Moving from SSE to OVO - will my smart meter and In Home Display (IHD) still work?

  • 25 October 2021
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Moving from SSE to OVO - will my smart meter and In Home Display (IHD) still work?
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Joining OVO with a smart meter


Will your smart meters work when you switch to OVO?


Yes! If you have a SMETS1 enrolled, or a SMETS2 meter installed by SSE, it will keep working and sending readings when you move to OVO.


Will I be able to get a smart meter with OVO?


We love smart meters here at OVO. And our engineers would be delighted to install them for you. To book your appointment, just login to your online account, and choose a date and time that suits you. If it's your first time logging in, just click here and follow the few simple steps to activate your account.

We’ll also contact you about getting a smart meter once you’re with us. You can read more about the benefits of smart meters. Or find out more about the installation process.


How do I book a smart meter appointment with OVO? 


Booking a smart meter appointment is quick and easy, and we'd be happy to install one for you. Just head to your online account, or click here. Then pick a date and time for your appointment within the next eight weeks that suits you.

If you haven’t activated your online account yet, just enter your email address here and follow the few simple steps.



That covers your move from SSE to OVO with smart meters. Have we missed anything? Ask the community with a comment below!

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