Why am I seeing really high usage costs on my In-Home Display (IHD) since my account was moved from SSE to OVO?


We had our smart metre fitted recently and with the recent cold weather we have used our electric panel heaters.

With 2 panel heaters on for 4 hours we had the price displayed at £10.84.

Were worried about how the hell we can afford to keep warm using these heaters. Is this right?!.



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Hi there @HambleHound ,

Sorry for the wait! I’m Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers here.  I don’t have access to your account though, so I wouldn’t be able to make any changes myself.

I can definitely try to do some number crunching, but I could do with a few more details, if that’s OK? Please could you tell me:

  • What your current tariff rates are - especially the per kWh rate
  • How powerful each panel heater is, in KW
  • What the make and model of each panel heater is
  • Some photos of your electric meter and each panel heater

With these details, I can run some numbers and figure out if the cost you’re seeing on your In-Home Display is correct. It might just be that the IHD doesn’t yet have the correct tariff rates for your account, so this is one way I can manually compare notes, so to speak.

You might also be interested in the Warm Home Discount, which if approved would give you a £140 account credit to help you with heating costs. You can apply using this link.


Thanks for replying.

Current tariff rate according to the letter Ovo sent out last month is Simpler Energy. (Was previously standard tariff with SSE

Can’t see anywhere kWh rate is.

The panel heaters are ehc - radiance 1250. Power 1250w

We had an ongoing problem previously with SSE. Apparently when we moved into our property 4 years ago our old meter wasn’t compatible with the electric panel heaters.

 It took SSE over a year and 7 separate visits to tell us we needed a new meter and we were told not to pay anything as the readings were all over the place. We now have a significant backlog of debt with SSE now due to them not acting quick to rectify the meter problem.




Seems like I can only add 1 photo per post





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Thanks! That helps me a LOT! I’m working on the number crunching now. The tariff rates for Simpler Energy actually vary across the country and I don’t have a list of the exact rates handy at the moment. However, thanks to @Tim_OVO I know what the current rates are for Bristol, so I’ve used those for now.

If you know the exact rates for your account, I can run the numbers again with more accurate figures. You can find them under Plan in MyOVO. But in the meantime, I’ll show my number crunching in my next reply, so you’ll see how I got to where I did.

Bear with me for a bit! This might take a while.

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Don’t forget to carry the 1 when you’re multiplying @Blastoise186  !

The people on Countdown can do it in 30 seconds!

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Ok, this is what I’ve got. I managed to find a calculator on RapidTables, so I’ve used that to figure this out, since I’m not always great at maths.

But first, the simple maths that I can do for myself. With two heaters at 1.25KW each, that’s a combined 2.5KW of electric panel heaters. Run those for four hours (which is 2.5 X 4) and you get 10, so that makes for 10kWh per day from the heaters, assuming four hours usage per day with both of them running.

That also makes for 300kWh a month, assuming 30 days a month and again, four hours a day with both heaters. Or 3,650 kWh a year if you were to run them for that long.

But from here, it gets a bit more interesting. I calculate the cost as being just £2.50 a day to run those heaters on Tim’s rates in Bristol. I don’t think he’ll mind me borrowing his rates for a bit! This doesn’t factor in Standing Charges though, but it’s easier to leave them out for this purpose anyway.

I think it’s possible that either something else in your house might be gobbling up a lot of power, or your In-Home Display doesn’t have the correct tariff rates loaded onto it right now. If it’s the latter ,don’t worry. No supplier relies on the IHD to calculate the bills - the real bill is calculated by the billing system. You can also ask for the SMETS Command Update Tariff Configuration to be used on your meters, which should force both the meters and your IHD to pull down the correct tariff rates. You might want to see if there’s anything in the house that’s using more than its fair share of green juice.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you’re still stuck.


Thanks for getting back.

Only the TV was on in the house whilst the panel heaters were on.

No dishwasher, washing machine or anything else.

If it helps - im in Southsea - Portsmouth.



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I’ve factchecked @Blastoise186 ‘s working and it meets all relevant standards.

Basically 10 x 21p per unit would be around £2.10 for the heater use on their own.

How is your water heated? Did you use electric immersion today?

I was also wondering if the IHD didn’t have the correct tariff, but I don’t think it would be that far out. I reckon there are other things in the house (primarily things that are heating other things) that are contributing to the price.

