Moving from SSE to OVO - Who can I get in touch with for help and support about my move to OVO?

  • 18 October 2021
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Moving from SSE to OVO - Who can I get in touch with for help and support about my move to OVO?
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What’s the best way to reach out to OVO?


If you’ve got any questions about your move to OVO Energy we’ve got you covered. You can:

  • Have a look at our Help Section either on the website or in your online account
  • Dive into over a thousand topics and join the conversation on this community-powered OVO Forum
  • Talk to us on our online chat here
  • Email us at hello@ovoenergy.com
  • Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team on 0345 0260 712.


Who do I contact in an emergency?


If you have an emergency with your gas, please call the 24-hour National Gas Emergency hotline on 0800 111 999. Remember to check your gas appliances are switched off, and to open your doors and windows to let the gas escape. For more information, have a look at our full guide to emergencies here.


How can I make a complaint?


If you’ve got a complaint about your move to OVO, we’re very sorry. And we’d like to hear about it. Take a look at our feedback page, and get in touch with us by email, post or over the phone. We’re happy to help. And improve.


How do I let OVO know I’m moving home?


Moving home is exciting! But it can also be stressful. So we've made it as simple as possible for you to let us know when you’re moving. If you’ve got an online account with us, just head there, click on the ‘Moving Home’ tab, and let us know the details of your new home. We’ll take it from there.

If you haven’t got an online account, set one up today, or give us a ring on 0345 0260 712 and let us know about your move.


I get my communications in an alternative form (e.g braille, large print). Will this still happen?


It will indeed. At OVO, we support the communication needs you had at SSE. This includes printing our letters in large print, black and white, braille, and sending as audio.


If you feel you need extra support from us, you’re able to sign up for the Priority Services Register (PSR), or give us a call on 0345 0260 712 and speak to one our friendly team.


Any more questions?

Check out our full FAQs here!


We hope this helps, but if we’ve missed anything, just let us know with a comment below! 

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Good afternoon, on the 19th of July I've received a letter from OVO Energy addressed to the "Occupier of Flat XXXX - my current address". 

The letter says that my latest energy bill covering from 28th September 2021 to 27th June 2022, has a final balance of 97.16 pounds, which I should pay within 14 days. 

Now the problem is that I do not have an account with OVO, but with SSE: I've been paying them for electricity and gas since October 2021 when I moved into this apartment. 

So I don't understand where this outstanding balance is coming from. 

I've tried to contact OVO’s customer number (08000699831) SEVEN times this morning, unable to get any explanation: the line would cut off after a few minutes and I had to call back again and again repeating the same thing to new operators over and over. 

The whole experience has been extremely frustrating,  and useless since no one has been able to give me an appropriate answer. 

I gave up after the last attempt when I was left on hold for 20 minutes before the line was cut. 


Any advices on what should I do? 

I don’t see why I should pay this, since I’ve already paid for my gas/energy usage SSE.. but if I don’t pay within 14 days, what will happen? 


Any advice is more than welcome,





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Hi @Giacomo and Welcome to the OVO online community,


Firstly I’m so sorry to hear of the confusion surrounding this Occupier letter you’ve received and the difficulty you’ve had when trying to contact the team.


Just to clarify, as you mention setting up an account with SSE when you first moved, Have you double-checked that your SSE account started on the date you moved in? I’m wondering if there may have been an existing OVO account at the address which might explain this letter.


If you haven’t already I’d recommend reaching out to our general Support Team (the number you’ve contacted is for our Collections Team) who might be able to take a closer look at the dates on this account. You can find the best contact channels for the team here.


Let us know how you get on - I’m hoping the team are able to put things right ASAP.

Thanks for the reply @Jess_OVO , yes I've already contacted the number you've mentioned, and I've been redirected to the **9831. 

I've also sent an email, but I've just received a reply saying that my email won't be addressed since my address is not registered with OVO.. which is exactly why I'm trying to get in contact in the first place! 


Who should I contact to sort this issue? 

What will happen if the amount is not paid by 14 days? 

It seems like it has been charged monthly assuming that the apartment was unoccupied, which obviously wasn't so.. I really don't know what to do. 

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I’m so sorry for the confusion there, @Giacomo.


As it’s a bit tricky to advise on the next best steps without checking exactly what’s happened on the account, I’m going to arrange for us to collect some details via a Private Message here. You can view and respond to this message by heading to the top right-hand corner of any forum page.


