Moving into a property supplied by OVO and I want to change supplier, how can I provide the move-in meter reading?

  • 24 April 2020
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I bought a property that is supplied by OVO and I initiated switch to another supplier. Do i need to submit the meter reading from when I moved in to OVO? If so, how can I do that if I don’t want to set up an account with OVO given I am switching to be another supplier?


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Hello @Petra100 

It would be best if you provide meter readings to your new supplier and OVO. Best thing to do is provide the meter readings. 

You send send your details to the team on FacebookTwitter and the Help centre,


Let us know how you get on


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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great that you’ve already taken your opening meter readings. In order to get these logged you’ll need to set-up an account with us, as we’re currently supplying the energy there. Even if you’re planning on switching suppliers we’ll need a temporary account created in order to cover the period before your switch. When we create your account we’ll check the date you moved in and the meter readings on this date (unless you’ve got a smart meter) and create you an account starting from this point. 


As you’re planning a switch away, you can set up an account on our Simpler Energy plan, there’s no exit fees or fixed length involved in this one. You’ll receive a final statement which covers the time between your move-in and your switch day around 6 weeks after you leave. The easiest way to check your charges and make a final payment is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android)


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide, and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


Thanks a lot Both for your help!


one quick further question: how can I set up an account without selecting a plan? I do not want to enter a one or two year agreement as i’m in the process of switching supplier.

thanks in advance


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Hey @Petra100,

Pick the ‘Simpler’ plan. This one has no fixed term and no exit fees. It’s basically a rolling tariff that you can cancel at anytime.

Hope this helps!

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Just note @Petra100 that all aspects of the switch are handled by the Receiving Supplier.

Once you’ve agreed the opening readings for your OVO Simpler Plan, you should deal only with your new chosen supplier and not try to act as the middle-man in the switching process.

There’s loads of stuff that goes on in the background in a number of steps defined by Ofgem, the industry regulator. These include the statutory 14-day “cooling off period” to comply with the Financial Services Act.

Just allow the process to work its way forward, and feel free to post again here if you need any further clarifications.

I have recently moved to a house that has Ovo as the supplier and i want to switch to Bulb but i got sent this email:

We've tried to bring your electricity over to Bulb, but your current supplier has stopped it from going through. This usually happens because your account has some debt with them. You need to pay this off before you can switch.

Please could you contact your old supplier to find out why? We'll try to switch your electricity to Bulb again tomorrow. So best to contact them before then.

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Hey @LFCJAYE9193 ! :)


We’ll object to a switch if there isn’t an active account for the liable tenant. You’ll need to get an account set up with us, and then once your account is open and active you can then start the switch process again. 


Use this link to get your account set up. I’d recommend selecting our Simpler tariff so you’re not charged exit fees when you leave.

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Remember, @LFCJAYE9193 - you’re not liable for usage before you moved in!

If there’s any discrepancy, then OVO will need to bill the previous tenant. Don’t worry about the mechanics of this. It’s relatively easy to resolve because that tenant will have been an OVO customer, and you’ll be one for a short while too. There’s no other Energy Supplier involved in sorting that out!