The Rugby World Cup final is going to be electric!

  • 31 October 2019
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The England Rugby semi-final against New Zealand enthralled rugby fans across the country, and both sides used plenty of energy of the pitch. They weren’t the only ones using energy though.

If you watched that game on 37in TV for 2 hours, it would have taken around 120Wh to run.

The OVO Vehicle-to-Grid trialists may just have been powering that TV - looking at the exports between 9 and 12 on Saturday morning, enough energy was sent to the grid as a collective to run 503 televisions!

With the Rugby World Cup Final taking place on Saturday morning, it’ll certainly be worthwhile making sure that their LEAF is plugged in for the pre-kick off and half time cups of tea.

We’ll see about full time - England may have more of a taste for champagne than tea by then…  

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