OVO - you only had one job

  • 18 May 2023
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Open letter to OVO - you don’t generate electricity, you don’t fiddle with wires - you just have one job: you take a meter reading, subtract the previous reading and multiply the result by the unit cost - a Windows 95 computer could do that with 100% precision - so why can’t you?

I was an SSE customer who got switched to OVO, I don’t like the company and am switching away.

OVO have made a total mess of my final bills, I supplied final electricity and gas readings and within hours the final electricty bill appeared on my account, I paid the final electricity bill to put my account balance to zero, however, there was no gas bill and the system reported that no reading was given.

I phoned again and gave the final gas reading and within hours the final gas bill appeared so I paid that and once again my account balance was zero so I cancelled the DD because I knew OVO would take the next months payment and then take 2 weeks to refund me.

Two days later I get a message from the collections team that I owe money and when I check my account theres a £5.96 debit. Rather than spend hours waiting on the phone to OVO I have paid it and once again my account is at zero - hopefully it will stay that way.

- AS I said - OVO you only had one job - I see from the Ofgem ruling that you are having to pay compensation to customers you over-charged - perhaps it’s time you switched business - or buy a Windows 95 PC !!!

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Hey @ktmbiker58,


Sorry to hear of your billing issue with OVO,


It sounds like your final bill from gas may have been regenerated or the previous statement wasn’t until the final reading. It may also have been that the meter reading SSE used to close your account was altered and there was a ‘balance adjustment’. Are you able to log into your Online Account and download your final statements? These should show the readings your account was closed to and any outstanding balances. You can download the bills as PDFs. 


You can upload screenshots to the Forum and we can take a look if that would help? Please don’t include any personal data though.


We don’t have access to your account here on the Forum so all we can do is provide possible explanations based on the information you’ve provided. 


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