Green Energy - Calling all OVO Greener Energy Customers!

  • 11 December 2017
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Updated on 19/08/20: Please be advised that we no longer offer the green add ons separately to OVO Beyond. Check out this topic for a guide on how to add OVO Beyond via your online account


This is our first piece of research in the new Experience Lab!

We want to get your views and opinions on Green Energy and what it means to you. We have recruitment criteria for this, so we are looking for the following:

Recruitment criteria:
We’re looking for customers on the greener tariff (that’s the tariff with 100% renewable electricity) or if you’re a customer who has just added the green add-on to your tariff (to make it 100% renewable electricity)

To help us understand the way that green energy and environmental practices fit into your daily lives and mental models

What do we need from you? :
We’ll be posting a new discussion topic every day over a period of 10 days, and we'd appreciate you completing the full set of questions. You will need to make sure you log in and share your views.

To take part, for now all you need to do is comment below with your name and confirm that you meet the criteria above. We will then post the first question tomorrow to kick of the research.

We hope you enjoy being involved and look forward to hearing your views.



67 replies

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@Royl, @Mal1955, @Jeanie, @Warmtoffee, @cdab, @KitchenWitch, @Rhino, @Jumbojim53, @billbrooks, @Nomis, @jennyst, @SianiAnni, @Deanohol, @samwatling, @Pete632, @nicphilpot, @NickinHP, @BrizzleLass, @Ovoid, @Siggy0 and @RichardP

You all told us you were greener customers, therefore we'd love your help on this piece of research. Please see above regarding the criteria and comment below, if you'd like to take part and help us shape a better OVO.

We look forward to you getting involved.

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Hi Darren,
Count me in. I have renewed by green tariff and although the grid is struggling at the moment, encouraging renewables is the only way forward.
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Darran sorry about the typo. It was my autocorrect. You must be familiar with problem.
Yes. Have time to contribute. Count me in. Nickinhp.
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@Warmtoffee Welcome aboard, and no worries re the typo. You are right, it happens all the time. :D

Make sure you hit subscribe on this topic to ensure you receive all the updates on this piece of research. We should be ready to post the first question that we need your input on tomorrow, so watch this space.

Thanks for getting involved.

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Yes. Have time to contribute. Count me in. Nickinhp.

Great, thanks for the support Nick.

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Yeah - count me in.
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Hi @Darran_OVO,

Count me in, sounds good :)

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Great, thanks @Deanohol and @BrizzleLass!

Make sure you subscribe to this topic above to ensure you get all the updates.

Sounds interesting, add me to your list.

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Yes, I'm happy to take part.
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Question 1:

What do you do besides buying green energy to help protect the environment? What do you feel gives you the most satisfaction?

Answers below please: @SianiAnni, @geoffenator, @BrizzleLass, @Deanohol, @NickinHP, @Warmtoffee
I don't do all that much directly to protect the environment except for kerbside recycling and keeping the garden reasonably unkempt to attract wildlife. I don't think of it in terms of things I must or mustn't do.

I tend to use public transport or park and ride rather than driving into the city centre. I am also one of the ones who bought a zero-tax rated diesel car to reduce CO2 emissions while simultaneously increasing particulates. I will buy A+ rated lighting and other appliances but only when they need replacing.
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Producing green energy (solar)! It feels great to know that during the day I'm generating my own energy, also knowing that when the sun goes down the electricity I'm purchasing is also green.

I use public transport (trains) whenever I'm working somewhere it's possible, recycle as much as I can, have replaced all lighting throughout the house with LEDs and monitor live usage regularly of gas / electric, optimising house temperature to make sure we're not heating more than we need to.
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The house has a solar Panels for electric which is not bad although it faces SW. I even have a 1kW kettle which takes longer but usually grabs all the energy off the roof. The wife doesn't like it. I have electric mower and tools for the garden instead of petrol now. This year I built a 3-bay compost bay to recycle all garden waste, grow veg and cut down miles associated with food. I would love an electric car but that's in the future. We installed a heat pump and underfloor heating at the mother-in-laws house which supplies hot water too. Would like that at our house.
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I recycle everything I can, have switched all lightbulbs to LED, all my appliances are A+ or as close to as possible, I only buy eco friendly cleaning products, hand washes etc and try to use refills to reduce plastic usage, I take the bus as much as possible so that the car isn't used too often. I would love to do more to the flat but as a renter I'm limited, I would also love an electric car but there is nowhere to charge it where I live right now. ☹️

You all told us you were greener customers, therefore we'd love your help on this piece of research. Please see above regarding the criteria and comment below, if you'd like to take part and help us shape a better OVO.

We look forward to you getting involved.

Hi Darran. Sorry for delay in getting back to forum as had brief hol. count me in and I’ll try to respond to 1st question (already posted too)..
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Great @PeterS glad to have you on board!
I’ve PV solar panels (only 7 due to shape of roof) but fortunate to have a zero emission car. When I got a newer model I persuaded my son to have original and ditch the petrol car that cost him a small fortune to run. My partner has just switched to an electric car too.
Kerbside recycling ongoing and majority of house is LED lit. I need to reconnect some “power off” devices that disconnect the TV after a short while on standby (free gift).
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I try and follow the 3Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle.
According to the book 'How Bad Are Bananas', the first items on my list have a small to medium effect.
I buy used goods wherever possible, I'm a good customer of my local charity shops (both buying and donating) and I use freegle (both obtaining and giving). I recycle everything that I possibly can.
I try to avoid excessive packaging in supermarkets and sometimes unwrap items and leave plastics at the till.
I buy locally/uk produced fruit and veg whenever possible, and from Europe, but very rarely from further afield. I've repeatedly tried growing my own, but failed miserably.
I have and use compost bins.
I try to mend things myself and if I can't, then I take them to a local repair cafe to get some help.
I don't own a tumble dryer or a dishwasher.
I only wash full loads.
The target living room temperature is 19 degrees morning and evening, I turn the thermostat up when a boost is needed.
I monitor my domestic energy consumption together with internal temperature and humidity while I plan a retrofit of my home - more insulation balanced with ventilation.
I buy the most energy efficient appliances available, but only when they really need replacing (my washing machine is at least 30 years old, and still going strong).
I'm steadily replacing eco bulbs with leds, focusing on most used rooms first.
I drive a hybrid car (decided infrastructure not yet good enough for electric), use public transport to get into city centre, and walk or cycle for all short journeys.
For a bigger impact -
I limit flights to one short/medium haul a year.
I've cut down meat consumption by at least 50% over the last five years.

Think that pretty much covers it 🙂
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Thanks for your feedback so far, here's.....

Question 2:

Do you opt for green products in other parts of your life?

Get posting below 😃
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SImple answer: Yes.

More complicated answer: As much as possible, financial restrictions sometimes mean I can't go the green route especially with higher value items, but as much as possible I will always take the green option. I don't have any cleaning or beauty products that aren't eco-friendly or made from natural products, I make decisions around grocery shopping based on packaging and eco-friendly brands. I try and support companies in general with strong environmental policies even if their products aren't quite there yet.
The short answer is not really. The longer answer is more nuanced and not necessarily consistent from one purchase to another. I could pick items that I've bought which are at either extreme, but other than cost and availability, I would be hard-pressed to explain why.
I have in some areas - mostly cleaning, but I'm not consistent. EG, I use eco friendly 'wash ball' for light washing but a branded product for greater soiled. I found a "Quick 'n' Brite" which is a great stain and general purpose cleaner that utilises enzimes rather than chemicals.