SSE to OVO - Why is the name on my account wrong? Is this why I can't register for an online account?

  • 4 July 2022
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I am 92 and having trouble registering.  It asks for details and then say something is missing.  My bill is just in the name MR & mrs, so it doesn’t like it when I put my first name in.


I am a bit deaf so can’t hear when I phone ..  I want to be able to pay my bill.


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8 replies

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Hi @Payner and welcome to the OVO online community,


It sounds like you’re having trouble getting logged in to your online account. Has your account recently joined us from SSE?


If so it sounds like we might need to update the account details there to make sure your full names are registered and you’ve got an email address logged which will give you to access your account and enable you to make payments online. As you mention some hearing difficulties I’m wondering whether you might find it easier to use our Webchat to reach the Support Team. You can find this by clicking ‘Message Us’ on this page. You might also want to double-check that you’ve been added to our ‘Priority Services Register’, a free service which makes sure we offer additional support if you might need it.


Let us know if you need any more help getting things back on track.

I tried the messaging.  They kept on saying they were too busy and to ring… but I can’t hear.  Then they said did I want to complain


i just want to register on line as I am 92 and can’t get out to pay my bill


Still trying to chat on line.  Going round in lot of circles.


I just want to register on line so I can pay


i am 92


I have complained now.  I don’t know what else to do.  You tell me to messages, I Do that and you tell me to ring.  I tell your message people I am deaf and go round and round.

I was a sse customer.  I want to register on line so I can pay.  I can’t get out to pay and I cant hear if I try to pay using the phone line.  


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I’m so very sorry to hear of the issues you’ve had getting through to us via online chat.


We’re seeing very high volumes of people contact us at the moment. It sounds like you reached out to us during a busy period and this is not a good experience you’ve described. 


My advice now is to wait for your complaint to be picked up and someone will contact you, take down your details and get that new account updated with your details. When they ring, you can provide your payment details or even submit this yourself via the online account when its created. That way you won’t need to get out to make any payments and you can see everything in one place online.


Feel free to come back to us here if this isn’t sorted by this time next week. We can offer to take a look to make sure that complaint is going to be looked at. 

I don’t think you have read the thread or my complaint.

I am hard of hearing, so can’t hear when people ring

my issues are not being able to register - so my on line account doesn’t work. So I can’t use the on line account


I have managed to speak on line to one of your team this morning who said they would pass me on to the customer services team… they said they would hand me over a couple of hours ago

Now the messaging has just stopped working for me … so after hours of waiting I never got through.



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Our Forum_Support team have just sent you a private message to offer some help, @Payner - hope this gets resolved quickly for you!