Good news for EV drivers in South West Wales!

  • 17 April 2018
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Charging points for EVs could be popping up across South West Wales to meet an increase in demand, according to this latest article


3 replies

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@geoffenator @Paul @andyfras @Snaxmuppet @jingl33 will you benefit from this :?
This is great news. West wales is a beautiful part of the country and desperately needs more charging points. As EV range increases, more people and families will be taking their EV on trips and holidays. I have family West Wales and will be taking the new Leaf on a visit soon. However, checking the zap map doesn’t fill me with the greatest confidence as after Pont Abraham services access to public charge points diminishes rapidly.
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Any news on these new chargers?!

so far even a tesla can't get you from south to north wales and back without some heavy detours.

Hoping by the time we come to replace our PHEV that long range EV's and chargers actually apply, so far I just have Tesla envy every time I see a bank of super charges!