Transfering my FIT contract when I sell my house

  • 4 August 2022
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I am in the process of selling my house. I have a FIT contract with SSE which is in the process of being migrated to OVO. I need to contact someone, NOT USING A PHONE!!!!! so that I can get the forms for myself and the buyer so that this contract can be transfered to them.

And before anyone suggests I email this is useless as I have done it multiple times and all I get is a standard reply that “someone will review my email and get back to me if they need to”. Well, obviously no one has read the email because they do need to get back to me and they haven’t. 

2 replies

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Hi @Feed up and welcome to the OVO online community,


Sorry to hear about the difficulty you’ve had notifying the SSE FiT team of your upcoming move. As you mention you’ll need to complete a ‘Change of Ownership’ form to pass the FiT arrangement on to the new homeowner. I’m hoping the thread below should include the info you need to get things sorted:


Hi Jesse. Thanks for coming back to me. Yes, I had seen that post but thought that a big company like SSE/OVO would have some system whereby I could get hold of the forms which didn’t include another (although very helpful and accommodating) member of this forum who happens to have the forms.

I would still like to have direct contact with someone at SSE but as they don’t seem bothered to answer my emails I’m not sure what more I can do?

Could you please feed back via whatever channels you have available, my (and judging by the post you directed me to, many, many other customers of SSE) dissatisfaction and disappointing at SSE customer services and their failure to put in place systems whereby I can communicate with them in a timely fashion which doesn’t require the use of an open forum!!