I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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Thanks, I am just concerned that Economy had over estimated my use but I have submitted accurate readings to OVO
Can you please confirm when my new online account with OVO will be updated . There is still no information yet after my transfer over from Economy Energy. All that is showing is that transfer in progress. I should have a credit transfer which I am keen to read and I'm also considering moving as a result of your price rise, Can you confirm earliest date I can move
As with Economy Energy, my meter readings are being ignored and the assumed gas usage for the year is incorrect by over 13,000 kwh. I am in fact owed hundreds of pounds from my previous supplier for both gas and electricity.

My question to OVO energy is; do you actually check meter readings for new customers or just make assumptions on usage and in my case do you think I am a commercial enterprise?

The past year has been a very frustrating one with my previous supplier and I had hoped that this would be an improvement.


Ken Thompson
My December bills from Economy Energy were disastrously wrong. They put me into a debit situation because they used vastly inflated meter readings. I phoned on 16th January and discussed with one of their representatives who made alterations with correct meter readings to put me in a credit situation again. On looking at these bills dated 16/01/19 I think they are still incorrect.
When can this be resolved? My meter readings on 24/01/19 were 3163 for gas and 13228 for electricity.

I also had this as well, where the bill was x5 times more that it should have been, and put me in crazy minus debit which is quite worrying!
Were do you start with the shambles.... Economy Energy folds, told Inam getting moved to OVO, they are a lot more expensive than Econemy and also more expensive than a lot of others, trying to get my credit back from them with no reply, asked to move supplier to a cheaper better one, but they blocked it, now i am no further forward with my credit £286 and never get a reply, i try to log into the app but says its still in the process of transferring, yet that was done 29th jan now 4th March. What joke, people look for an alternative, I found Logic 12 month contract but 5p per unit cheaper and 6p cheaper standing order per day, oh and OVO are away to raise the costs yet again
StewD, Valb,
I had the same thing, been transferring to Ovo since 12th Januaey, still not received a welcome pack and EE have still been taking my direct debit as I was asked not to cancel.
I would like to switch companies asap as there are far cheaper alternatives and now Ovo are increasing their prices in April (12% more for electric).
Please stop ignoring me, Ovo, and let me switch!
Hello, It was not until 2 weeks ago I lost my payment gas card that I found out that EE had ceased trading !

no communication form either EE or OVO...!

It was explained that the tariffs would be set the same rate, but it does not appear so.
After inserting the new boost card we have seen a big increase in costs?
Why ?

We never had any debt with EE in fact I think we were in credit...???
can anyone explain??
I have just moved over from economy energy and have been receiving emails however when I try and log in to my acct to give meter reading it says email
not recognised?
I sent you an email on 14th February and whilst I received your automated reply saying you would reply in 3 to 5 days, I am still waiting for a response from you.
The query was regarding my Economy Energy account.
Why are my direct debits still being paid to economy energy
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Hi @102806843 - If you've had a final bill to close you account with EE from us, then you should be fine to switch away from OVO. However, if you've not received anything just yet we'd advise against switching as this could extend the timeframe it will take to get you the final EE bill and first OVO bill.

Your Direct Debit will be transferred to us in due course and any credit with EE will be added onto your OVO account. If you still need your Welcome Pack sending or have any further queries, send us a message on Facebook with your full address and post code, name and DoB.

So for the past 2 months that I've been transferring, am I going to be charged your rates (without economy 7) for my usage? I use storage heaters do use a lot of electricity over night.
Please send me a final bill.
Having just been put in the OVO energy after the collapse of our old company, how long does it take to get to know how much we will be paying for our energy
Hello I used to be with economy energy. Don't think I have received a final bill and they are still billing me last one was 5th march. Is this correct ?
Can you please confirm when my new online account with OVO will be updated . There is still no information yet after my transfer over from Economy Energy. All that is showing is that 'transfer in progress'. I have been submitting readings etc. but cannot access any additional information regarding account. Regards Tim W
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Hi @Rogm

Welcome to OVO! You will really like it here 😄Have you provided your meter readings to OVO?
Since being transferred from Economy Energy I have received nothing from OVO as regards position of account when EE ceased trading or when new DD would commence despite reminders for an update and supplying updated readings to OVO. Anybody else having problems? I have paid nothing since December towards gas and electricity.
Yes I have twice, the 1stof Feb and the 1st of March, I have recieved an email to say how much each unit and standing charges will be, but not how much my monthly direct debit will cost.
When EE went bust I cancelled my DD to them. I had to ring OVO to set up a new one,
I was transferred from economy energy which is completing. I received an email from OVO suggesting I may benefit from switching from the simpler energy tariff as this increases in April. Do I have to wait a little longer as I can't see anything in the app that supports such a switch.
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Hi @Hattiejacks,

The account info that we hold following the transfer from Economy Energy will be what they have passed onto us. If they have a different email address, or none at all, you may not be able to log in just yet.

I'd advise reaching out to the team on Facebook, and providing them your account number (or address and post code), full name, DoB and correct email address.

Hope this helps!
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Why are my direct debits still being paid to economy energy

Hey @Cathwoodin,

Your Direct Debit instruction will be transferred over to OVO shortly, and any credit paid to Economy will be moved onto your account with.


OVO have been emailing me on my email address so I know they have it which is why I’m surprised I can’t log in with it? Been trying to call but get left on hold for so long I give up😩I literally want to provide meter readings and pay my bill!
My account was transferred when economy energy ceased trading, when will my account be available on line so I can chose which tariff I want?
I am also completing a comparison against other providers as Ovo have notified me of a price increase, really?
I don't even know what tariff I am on and believe that EE owe me money.
we were initially advised that it would take upto 6 weeks, thats passed and I cannot get through on the phone.
I am a new customer of OVO as was a economy energy customer ! I received a email back in February saying we would recieve a welcome pack and i am still waiting ! As i have no idea of tariffs etc and know nothing about this company, please if anyone has any info regarding tariffs etc or are a new customer like me .
Many thanks