Will my Smart meter from a previous supplier work with OVO?

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I have a smart meter from eon for electricity, will that still work with Ovo?

Thanks for any help


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Great to hear you’ve already got smart meters installed there and an important question to ask about whether these are currently compatible with OVO. It does depend on when your meters were installed and whether they are SMETS1 or SMETS2. If you’ve got a SMETS 2 meter installed - good news is these are already compatible with all suppliers. You should be able to switch to OVO without losing any great smart features! 

In terms of SMETS 1 meters, sounds like you may have a Secure Liberty SMETS 1 meter installed. These were installed (and are instantly compatible) with the following suppliers:

Utilita Energy Limited
Co-operative Energy Ltd
First Utility Ltd
Electricity Plus Supply Ltd t/a The Utility Warehouse
E (Gas & Electricity)
Spark Energy Supply Limited
Eversmart Energy Ltd
EON Energy
Robin Hood Energy Limited
Bristol Energy
Our Power Energy Supply Ltd
Octopus Energy

OVO Energy

If you’ve got a SMETS 1 meter installed by another supplier, you’re still free to join us.  You may notice that you’ll need to start supplying your readings manually again - the easiest way to do this is via the ‘Meter Readings’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).

Hopefully this won’t be for long. All SMETS 1 meters are currently being remotely upgraded to allow them to communicate to all suppliers much like SMETS 2 meters. You can find out more about this process and when your meter is likely to be updated here.

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Hi @benb,

Yes, you should be OK.

Have a look at this thread where I wrote a more comprehensive answer a week ago.

Thanks for response but not really sure what that means? Also the meter reading on OVO site is higher than the smart says
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Ok, @benb. There are two issues here.

Firstly, the reason your Smart Meter should continue to operate ok now that you've moved from E.on to OVO is that they both use Secure meters with the same software protocols. It's rather like saying that both companies install meters that have the same language.

Secondly, when you say that the reading on OVO's site is higher, are you looking at a Statement you've downloaded or at the meter reading given online in My.OVO ?

When you switch companies, the receiving company notifies the National Database that you are moving to them on a particular date, generally in about 3 weeks time. On the switch-date your Smart Meter reading is logged into this same database by the Receiving Company (OVO).

The old company has a few days to query the reading or object to the transfer. Then about two weeks later the old company issue you with your Final Bill.

The Final Bill should have a meter reading which is identical to the Opening Reading on your OVO Statement.

Have you received both the Final Bill and your first Statement from OVO?
Hello thanks for the explanation.

I haven't had a final bill yet but what I mean is the reading up on the ovo website is higher than the number on the smart meter if that makes sense?
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OK. Understood.

So first of all I would hope matters will automatically get sorted once the two Companies have completed the system for handling a switch. Personally I would wait until I have at least got the Final Bill and the First OVO Statement before emailing Customer Services.

When you say "the reading up on the ovo website", I'm assuming you're looking at the page called Meter Readings once you've logged in though My OVO?

I have no idea how this figure is generated on a new account with a Smart Meter. I'm assuming that DCC (who handle your Smart Meter traffic) must go through a switch process to redirect your meter controls from E.on to OVO. For security reasons this won't be instantaneous.

You could always try nudging the system by manually submitting the reading from your meter! It's not going to do any harm.
When I switched to OVO I was told that the Smart meter I had from my previous supplier (E.ON) was not suitable and that I would have to send meter readings manually. I sent the first one and tried to do it again this month, but now my account says that I have a smart meter so I can't send manual readings any more.

Is this because OVO actually can access the information from E.ON's smart meters or is there a fault with my account settings?
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Hi @Grumblegore,

I think there was some misunderstanding when you spoke to OVO. The "language" spoken by E.ON's meters and OVO's meters is the same. OVO can read your meter. The data communications will have been re-directed to them by DCC at the same time as your Switch was notified to the National Database.
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Hey @Grumblegore,

I've moved your comment over here to a thread about EON meters. @Transparent I've moved your reply too 🙂

You should be able to find the info you need here, or by following the link in the first reply.

Hope this helps,
I have recently moved from British Gas to a new electricity provider Pure Planet. On paper it sounds like a great service, however as they only provide Support via a clunky email system, all queries are directed to their "Not so Smart" AI Bot !!!

In summary, I have no issue with my BG closing account reading and my opening Pure Planet reading (11161). However and having now provided Pure Plant the meter reading for the first months usage the smart meter shows a value of (14700). I have no idea how or why the reading has shot-up to this value, as my average monthly usage with BG is typically 350 units and here we can see the meter reading usage to be 10 times this figure. I would also like to add that we were away for 7 days in April due to Easter holiday.

As Pure Planet are unable to remotely read the meter (like most suppliers) they simply go by the meter reading provided by the customer and as entered via the App at the end of each month. So therefore I am now at the mercy of a new Supplier and a Smart Meter reading that is both inaccurate and no longer being remotely managed by my supplier.

Any help or suggestions towards how best I can resolve my predicament would be greatly appreciated 🙂
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Hi @Buck Rogers,

Though a lot of these processes are standard across the energy industry, we can't really comment on other suppliers' practises. Pure Planet have their own online community which you can find here, as well as a webchat service within their app.


I have a smart meter from a previous supplier (I’ve just switched a couple of weeks ago) but it never had any “smart” functionality. I don’t have any screen to view and have always had to submit my monthly readings. 
can I keep the meter but get a screen from OVO so I can actually monitor my usage?

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Check out the best answer, @Redcroft, if your meter isn’t compatible we will be able to offer you a free installation here.

I am currently with EDF and have an SMETS2 smart meter. Would it be fully compatible if I moved to OVO or would I need a new one installed?

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Hey there @NeilD !

You should be good to go if you've got SMETS2 meters from any supplier. They're all designed to be fully transferable between all suppliers freely. 

I can double check if you'd like me to though. Feel free to snap some photos of the meters and pop those in your next reply. :)

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Yep it’s looking good for that SMETS2 smart meter to work with OVO, and any other supplier, @NeilD - as long as it’s working currently. Send over a picture for us to be sure...