Why haven't I received an updated bill since my account was moved from SSE to OVO?

  • 31 January 2022
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Can’t give meter reading or change direct debit on OVO app why? Told 6 weeks till I receive a correct bill and not estimated bill why?


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Hi @A Bird ,

I’m afraid what you’ve described doesn’t give me much to go off. This also sounds like an account-specific issue which I can’t really help you with much as a forum volunteer.

With that being said, it’s possible that the Support Team has picked up on an issue with your account that needs further investigation and they didn’t want to keep you on hold while it was looked into. Six weeks is the maximum target time for a resolution and allows for a much deeper look.

If you can’t give a meter reading via the app, try MyOVO or use the automated phone system on 0330 303 5063. Sometimes, those options still work even if the app doesn’t.

Thank you for your feedback. I took out a new tariff in September and sent in a new meter reading. 
due to work commitments I was unable to provide a December reading due to not being at my home.

I gave an up to date reading on January 11th and discovered I should be giving a meter reading every month not quarterly as I did with SSE.

it would have been nice to have been informed of this previously.

That aside my January meter reading is not showing on my account only estimated bills. And clearly shows I’ve used only 400+ units between September and January yet I’m being asked to pay the estimated balance. Not only is this alarming I have no peace of mind till someone bothers to look at my usage between September and January and provide me with an accurate bill.

what I do not understand is how others with different energy companies can get a up to date accurate bill within minutes of an enquiry yet I am left in limbo for 6 weeks.


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Ok, for the original issue, I can help with that to an extent.

With OVO, anytime you submit a meter reading via any method (except email), your entire account will usually update within 90 seconds. While this won’t generate an official bill immediately, it will update your account balance and the data under Billing History in MyOVO and the OVO Energy app will refresh. Hopefully that’s close enough for you.

If you submit a meter reading today, that should force the system to recalculate everything and get your account up-to-date. It won’t regenerate the bills, but the next one you get should include the corrections. Even if you can’t submit one yourself, the Support Team can override the system and force one through for you.

Did you get migrated over from SSE by any chance by the way? If you did, you might be able to request quarterly billing if that’s easier. While the main Support Team can be reached via the Contact Page, you might be able to speak to a dedicated team via 0345 0260 712 which is for anyone who’s recently been migrated from SSE. They should be able to get everything sorted for you.

In the meantime, your feedback is something I will ask @Tim_OVO to forward back to the teams. He’s pretty good at doing that.

I’m really sorry that you’ve not had a great start so far, but hopefully things will pick up later. If you ever need a hand again, please don’t hesitate to stop by this forum. While I can’t access your account, I can often give advice that might help get you somewhere.

I can honestly state I am at my wits end dealing with OVO.

their I was thinking ok I’ve submitted a new reading January 11th been told by one of the customer account team account frozen for 6 weeks while we get an accurate bill for you.

then today out of the blue I get an email from SSE stating I owe ****. 

why has it taken 6 months for SSE to come up with a bill out of the blue for a previous account that was paid in full at the end of the tariff?

I have a new tariff new account number migrated over from SSE in September. I owed nothing it was a new tariff new account, so it feels like I’m paying for two separate accounts, what on earth is going on????

alarmed by this I phoned OVO today to ask what on earth is going on? Only to be told my account has not been updated with the January reading and that I must submit another reading in two weeks time. Having previously been informed that from 11th January moving forward Mr Bird submit a reading on the 11th of every month.

So I’m now in a position of previously thinking ok this will be resolved mid February and I will know exactly what my bill will be and direct debit I should be paying. But after today February 8th I’m left feeling nothing has occurred I’m no further forward and still left in limbo.

shocking customer care one very irate customer who has already lost faith in OVO to resolve such a simple problem as providing a accurate electricity bill.

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Updated on 19/05/22 by Jess_OVO


I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve been having with the billing on both your previous SSE account and your new OVO account.


As you mention being asked to provide another set of meter readings in two weeks time, I’m wondering whether there might be an issue with the meter reading we’d previously used as your ‘migration reading’.


As mentioned in this similar thread, if there is a potential issue with this reading our Support Team should be able to help get things sorted. They may request another set of meter readings to help recalculate what the reading should’ve been around the date your account moved over. During this process your regular monthly billing will be paused whilst we look to correct the opening meter reading. It may also mean that the final SSE bill you’d previously received may need to be amended. 


If you are still unsure as to when to expect an up-to date bill, our dedicated migration team should be able to provide more account specific information and log this as a formal complaint if you’re not happy with this billing delay. There’s a full breakdown of our complaints procedure here.


I’m hoping this information helps get things sorted for you.

Thank you for your reply Jess but I am now on the brink of cancelling any future direct debit payments to ovo.