We have a gas boiler.

Also - Blastoise mentioned possible assistance with the Winter Home discount.

From the link attached - I recieved this message:

Sorry – sadly we’re not supplying your electricity, which means you can’t apply for a Warm Home Discount with us

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Ooh ok! Whoops, My fault. I forgot you were with SSE. Could you give this link a try:

Sorry about that!

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Are you able to press a button on your IHD to display energy usage rather than price? If you can find out the kWH for today and an update on the cost that it’s showing then we can roughly check what unit price it’s using.

Ah thanks.

Looks like that help is only available to the unemployed.

What’s the best number to call someone at OVO to discuss this with?


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No worries. I like to mention it to anyone who I think might qualify.

If you’re with SSE, that would probably be 0345 070 7373. If you’re with OVO, it’s 0330 303 5063.

Me and neal can definitely try to puzzle solve with you though. :)

Thank you.

Im concerned about how expensive these meter readings are.

Do you agree they seem high?

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It does seem unusually high, but it’s unlikely to be a meter fault. Feel free to discuss that with SSE Customer Service though, they’ll take a look and try to help if they can.

So do I call OVO or SSE?

I’ve had a letter saying that im now with OVO - Not SSE

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Gotcha, I think I know where to direct you now.

Did you know the exact date your supply switched over? If it’s after that date, it’s probably with OVO now, so I actually have a special phone number for you. This one is for a dedicated team handling SSE customers who recently migrated to OVO and it’s 0345 0260 712. Give that one a go in the morning and someone should be able to take a look.

Great. Thanks 

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Instructions for your display. 

Should be useful to switch to displaying kWh and seeing what tariff costs the display is using.

Then we will have a better idea about what might be going on if we know that. 

With the heaters i would double check what the timers are set to, just in case they are coming on when you don't expect them to? 

I assume you don't have a hot water tank?


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Updated on 19/01/22 by Jess_OVO


So lovely to see your fellow community members helping to get to the bottom of the higher than usual usage costs you’re seeing on your IHD, @HambleHound.


As you mention you’ve recently joined us from SSE, I’m gonna drop a link to our FAQs as there’s some advice here that might help:


Will my tariff and prices change when I’m with OVO?


Your move to OVO won't affect the prices you currently pay. If you’re on a fixed tariff they’ll stay the same for the rest of your contract. If you’re on a variable tariff, your prices may go up or down in line with the Ofgem Price Cap changes which happen twice a year (April and October). We’ll always let you know in advance if your prices need to change.

If you were on a fixed tariff with SSE your tariff (we call this an energy "plan") name will stay the same - 1 Year Fix V2, 2 Year Fix V2 or Online Smart Saver. If you're on a variable contract, your plan name will be "Simpler Energy" when you move to OVO.


We’ve been made aware of a technical issue with some accounts where the unit rates that are loaded on to your device are incorrectly updated when your account is moved across to OVO. There is currently a fix in progress which will automatically update the rates and correct usage cost information displayed on the device.



In the meantime it’s worth mentioning that the usage costs shown on your IHD should always be considered as a guide rather than the exact billed amount. As long as your smart meter is in communication with us the charges shown on the ‘Billing’ pages of your online account are often a more reliable place to check your latest usage costs.


Have you managed to get yourself logged in to your new OVO online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) yet?


Morning all,

New user to the forums due to being in the process of having my account transferred from SSE to OVO.


Bit of background - was with SSE for around 5-6 years, and had my Smart Meter installed at the end of Apr 2018. Info-wise, the make is an ACLARA with the Communication Hub being SGC1311 and the Meter being SGM1311. The A and B buttons on the bottom half are blue. Prior to last Friday, no issues. Indoor SSE Meter Tracker worked fine with outdoor meter and kept in-line with it.

