OVO Bungling Home Move - Why have I been charged after I closed my account?

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi all,

Firstly I am sorry for posting this here but I have met with silence or obstructionism from OVO every step of the way in this and am not being taken seriously at all. I wondered if anyone had any similar experiences to the below or - if OVO read this - someone could actually action these problems. 

I was a customer of OVO at a property I lived in until 6 August 2021. I gave OVO notice of my intended move out. I then, on 6 August, gave them final readings and did all the account closing items on the online system. I had around £500 overpayments in my account.

Until recently I had heard nothing from OVO despite several chasers. Eventually, on 7 September I received an email saying my account was closed on 6 August and my refund was being returned. 

However, on 17 September I received emails from OVO to say they had signed me up for an open ended variable gas and electricity contract - not saying which property it was for. I point out at this stage that I have no OVO contract now, since 6 August, or an intention of ever using them again as - frankly - they are useless as this shows. I called OVO and, after over 40 mins on hold, was told that they didnt understand why this had happened but they would check and call me back. No call back was ever received. 

Now, today, I have received a bill from OVO for the period through to 19 August 2021 (two weeks after I left the property) for £96.

This is now an absolute joke but no one at OVO seems to be taking this seriously and I cant seem to get away from them. I have moved out of the property and paid up to the end of my occupation. Anything else surely ought to be for the new occupier.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of behaviour from OVO? Does anyone have any tips as to how to get these people to take notice? Whenever you finally get through on the phones (if you have the better part of an hour to sit on hold) the customer services operators seem to have no idea what they are doing at all and - despite being told this was sorted - it is now the case that I am being billed for a property I dont occupy so clearly nothing is being done.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant but OVO do, after all, encourage you to use this forum.


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Hi @TurnockNRG .

Welcome to the forum. This is indeed the perfect place to get help with these things.

I don’t think I’ve come across this on the forum before and I’m really sorry to hear of the trouble. As a forum volunteer, I can’t access your old account but I do know of something that can help.

Have you tried OVO’s Complaints Process yet? If you haven’t, I definitely would recommend it as it’s probably the fastest way you’ll be able to get this resolved. Once you use this, you should get a response within two working days and hopefully a resolution within ten. It’s usually a lot faster though and should be a fairly quick option in this case.

The team will be happy to take a look, but the Energy Ombudsman can step in if you get completely stuck.

Hope this helps!

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I’m really sorry to hear of the billing error which has occurred since you moved out and closed your OVO account, @TurnockNRG.


Usually when you register your home move via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) this would trigger a final statement to be issued within 4 weeks of the move-out date. So it sounds like something’s gone wrong if you’ve noticed charges or a tariff which has been applied to your account after the date you told us you were leaving.


I’m hoping the Support team has already managed to get to the bottom of this and get these charges reversed but if not it’s worth raising this as a formal complaint, as our community volunteer, @Blastoise186, has wisely suggested. We have a really thorough complaints procedure here which aims to reach a fair resolution to any issues you might have faced and will ensure we’re able to take on monitor and improve any common issues.


Once again - sorry that this hasn’t been the smoothest journey for you.