Dealing with SSE about one account and OVO another in order to resolve this is exhausting and a waste of my time. I’m tired of explaining and attempting to get closure from the ‘TEAM’ for simply attempting to have one account one accurate bill and knowing the payment I must provide each month. To date I have done all that’s been asked of me by three OVO customer advisors and the numerous SSE advisors without feeling I’m reaching a resolution. I give up and feel my only alternative is to stop any future payments to ovo and take my business elsewhere. How difficult can it be to have ONE account number one monthly bill? From the three meter readings I have given September, January and a further one on the 8th of February I calculate I’ve used 592kw yet it seems impossible to provide me with an accurate bill so instead I’m being constantly noting from the hopeless OVO app I owe £1044.77p due to estimated billing. Regards one furious let down customer.



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While this might sound counterintuitive, I strongly recommend against cancelling your Direct Debit payments in protest while you’re still on-supply. Sure, doing so would get OVO’s attention, but it would more likely attract the collections team's attention than that of the support team and could cause more trouble than it’s worth. Trust me, it genuinely isn’t worth the risk and you don’t want the hassle of dealing with that.

If you feel you’re getting stuck and not getting any results from the Support Team, the next stage is the Complaints Process via .

Thank you for your reply but once again why should I have to waste even more of my time having to go down the complaints procedure when I have done everything asked of me and more only to be let down in resolving such a basic issue.

having dealt with OVO and SSE customer care advisors who seem incapable of resolving such a basic problem it does not give me much faith that putting in a complaint will resolve anything.

This is what Im dealing with up to now 3 OVO advisors telling me to do this or that only to discover nothing has been done. Today I have waited all day to be contacted by SSE who were to speak to ovo about this issue and resolving it and guess what no return phone call.

customer care by SSE is bad enough but OVO are taking it to a new level.

original meter reading at start of tariff in September another provided in January that I was informed would be resolved in 6 weeks only to discover that info had not been updated on my account. Then to be informed only yesterday it may take 49 more days to resolve. If I am being unreasonable then please point this out because I feel I am being let down fobbed off by people incapable of simply providing me with an accurate bill. So in my situation why should I keep paying a direct debit to a energy company that is incapable of giving me a accurate up to date bill. God you would think I’m asking the world I’m asking for an accurate bill nothing more.

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Hi all, Just come over to ovo from sse where we unfortunately made a rare error in the last october gas reading, this is obviously been used by ovo to work out our Jan 22 bill and estimates further down the road from that incorrect reading.

When we realized this we immediately sent correct reading online which was substantially less but they will not validate it. I have called 10 times now to cust. services, sent 3 photo’s of our meter with reading and cannot get anyone to do anything. Nobody has any authority to do so it seems. I was passed to billing one time where the chap said he will rectify things straight away but no such thing has happened. I have also written a letter of complaint to head office.

I have now put in a complaint just so I can speak to a supervisor who perhaps can do something. This is terrible from a oompany to do this. They are supposed to be sending out an MDS meter reader in a few days, perhaps that will be enough proof for them.

Sorry this is a bit long but anyone have any other suggestions as to what action I can take to get this sorted.


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Hey, welcome @440rb !

I’m Blastoise186, it’s good to meet you. Just as a heads up, almost everyone on the forum is a volunteer and we’re unable to access your account from here, but we can give you general advice that might help you out.

Usually, fixing a mistaken reading is pretty easy - simply submit a corrected reading by midnight the same day, and the incorrect one will be destroyed with the new one taking its place. If you still can’t fix it, the Support Team can override the system and make a correction on your behalf. However, the fact you migrated over from SSE in the meantime is probably where the snag comes in. You’ve effectively switched supplier as part of the migration so it all has to go through the proper processes. Even between OVO and SSE, there still has to be a read dispute raised to resolve this one. I think it’s a D86 if memory serves but I might be wrong so please don’t rely on that code (there’s a LOT of them!).

What’ll probably happen next is that a meter reader will stop by to take an actual reading, which should be considered as the single source of truth and break the dispute as a reading from a meter reader is accepted as proof of the actual readings. As long as that works out, your bills can be corrected and should get everything resolved from there. Please bear in mind that this process may take a few weeks to fully complete but should be done within the eight week deadline. You should then be able to submit readings as normal and get them through validation as well.

The best advice I can think of for you right now is to keep working with OVO to resolve the read dispute and allow the meter reader access to all your meters. Their visit shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes or so and is usually a lot faster than that.

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ok thanks, yes I’m relying on the reader now to validate things but the photo’s I’ve been sending should be clear evidence but are being ignored, so in essence they are calling me a liar which I’m not happy about.

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You’re welcome.

