Trying to register my new home with OVO when the previous owner also used OVO - How can I get an accurate Direct Debit quote?

  • 1 November 2021
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On 4 October I received a quote from you on my moving in on 29 September

It was £171 a month basically because it is a 5 bedroom house

At my previous property I was only paying £66 a month

I was told I would hear more from you in 10 days but I have seen nothing

I looked at your site last evening to be told my 4 October quote had expired but your email of 4 October at 16.52 from made no mention of me having to accept your quote and no email to reply to anyway

A new quote now mentions £212 a month !!!

Can you assist/help please ?

The couple I bought from were also with OVO Energy !!!

How much a month were they paying

They were just a couple as well



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Hi there @Acresroger !

Thanks for asking about this. I just want to let you know that as a forum volunteer, I can’t make changes to anything or make any agreements on OVO’s behalf, as I don’t have permission to do that sort of thing. However, I can try to offer some advice that could help.

From my understanding, quotes from OVO are only valid for seven days from the date they’re generated and you need to commit to signing up within that time in order to lock in the deal. Otherwise the quote expires and you have to generate a new one. You can’t reply to that email, but the main contact options to reach the Support Team are available on the help site.

It’s unfortunately not possible to find out how much a previous member was paying before they moved out, as that’s private data which OVO can’t share with anyone else without that member giving consent. However, the estimates given on the quotes are based on various factors and try to be reasonable based on the details you’ve given. You can refine it though to help fine-tune it a bit more, which can sometimes bring the quote down a little.

I’d probably recommend contacting the Support Team for help about this, as they might be able to take a look at what happened.

As for the quote email, apologies if it didn’t make the expiry clear. I’ll ask @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO to feed this back to the team in case there’s anything that might need to be improved.


Webchat had suggested I call 03303035063 and they have signed me up at £65 a month. Bargin. Thanks all for your help


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No worries, glad to have helped!

If you ever get stuck again, we’ll be right here.

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Hi @Acresroger and Welcome to your new home and to OVO!


If you haven’t already checked it out we’ve got a great guide to setting up your account with us following a move here.


Sounds like you might’ve originally received a quote based on average consumption in your type of home, as you’ve now spoken to the Support Team, they should be able to refine this quote based on the historic consumption we’ve seen at that home. Worth mentioning here that we’ll still review your Direct Debit based on what you’re actually using - you’ll be able to keep an eye on this on the ‘Direct Debit Calculator’ on your  online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Hope you’re getting settled in - Any more question about your new OVO account? We’re always happy to help here! :slight_smile: