Moving Home - How do I close my SSE account and set-up an OVO account at my new address?

  • 5 July 2022
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This might be bit confusing but here goes.

I had an SSE supply in my old flat. On 14 June I requested a home move to my new property. I received the documents via email, however, I have received no notification that it’s been completed. When I got in touch, they advised that I need to complete a new, OVO energy moving in form. I’ve done this, to no avail, no confirmation emails, no emails. 


I’ve also requested a move out from my old property on my online account yet it is still showing my old property (official move out date was July 1st).

So I’m not sure what’s going on and worried that I’m still paying for my old property‘s electricity and I’m not being billed for my new property.


Any advice?


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Hi @reubenoconnell and thanks for posting. It’s a bit of a puzzle that isn’t it!


Let’s split it up into two requirements: the closing of your old SSE account (1), and the opening of your new OVO account at the new place (2).


  1. SSE will be the ones to contact about that old account. They’ve got a web page here about it. It’s been been 5 days since that move so I would give them a bit more time to close the account. If in doubt, cancel any payment arrangements with them so you’re not exposed to an unexpected delay. I’m confident they will close your account and refund and remaining credit to the bank account registered over the coming days.  
  2. If the supply at the new place has been moved to OVO, that’s the supplier for you. We’ve got a guide on what to do when moving into an OVO home here. The advice that’s specific to you is: 
    • You can set up an account online here or by giving the Support Team a call. We’ll ask for a few personal details such as a full name, date of birth and contact details. This allows us to check these details for security purposes when discussing the account with you in future. 
    • Once you’ve completed the account set-up, you’ll receive a confirmation email confirming your new account and plan details within 5 days. At this point you’ll be able to access your sparkling new online account…

As those 5 days time frame has long since passed, I’d recommend you chase this up via online chat. You can even link them to this topic to save you having to explain anything!


Hope this helps,