All of this is actually part of the standard processes and it’s not intended to catch you out. At worst case, it might catch out a supplier trying to be sneaky perhaps, but not a customer. It’s also to protect you as well.

After all, if you submitted a “lower” reading of say, 56000 kWh five days after submitting a reading of 58000 kWh and both got accepted, then that would make a billing system think your meter has gone round the clock and bill you for 98,000 kWh out of nowhere for five days… Which is completely impossible for any domestic supply to ever reach. :)

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Hi @440rb and welcome to the OVO online community,


Firstly I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve been having with your meter readings since you joined us from SSE. As our community volunteer, @Blastoise186 has mentioned the delay in getting things corrected may be down to the fact that the meter reading which was used to close your SSE account and open your OVO account needs to be recalculated.


There’s more advice on this process on this similar thread:


I’m wondering whether there might be an issue with the meter reading we’d previously used as your ‘migration reading’.


As mentioned over here, if there is a potential issue with this reading our Support Team should be able to help get things sorted. They may request another set of meter readings to help recalculate what the reading should’ve been around the date your account moved over. During this process your regular monthly billing will be paused whilst we look to correct the opening meter reading. It may also mean that the final SSE bill you’d previously received may need to be amended. 


I’m hoping that the visit from the meter reader should provide us all the information we need to get the migration meter reading corrected if needed. Have you noticed a pause to your regular billing in the meantime? 

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Hi, no, I have been putting in complaints in order to get to speak to a supervisor cos the agents cannot do anything, no authority and that includes billing who I spoke to 1 time who said they’ve corrected my bill but nothing was done.

I put a complaint in through an advisor and they said I would be contacted by one, nothing has happened, it just seems hopeless and meanwhile my bill growing.

I guess I’ll have to wait for an engineer as any contact with advisors is a waste of my time.

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I’m really sorry to hear that the promised callback was missed, @440rb.


If you’ve previously raised a complaint and things still aren’t resolved in the given timeframe, you can reopen the same complaint at any point by contacting our Support Team


I’m hoping we’re able to get things back on track for you soon.

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I put in a complaint online on the site at the beginning in early January, that has seemed to have been ignored. I put in a complaint to an advisor 3 days ago and no call back from a supervisor or any response at all. I’m trying to stay polite here in choosing my words but it is unbelievable of the lack of help I’m getting from anyone, just being fobbed off with advisors.

I’ve written a letter direct and probably won’t get any response to that. What sort of company is this, you may be busy granted but it doesn’t take much to make a call or an email to say we are looking into this for you and will get back to you soon and sort it or similar, nothing. It has been 6 weeks almost since I raised this issue and have gotten nowhere. If that meter reading person doesn’t come tomorrow as planned to validate the reading which I have already validated through 4 pictures I’m done. I cannot see anyway to get this resolved, how can that be possible. What else can I do, you tell me.


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I’m really sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had getting a complaint escalated, @440rb.


Any complaints submitted via email or via our website should receive a response (ideally a phone call but we may send an email if we’re not able to reach you) within 5 working days, so it’s worth double-checking your email inbox and spam folder. If you’ve received an email but aren’t happy with the suggested resolution we’d advise responding to this email or giving us a call to request your complaint is escalated to our dedicated Complaints team.


I’m hoping this helps get things resolved for you.

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The only reason I’m trying to get this complaint in is so I can talk to someone in authority who can do something as cust. serv advisors do not have any. Nor do the Billing dept. it seems, what sort of company is this I’ve been moved to, Is there anyone there who knows what they are doing and how to handle an issue like this and actually get it resolved, its not rocket science to sort is it.

I appreciate your replies but they are of no use to me and just state the obvious. If you have any actual real suggestions of how I can actually get this sorted after everything I’ve tried I am all ears.

Why can’t I see my bill from 12/12/21 to 22/03/22, I can see the bill prior to this and after this but this period is missing

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Hi @Nicaloid1 !

That doesn’t sound right to me. You might want to give the Support Team a shout and ask if they’re able to provide you with a copy. It should be ready by now.

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Just to clarify, are you attempting to view the bill via your online account, @Nicaloid1?


As @Blastoise186 has hinted at, this should be accessible to view within a few days of the end of your billing period so sounds like there could be an technical issue with this one.


Let us know how things are sorted once you’ve spoke to the Support Team. 🙂

@Jess_OVO yes I can see the bills from before I transferred from sse and I can see my current billing period but I am unable to see the period 12.12.21 to 22/03/22 

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Well that sounds strange, @Nicaloid1.


As you mention recently joining us from SSE, I’m wondering whether the delay might be down to an issue with your migration meter reading. You can read more about this in the thread above.


Either way our Support Team are best placed to look into exactly what’s going on with the missing bill and get things back on track. 🙂