Why have I still not had a bill after switching my new property to OVO in early 2020?

  • 19 September 2020
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Ok so I was an OVO customer and have stayed with OVO in new property. Called to change it over all good. Called again twice in August as no bills to be told first time expect a bill next week  and 2nd time that they are changing billing etc and  its a generic thing. It is now mid September, i have tried online chats etc as i don't want to be trying to get through for hours. This is totally unacceptable to have no bills and a massive one due.. what can i do to sort this out? On my app it just says thanks for letting us know of move, we will start your new account from 1st August. No communication etc. I am tempted to change providers but don't have the funds to pay a huge bill to close it! No emails nothing only if i put in a complaint do i get communication....


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Firstly - Welcome to your new home and to the OVO online community!

​​​​​​If you haven’t already checked it out we’ve got a great guide to the usual process of joining us on this great guide. The advice here applies even if you’ve been an OVO member at your old house - you’ll still need to set-up a new account and request a switch unless we’re already the supplier there.

As the switching guide explains we’d usually expect to have your opening meter readings confirmed and your first statement issued within 6 weeks of joining us - so sorry that there’s quite the delay in your case.

It’s worth checking whether you’re able to view this monthly summary via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). Just head over to the ‘Billing History’ page:


Exact Appearance may vary

If you’re still not able to access the full version of your online account - this could indicate an issue with your opening meter readings - reach out to our Support Team, who’ll be able to look into this for you.


Thank you. Ovo was my previous supplier. They have all the info. I have given them all the readings. They said they are updating the billing. But surely doesn't take 4 months. 

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Quick question to help us drill down into possible issues, @Joanne 11:


Did you move into a house that was also supplied by OVO? Or were on supply with OVO, you moved house, and then you started a switch to OVO at the new place?


This is a good recent topic on a switching delays which includes more info on those possible reasons outlined by @Jequinlan above. Can you have a look and let us know?


Also, why are you not getting responses from our Customer Support?! Try on web chat again today if you can. There should be no more then a 5 minute wait to get to an agent

Ovo was the previous supplier of the house we moved to. I tried a web chat and responded but they said i didn't respnd and cut me off. I will try again. Thank you

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Ovo was the previous supplier of the house we moved to. I tried a web chat and responded but they said i didn't respnd and cut me off. I will try again. Thank you


Thanks for flagging this web chat issue - I’ve passed it on to the engineers that look after that!


OK so what about the new place - have you initiated a switch to OVO for your current property back in May? If you have, did you receive emails like your welcome email and so on? 

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Still waiting for a bit on info on this, @Joanne 11 - I’m concerned that you never actually started a new switch to OVO for the new property.


Either the new place was already on supply with OVO, so you just have to do this online home moving form, or it’s got a different supplier, and you have to use that online home moving form to close your old account, and start a new switch here

I didn't recieve a welcome email. I was told it was up and running and would get something to confirm so i called and was told i was on the system etc and would have a statement that week. Called again and was told billing was being updated. Tried calling again after another month told same thing

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Thanks for the reply, @Joanne 11 


If the property you moved into was already supplied by OVO, you wouldn’t need to start a switch. But you would need to agree to a tariff. Did you do that over the phone? Feel free to PM me your address and I can check you supplies you. 


If the address isn’t supplied by OVO, a switch is needed, but let’s cross that bridge when/if we get there. :) 

It was definitely ovo in my new house. I have also had a call about smart meters. I am going to have to call again as the debt is getting bigger!

I have pmd my email. Thank you 

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What’s happening with this one, @Joanne 11 - has your account been updated now? If you give us an update on the issue, I can assign it as the ‘best answer’ to help others effected by this…. :blush:

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Hi there,


I have recently switched to OVO and as I have a SMETS1 smart meter, you are unable to take automatic readings.  Because of this, I have been taking weekly manual readings and logging them on my account.  this has been working fine for Gas, however my Electricity meter readings are not being utilised to calculate usage.

I can see the last meter reading and the date I added it, I can add a new reading and it updates the meter readings page with the new reading and date, but when I go to usage, there is no usage at all for my electricity.

