Previous tenant didn't close account

I moved into a new home supplied by OVO and when I phoned to set up an electricity account I was told this was impossible as the previous tenant hadn’t correctly closed their account.

I don’t see why problems with a previous tenant’s account should affect a new tenant?


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It can still be done over the phone, but may take longer as the existing account needs to be moved out of the way first 

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Hey @Gezz,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, 


The previous tenant not closing their account shouldn’t affect you setting up a new one, so I’m wondering if potentially there is a tech issue here? 


Have you tried to set up your new account online? Once you put in your new address details the website will recognise we already supply your new home and give you a quote based on the usage figures we have for the property. 


We have a helpful guide on this topic:



I asked the question above based on my latest phonecall to OVO but I’ve no idea what’s actually stopping me getting an account. I've had many communications with OVO by chat, phone, and email and have sent meter readings and meter photos. I only came to the forum as a last resort as I wasn't getting anywhere in setting up an OVO account.

I tried getting an online quote but just get the "Oops" message and told to phone.


Brief history
1. The flat I moved into has a legacy SSE Horstmann Radio Telemeter with two MPANs and three rates. This has to be supplied by OVO but nobody told me.
2. I thought the database showed British Gas as supplier so asked them to set up an account and they agreed.
3. OVO or BG should have advised me the switch was not technically possible as BG are unable to supply this meter but both failed to do so.
4. After some time and with the help of the Energy Ombudsman I was able to get the supply switched back to OVO on the basis that the switch to BG was an Erroneous Transfer.
5. I've tried to set up an OVO account but have been unable to do so. 
6. I have been taking meter readings all the way through so my account can be backdated and I I'll pay any money owed. 

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Hey @Gezz,


That sounds like a very complex situation, 


I wonder if you were actually with SSE when you moved in. The complex meter set up you have may not have been ready to be migrated across to OVO? I know that with some complex set ups, they are yet to be migrated over. We have an FAQ that may have some helpful information:



Another thought is perhaps the erroneous transfer is still underway and the supply hasn’t fully been returned to OVO yet?


I really hope you get some clarity soon.