Why are the smets1 meter readings received by OVO different to meter readings I've taken manually?

  • 30 October 2021
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New customer manual reads for gas totally different to smart reads on smets1 meters

electric meter tariff for day is running on night setting on meter and vice versa for night

trying to sort this since August with no hope of anyone getting in touch with me yet


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Howdy @TrishaW !

Welcome to the OVO Forum. I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers here. I can’t access your account but I can try to help with some detective work on here.

Could you show me some photos of your meters and In-Home Display in your next reply please? As you’ve got SMETS1 meters, this will help me to figure out a few clues.


Photos don’t really help. I’ll try to explain. 
manual opening read on gas on smets1 meters showed 8369

remote smart readings started at 1943 on the same day and have gone forward from that number. 
the units used and the tariff charged are correct using both sets of numbers but it means if I want to change supplier or a meter reader calls the manual read is showing nearly 7000 units used more than the smart read.


smets1 economy 7 meter manual reads RO1 which has always been the night tariff

is now running on the day tariff and the RO2 which should be day is running on the night tariff

As with the gas the units and charges are correct but the tariffs are set on the wrong readings.

again with the opening readings being switched there is a difference of around 11000 kilowatts if I change supplier or have a meter reader call

i have sent multiple emails, phone calls, letter to head office, pictures of my meters since I moved to OVO in July and no one has rang me at all and when I ring they tell me I am reading the meters wrong which I am not and all my precious suppliers have not had this problem 

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Thanks. I think I’m starting to get the picture here.

Do you remember which supplier installed the meters by any chance? The main thing I’d need to figure out is what the make and model of the meters are, so that I know what to suggest.

Do the meters have any of these names on them by any chance? If so, which one(s) please:

  • Aclara
  • Flonidan
  • Secure
  • Landis+Gyr
  • Itron
  • EDMI
  • Honeywell
  • Elster

Meters are OVO installed when they first came out years ago

but i moved suppliers over the years and went back to OVO in July thinking there would be no problems reading the meters as they had installed them




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Thanks. These meters are fully compatible with OVO and should communicate just fine now that you’re back with them.

It’s worth noting that IMP R01 is the Night Reading and IMP R02 is the Day Reading for these meters - if you press 6 on the electric meter, that’s what you should see. Is that happening in your case?

Be careful though - pressing 9 instead shows the combined reading and does not take Economy 7 into account.

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This one does sound strange, @TrishaW.


As our community volunteer, @Blastoise186  has already mentioned these meters should be communicating the readings automatically so the readings you’re seeing on your monthly summaries should match the readings you’ve been taking manually. Worth double-checking the advice given here to confirm you’ve been taking the reading correctly.


If the meters aren’t in communication there’s a chance that the readings on your account are estimated, which might explain the discrepancy. Our Support Team should be able to confirm this for you and help you complete a smart meter health check if required. The easiest way to reach the team is via our webchat which you can find a link to here.


Hope this helps get to the bottom of things - do pop back if you need any more advice, we’re always happy to help here where we can. :slight_smile:




Finally got OVO to agree they had the wrong opening readings for gas but have not had a new bill yet. Only got an email which had the wrong opening read on it so I had to phone again to check it will be set correctly. I live in Hope. 

I still can’t get them to agree that they have set the tariffs wrong on my economy 7 meter readings, even after sending numerous photos of the meter readings and the final bill from my last supplier.

I have asked to speak to a manager, the billing dept or the smart team numerous times and each time I am told that they don’t speak to customers.  I have also asked for someone to ring me and again with no joy. 

what kind of company does not speak to its customers and refuses them getting past the first line customer service person.

15 emails, 13 calls and 4 months on with still no outcome or apology.

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I’m so sorry to hear you’re still trying to get your opening meter readings corrected, @TrishaW. I appreciate the frustration this must be causing and the time you’ve spent trying to get things sorted out.


It sounds like we might be raising a ‘Read Dispute’ for your opening gas reading. This enables us to contact your previous supplier to make sure the opening/closing reading we’re both using is accurate and in-line with your usage. The timeframe for a ‘Read Dispute’ to be completed is usually around 12 weeks by which time you’ll receive an amended opening statement showing the re-agreed opening reading. There’s more information on this process on our ‘Read Dispute’ guide here



I still can’t get them to agree that they have set the tariffs wrong on my economy 7 meter readings, even after sending numerous photos of the meter readings and the final bill from my last supplier.

I’m really sorry to hear that there’s still some confusion over the day and night registers on your electricity meter too. I’m wondering whether our Support Team has recommended you carry out a ‘Load Test’ yet? This would involve taking two sets of readings during your peak hours (ie. at 9am and midday). Only one register should have clocked any usage which will confirm that this is the day or peak register. If there’s any mix-up between which register is which, this ‘Load Test’ would be the first step to getting things corrected.


I’m hoping this information helps in some way. If you’re still struggling to get the situation resolved it would be worth raising this as a formal complaint which ensures all the issues you’ve raised here would be fully investigated and a fair resolution agreed upon - You can find out more about our full complaints procedure here.

Thank for your comments but I have done all of the things you suggest more than once. There has been Complaints made and cases raised and load test sent in over the last. Months.

British Gas have confirmed my readings with OVO but every time I send an email or phone I cannot get to speak with someone who can tell me how or when it will be fixed.

I have asked twice for the complaints to be escalated but I am just getting ignored or an email asking for more load tests.

I was told that the gas will be sorted within 5 days , that was on the 8th of November and I have still not had any contact from,OVO. 

how do I get past the front line customer service and get my complaints escalated to someone who can deal with them and have the decency to ring me instead of hiding behind automated emails.  Can’t believe how badly I have been treated.

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It’s really disappointing to hear that you’ve had such difficulty getting things resolved when speaking to the Support Team, @TrishaW.


If you’ve raised a complaint in the past and the agreed resolution hasn’t been met, you’re able to re-open the complaint. I’d advise contacting the team directly to request this is reopened and escalated if we’re not able to reach a solution. Whilst there’s a chance we might be waiting on getting things agreed officially with British Gas, we should be able to give you a clear time frame for when this should be sorted and you don’t have to agree to close the complaint until a final resolution is reached.


The quickest way to reach the team is often via our Webchat which you can access by clicking the ‘Message us’ button at the bottom of this page


Do pop back if you need more help - Whilst we can’t access your account here we’re happy to help explain general processes and offer advice which might help get things sorted.