I have since had my first monthly bill, and again it shows no usage for electricity apart from the standing charge.

I have even had a meter man come and read the meters, but this has not helped either.

I have emailed regarding the problem and also used your web chat, all to no avail.

How can I get my electricity usage to show on my account??


Best Regards,


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Welcome aboard @BParnell !

I’m also new to OVO myself and have a similar situation, but I’ll try to help.

Firstly, could you fill out your forum profile please? It helps us a lot and it will make it easier for another expert volunteer to help with your meter later on. :)

I believe this issue is down to the fact your old supplier is still validating your closing readings and that needs to be completed first, before your readings over here will properly catch up. It should happen soon, but please keep an eye on things for now.

My advice however is to try submitting via the website every day for now as this might improve accuracy.

I’ve also seen this myself and it’s usually only temporary. Please don’t forget that OVO does the billing in a different way to most suppliers, in that you get daily updates on everything.

If it goes another week with absolutely no sign however, that’s definitely something to dig deeper into.

I hope this helps.

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As for your smart meter. I think you’ll be happy to know that we have a wizard in the community who can almost certainly put the “Smart” back into your smart meter.

So based on that, I’ll ask @Transparent if he can do some checks with you once he’s free.

While you wait though, can you please tell us what the make and model of your SMETS1 smart meters are if you know it? Or if you’re not sure, snap a picture of them both and post a reply with them and we’ll help you out.

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Hi there Blastoise186,


Many thanks for your reply.

I will keep submitting reading in the hope it starts registering my electricity usage.


Regarding my meters:


Gas meter is a UNIFLO G4SZV

Electricity meter is an Aclara SGM1311


Best Regards 


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You're welcome. 


In that case, I'm really pleased to confirm that getting your smart meter to start talking to OVO should be a piece of cake. I also have the same electricity meter and Transparent has confirmed that this model should now be running SMETS2 firmware.


I'll let him explain all the details later. But I will be happy to explain the next steps by tomorrow morning at the latest 

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Ok. Now I’m back at my laptop, it’s a bit easier to type this out!

From what the amazing genius wizard Transparent has previously told me over here, the Aclara SGM1311 was originally a SMETS1 model, but was among the first in the queue to get the remote firmware upgrade to SMETS2 around February this year and migrated to the National Smart Meter Network run by DCC around the same time.

So what this should mean, is that your smart meters should now behave as if they are a SMETS2, the fact they were a SMETS1 when they were first installed is no longer relevant.

Please feel free to nudge the team via email. The details are right this way!

Ask to be escalated to the S-2 Team and provide a link back to this thread in your email and someone should be in touch as soon as they can. It might take a few days, but you will get a reply soon!

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Good stuff here, @BParnell I’ve moved your thread over to this topic, as I have a hunch why you can’t see your usage in billing summaries. The ‘best answer’ (at the top) outlines that:



“there are multiple factors that might be delaying your first charges since your switch to OVO. 

It usually takes up to 6 weeks to confirm meter and usage details from your old supplier. Once they are confirmed, both suppliers can charge you up to (old supplier) and from (new supplier) the switch date. 

If it’s been longer then 6 weeks and you haven’t heard from us about a delay, reach out to our Support team for this to get looked into.”



If we’re within that 6 week window, this is the most likely reason. If we’re outside of the 6 week window since your supply start date, then as @Blastoise186 mentions, let’s get our Support team involved. Please complete this smart meter health check before you reach out (if the 6 week time frame has expired). 

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Hi there @Tim_OVO,


Many thanks for the reply.

I have checked my electricity meter, it is an Aclara 1311.  There are two slightly different MSN on the meter with the two characters one in from the left flipped.  IE the first number on the top section of the meter starts 1M8 whereas the serial number on the bottom section (just above the screen) starts 18M.  I have noticed in my account that the serial is starting with the MSN from the lower section, could this be the problem I am having with my electricity meter not sending data, or is this normal?

for reference, I was switched on the 1st October so we will be coming to the 6 week mark this weekend.  I have already had my last bill from my previous supplier and my first bill from OVO.  The first bill had zero energy usage and no meter readings (even though I have been sending manual meter readings via the website)

Best Regards,


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Hi @BParnell ,

Thanks for the updates! I know exactly what meter you have, which is an Aclara SGM1311 Smart Energy Meter and it’s probably got an Aclara SGC1311 Smart Communications Hub on top.