Woke up Friday morning and saw the indoor meter tracker reading £41,942.02. Got on the phone and was transferred back and forth between SSE and OVO before learning that Thursday was the last day with SSE and Friday was the day OVO took over, and as such my account hadn’t been completely set up yet. SSE raised a call with OVO ref this figure and I was advised to call back Monday (tomorrow) should the figure remain.  An hour or so later, the figure was still there but my Smart Meter outside read 0.09 which seemed about right for that time of the morning, so I took the £41k amount as a error with the tracker (similar issues by others were reported last April).  Since then though I’ve started to notice other discrepancies which I don’t know if I can put down to the “account not set up yet” so would welcome some advice on these:


1 - Outdoor Smart Meter read 0.09 on Friday at 09:47 and 0.54 that evening at 23:44. The next morning (Saturday) however at 09:21 the outdoor Smart Meter read 0.85 indicating to me that the cost had not reset overnight. At 23:49 that evening Meter read 1.55. Today at 08:20, the cost is now 1.85. Does this sound like the Smart Meter (for some reason) is not resetting, or is there something that I should be doing, or not reading correctly?​​​​​​

2 - Linked to the above, out of nowhere, overnight between myself going to bed and waking up, I’m incurring 0.30 worth of electric (on a standard day I’ll hit that amount around 16:30), so I’m not sure where this sudden jump has come from.

3 - Last point, indoor Meter Tracker no longer reads the £41k amount however a) it doesn’t reset to 0.01 until around 09:30 and the pace at which it increases is significantly lower than what it used to be (e.g. yesterday between 09:44 and 23:45 it went from 0.01 to 0.07).

Sorry for the long post but until my account is fully setup (I haven’t received any paperwork or notifications that it has been yet), it would be beneficial to know if all the above can be put down to my account being in a transfer state.


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Hey there @wesn !

Welcome to the OVO Forum. :)

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers here. We can’t access your account from here, but we can definitely offer advice that might help.

You’re actually in luck as I used to have this exact setup with SSE back in the day. I’m now with OVO but I actually manually switched just over a year ago, so I wasn’t migrated in the same way as you were. I know the setup well too. I’m actually on a SMETS2 setup nowadays though, as OVO had to replace my meter with an Aclara SGM1411-B and a WNC SKU Cellular Comms Hub, along with two Chameleon IHD6 that I have due to pure chance.

Please rest assured you definitely won’t be charged £41,000 at all - this is a known bug with your IHD model - and the actual bill is generated by either SSE’s billing system or OVO’s billing platform, depending on which side you’re currently on. I’m 100% certain the real bill will be at least £39,000 cheaper than what your IHD thought it was at that time. I’ve always known the SSE SET to be a very unreliable IHD (it’s actually a supplier specific variant of the IHDL SmartView/SmartView 2) and I’m not surprised by that issue.

As for your meter, a similar rule applies. Regardless of what the meter says, the real bill is generated by your supplier using the actual meter readings - everything else should be treated more like a guide. I think a lot of the issues you’re seeing right now are mainly just down to the migration process, but these should settle down over the next few weeks or so. It’s well known for SMETS1 meters to go a bit unstable during a Change of Supplier process, especially if it also involves migrating them to DCC via Enrolment & Adoption to make them work like a SMETS2 does.

In actual fact, if memory serves pretty much all the symptoms you’re seeing here are really just known behaviours during a supplier change, even if they’re not ideal. It’s extremely difficult to truly fix them however - especially since the of the IHDL SmartView IHDs are capable of receiving any kind of firmware updates to fix the many bugs that plague the firmware on them - regardless of which supplier you got them from. IHDs from manufacturers like Chameleon, Geo and Hildebrand tend to be a lot more reliable and stable overall, but it’s very difficult - possibly even impossible - to get another IHD paired up if you’re on SMETS1. You certainly can’t buy one from just anywhere and expect it to work either.

You should get your new account details from OVO soon by either email or post. Once your account is migrated, the next time you attempt to login to SSE you’ll get an alert that it’s time to set up MyOVO. If you follow those instructions, it should get everything going within a few minutes or so. Once your migration is completed, your SSE account will remain accessible for six months so that you can retrieve anything you want to keep from your online account. Please do so soon as once the six months expire, your SSE account will be terminated and sent to the archive vault, where you won’t be able to access it again.

If you get stuck and need to chat with the Support Team, feel free to use the dedicated number 0345 0260 712 which goes straight to the team handling former SSE customers who recently migrated to OVO.

If there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to stop by anytime.

Hi there,

Many thanks for the prompt response and advice. I guess I'll just wait for my account details in the interim and continue monitoring to see if it settles following that.

Thanks again :)