002: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here

  • 15 November 2019
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002: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here
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Part two has landed: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here


5 OVO Newswire headlines that caught our eye this week. First off, a few stories for our EV community:


  • Tesla cites Brexit as Germany chosen over UK for European plant.⁠ Full story at


Have you seen this? It’s an amazing YouTube video showing the Tesla Model 3 being built from start to finish. What do the Tesla owners think of this article?@DrMatt @MURPHYJIM 


  • Government urged to make EVs more accessible for low income households. ⁠Electric vehicles (EVs) could save people up to £5,000 a year, but are currently financially inaccessible to most low income households, new research has found.⁠ Full story at


More subsidies needed @Leo Moran @Andras ?


More support for projects like OVO’s Home Energy Storage technology:


  • Energy storage model could help the UK decarbonise at least cost.⁠ Storage and Flexibility Model has been built in response to the increasingly complex challenge of balancing supply and demand in the energy system.⁠ Full story at


We have a whole forum dedicated to our Home Energy Storage - it’s good to have our strategy supported in the news!


Here’s a good introduction to the technology.


  • What are the links between climate change and bushfires? Temperature, fuel load, dryness, wind speed and humidity all affect fire risk and are compounded by global heating⁠. Full story at


A few months ago we posted about the smoke from the Amazon fires that could be seen from space. @ITGeek123 are you still about? You might be interested in the report this story was based on…


This looks cool, this sounds cool, this is cool:


  • Airbus takes leadership position in electric aircraft. ⁠Airbus and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) have taken a leadership position to research and develop electric and hybrid-electric aircraft operations ecosystems and related infrastructure requirements.⁠Full story at


Any pilots in our community? What do we think @Transparent ? 


As always, head over to the OVO Newswire website for daily uploads of news stories. They also have an Instagram page that’s well worth following!


See you next week, enjoy your weekend reading, and leave a comment to tell us what think about any of the stories featured! :man_dancing:  

5 replies

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More subsidies towards electric cars definitely! How about zero VAT for private use too, not just for business. 

Stop giving subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, they should contribute instead to subsidies towards new EVs.  

The new Mini, Peugeot 208e, Corsa-e and hopefully VW ID3 will be more affordable next year. It will be interesting to see the feedback on all these first generation Evs.

A zero percent car finance and a scrappage scheme, would make it even more attractive to the mass market. :grinning:

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The new Mini, Peugeot 208e, Corsa-e and hopefully VW ID3 will be more affordable next year. It will be interesting to see the feedback on all these first generation Evs.


And for something a little more stars and stripes, apparently there’s the Ford Mustang Mach-E !!!!



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Nice one!

I wonder what is the reason for it to be an SUV? Maybe the size of the battery? :relaxed:

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Yeah I thought that @Andras, given it’s such an iconic design, maybe they wanted to do something a bit different to make it stand out, or it could simply be making room for the batteries!


Had feedback at an EV event earlier in the year from a member looking to get an EV that they felt the all electric Golf was a bit, well standard, nothing exciting about it, that made it stand out as different so they were looking at other EV options, despite liking the Golf. 



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Golf is made well, I agree that is boring, the ID3 is a nice looking car, but I have fallen out with VW after their scandal. To be fair I don`t think there is or will be any time soon a sustainable and fair trade car.