These meters have hopefully now got the SMETS2 firmware on them (they were previously SMETS1) and should be migrated to OVO soon - keep an eye on your email inbox!

As for the first bill from OVO showing no electricity usage, that’s to be expected for the first one. But from now on, you should start seeing your usage on there.


I can also give you a great tip to help demonstrate this. Would you be OK with grabbing a reading off your meters and submitting them to your online account when you get a chance? Just before you put the reading in, check what your balance is. Then after you submit, wait for about 90 seconds and then check your account balance again - you should see it drop slightly.

OVO does these calculations in real time once your opening reading is verified, so it’s easy to keep track.


I hope this helps!

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Also, just so you know, the SGM1311 displays ALL of the status info on the meter display itself - please ignore the flashing red light for the purpose of a smart meter health check as this won’t be relevant.

What you’re looking for is to see whether there’s any signal bars near the bottom right corner of the meter display. It sometimes takes a few seconds to show up though. If there’s any at all, that’s a good sign.

Oh, and you don’t need to press any buttons on the 1311 either to complete the health check - this model shows you everything automatically. :)


If you can snap a photo of the meter too and post that in your next reply, that would be awesome!

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Hi there @Blastoise186,


thanks for the feedback.

Here is a pic of my meter


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Perfect! Thanks for this.

Yup, I can definitely confirm that’s an Aclara SGM1311 and SGC1311 for definite. It’s an exact match to my own meter. And the good news is that you definitely do seem to have a three bar signal on the WAN which is a good sign. Plus, your HAN appears to be really healthy at full strength.

To leave that menu, I think you can just wait for a while and your meter will drop back to automatically scrolling through the various readings.

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Hold on a second…

Sorry to trouble you here, but something doesn’t seem right with your meter! I only just noticed that the Tamper-Evident Seal protecting the bottom screw on your meter appears to be out of place somehow and might not be secured properly.

I’ve recently recorded a video of my own meter that I shared with OVO for some diagnostics because I wanted to give the S-2 Engineering Team some extra data (because I’m a bit fancy there with my kit). Having just played back that video for myself, I noticed the seal on mine is definitely tucked away in the slot, facing horizontally and completely covers the screw - just like the other two seals. It also appears the tie thing on mine is “closed” too.


I’ve no idea why yours isn’t like that, but this may need to be checked out by another engineer. In the meantime, please DO NOT make any attempt to modify or fix the seal yourself. Not only can this be extremely dangerous and illegal, but you’d also risk triggering a Tamper Alert from the meter itself which you don’t want to set off.

Hopefully an easy fix though once an engineer can take a look

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Some good advice on show here @Blastoise186!


The most likely reason for the seal being slightly out of place is the engineer who fitted it. @Transparent actually has this seal missing completely. And he’s not the illegal tampering type….. or is he? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: An OVO, DNO or electrician engineer can fix that if I’m not mistaken, but if the meter cover is still in place, this is fine for now. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone… 


@BParnell what are the results of this test:


I can also give you a great tip to help demonstrate this. Would you be OK with grabbing a reading off your meters and submitting them to your online account when you get a chance? Just before you put the reading in, check what your balance is. Then after you submit, wait for about 90 seconds and then check your account balance again - you should see it drop slightly.

OVO does these calculations in real time once your opening reading is verified, so it’s easy to keep track.




Can you check that your first bill includes electricity charges? It might just be a gas summary, with the gas switch being fully complete (hence the gas usage and meter readings on the online account and not the electricity).


If things progress beyond 6 weeks and the billing summaries attempt to show electricity charges but show them as 0, this might indicate an issue.


We await your reply. :blush: