can't just create a new one for those who've been let down by the collapse of EE. Nor would it be ethical for them to put you onto a Tariff with time-related constraints to hold onto you. So by default you're given an account which gives you freedom to move whenever you want.

I will be meeting the Manager in charge of Customer Support on Monday week. I would be very surprised if he didn't want to discuss the state of limbo in which customers like you now find themselves.

If you have a better suggestion of what OVO should've done, now is the time to say so!
Sorry I do not want to sound so negative, and this has been hilighted in the media of late of the turmoil a great many people like myself are in.

I should have explained clearer. I think the customers should have been on the the lowest tariff across all the energy companies that have accepted our customer from the companies that have gone under until this whole mess has been sorted. I did not mean indefinitely only until our accounts had been sorted and we new were we stood. Am I right in believing we are on OVOs dearest tariff ?

I now feel moving forward I would only stick to one of the major energy companies, as what has happened with all these small companies I have no faith. Finding the cheapest is not always the best !
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I understand what you're saying, @Disgruntled, we only offer 3 tariffs to our customer - 2 of which are fixed and would require you to verbally agree to the tariff.

It's likely you've been put onto our variable tariff, which may not be the cheapest way to pay. You can check this though, go to My Plan on My OVO and click on "see my fixed prices" this will give you the prices of our other tariffs.
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Hi @Disgruntled, just stepping in here to add some context which @Eva_OVO has indicated.

All EE customers that have been switched to OVO were moved over and put on our variable tariff. The reason for this is we are not able to automatically switch you onto a fixed tariff (which have the cheapest rates), as Eva is right we need verbal confirmation from you to be able to do this and you'd need to set up a direct debit as well, which we also have obligations to walk you through when fixing in.

We have been sending communications out to all EE customers to advise them they can fix in, and encouraging all customers to do so if that's the right thing for them. As Eva pointed out, you can view these fixed plans in your online account and check the prices. You then just need to give us a call and we can go through the process to get you fixed in on better rates.

We haven't done this to try and make money from EE customers, we are simply not allowed to move you onto a fixed tariff without your consent and following our compliance processes laid down by Ofgem.

We'd encourage you to check the fixed rate prices and get yourself onto one of these plans as soon as you can, so you can benefit from these rates.

OMG, we have been utterly ripped off by OVO. How OFGEM are allowing this thieving is beyond me. We weren't advised that we were being moved from Economy Energy to OVO so when we got an email telling us we had joined OVO, and asking for a meter reading, I panicked, wondering how this company I had never heard of now had my email address.

We finally got a response to an email explaining this switch but, by then, it was too late to submit our opening meter reading. I emailed back asking about switching to a supplier with much better rates (it seems it is hard to get worse than OVO's rates) and was told that I should wait until I had my first statement otherwise OVO would struggle with the bills.

5 months (!!!!!!!!!!!!) after being forced on to OVO's worst rate and not being given a chance at a better rate, we have been charged more than Economy Energy charged us in 1 year... and we were in credit to Economy Energy. A credit that OVO has not acknowledged on our first statement either.

This is totally unethical and morally wrong. We can't afford this. That's why we were with Economy Energy and not OVO. Now, if I refuse to pay my bill you'll just prevent me from moving to a proper supplier, so how do I get out of this Catch 22 without losing my house? And how are you allowed to continue charging me daylight robbery rates while we try to sort this out? What would you have me do? Switch my heating off? Stop making meals???

Such utterly appalling behaviour from any company.
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I completely appreciate your frustration, @Buzz1976.

OVO stepped in to ensure Economy Energy's customers have a supplier whilst they choose their preference. This was under OFGEM's instruction on the 12th of January. Please check out @Darran_OVO's above post regarding the plans available to you.

We initially advised customers to wait for the first statement before switching because this generally ensures the switch goes ahead without issue. The first statement is normally issued within 6 weeks of supply start date, unfortunately in this unprecedented situation things have taken a lot longer than we would like.

I'd recommend getting in touch with our team regarding your options. You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat or give them a call on: 0330 303 5063 Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Hope this helps!

I notice that since my account has been taken over by yourselves from EE that my weekly charge has increased to £4.02. I switched to EE to keep this charge down why am I being charged so much? I have only received a letter saying you have taken over my account so far, I have not had any billing/rate info yet. Also can I change my meter and pay by direct debit? Many thanks
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I'm not sure that we can answer that point on this OVO Forum, @prohibited

It appears that you are referring to charges that apply to Pay As You Go customers. There is a separate Boost Forum for those discussions.

Is anyone else still in this position?

It has been almost eight months since being moved from EE to OVO and I’ve still not had any information.

Where is my final statement from EE?

OVO keep telling me they don’t have access to this information. Well, who does and how do I contact them to request it?

Why am I being kept in the dark about this?

I have no idea whether I am owed money or in debt to EE.

It’s becoming extremely irritating.

How is it taking so long just to generate a final statement from EE?


Kerry Ferguson
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I appreciate your frustration, @Ether, this has been a drawn out process.

I've moved your post here, there is a host of information in the thread that may provide you with some insight.

Grant Thornton has been appointed as the administrator for Economy Energy. They can be contacted at: Economy.Energy@uk.gt.com, they may be able to shed some light and offer a time frame for resolution.

Thanks for your continued patience!
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It has transpired that one of the reasons which hastened the demise of EE was that some of their customer accounts records were in a mess. It seems likely @Ether, that applies to your account.

It is very difficult for an appointed Administrator to resolve such issues, especially now that the EE staff who might've known about it have long since moved on.

@Amy_OVO is correct that your redress is to contact the Administrators directly. Try to provide as much information as you have about your EE account and payments. It might be the case that you are holding the crucial piece of information which they are seeking!
Please stop advising people to contact the administrators it's a pointless exercise as they simply ignore your emails about the situation concerning your refund status and OVO aren't interested in trying to help either one minute they agree they have received your final verified bill and say it's now being processed for payment then after 2 weeks of silence a follow up mail chasing payment results in them telling you it's still with the admistrators and they are powerless to help the whole process is a shambles and the promise the OVO would provide refunds to ex EE customers now looks like a ploy to gain additional business for the company who seem to onlyhave their own commercial interests at heart