I hope we can help get things back on track.

Advice please as this is my first rental home.

From December to march I paid £294 which seems about right. However from march to June I paid £800, from July to august it’s £1,200!!!!. It’s a 2 bedroom flat, with 2 adults who leave the house at 6am and don’t get back from work till 7pm. I’ve been trying to contact someone for a while 2 weeks and no one is interested in speaking to me. I would never come to a forum to seek advice but I am really concerned and upset about the whole situation. Is there a complaints team or does anyone have a direct number that I can speak to someone normal who doesn’t keep me on the phone for 30 minutes trying to find out my blood type to log onto my account. 

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I found that using the online chat on the OVO website is a fairly effective way of getting through to customer services. You'll need your account number so they can get your information.

Bless you thank you. I will try that tonight now, the what’s app chat I was going round and round in circles 

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Hi AnnabelleAlice006,


Thanks for contacting us with your query today. I can see you’re discussing an SSE bill, have you migrated over to OVO yet? If so you should have received a welcome email with your new account number.  We have a great guide which might help answer some questions about the migration from SSE here.


If your account is still with SSE and you wish to discuss your billing further, you’ll need to contact them directly. I’m really sorry you’ve had issues getting in touch with them.


Have you tried logging in to your online account? This may give you clues as to why your payments have increased. If you’re on a variable contract the price cap increased in April, and will do so again in October. There is loads of helpful information explaining the price cap increases and what this means for customers on our website. 


It could also be that your meter readings have caused a spike in usage. If for example, your previous bills were estimated and you submitted a reading in August that was higher than SSE’s estimates, this could result in a ‘catch up bill’. 


As you can imagine we’re only making some best guess suggestions here as we don’t have access to your account. Hopefully you’ve found that helpful. 


Hi Tim,

so are you saying this is not to do with OVO? as every time I call SSE I get diverted to OVO? Please urgently advise 

So, I have seen many questions and complaints on here about transfers from SSE to OVO. In January of this year I was informed my gas account with SSE was closing and the credit balance would be sent back to my bank account....what I asked was going on. I was told it was closed in error and would be re instated. The electric was then feb/march time transferred to OVO. The gas account? I did not get a bill for my gas until May when I had already given up and shut down the DD. I had repeated phone calls to SSE from January onwards, many times, about the issues. It took me over an hour to get through sometimes. I even had whatsapp messages back and forth. To no avail. It was a ridiculous situation....I gave up and went to the ombudsman. However I will say that through all this OVO quickly got on with electric processing albeit that I give them a reading each month. I have refused a smart meter at present.....in honesty they are not that smart!

The ombudsman slowly sorted out the SSE issues, apparently I should see a difference in my bill after 12th Oct.....however they still havent transferred/migrated the gas over. Something I know that can be done on an emergency run. I have dealt with migrations before myself.  They say however they cannot give me a date. OVO have said they cannot request the data!! I feel they would request it quickly if it was coming across from British Gas or another company!!

Anyway, hopefully most of my gas account issues will be sorted shortly and perhaps transfer too. One final thought....will I end up with two £66 payments in October??😂 


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Hey @Vicks,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


I’m glad OFGEM are sorting it out and hopefully your gas supply will also be migrated across shortly. 


Here is all the latest information about the Energy Bills Support Scheme and how it will be paid. It is money off your electricity bill, so will be paid by OVO.


Hope this helps. 

Why i can not seding reading meter??

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I’m really sorry but your question doesn’t make it clear what you need help with. Please can you explain again with more details?

Ovo energy and SsE is the last company ... i dont want be anymore with that suplier. Its more than 3 mounth and they not solved my problem.. 👎👎 negative feedback for you. 

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I’m actually an independent volunteer. I don’t work for OVO or SSE myself and I can’t access your account. However, I am trusted by the community and can give you advice that might help to solve your problem.

What is it you were having problems with? If it’s something I can help with or give advice on, I will.

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Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


Are you trying to submit a meter reading online? If so can you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing? 


If not, can you please provide more information about the issue you are encountering so we can assist you.


Hope this helps. 

how can I register from sse to ovo
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Hi @Anisoara Turcanu ,

I’m Blastoise186 and I’m one of the trusted forum volunteers on the OVO Forum.

I think you’re asking about the best way to switch from SSE to OVO, is that right?

If that’s your question, then my advice would be to allow your account to migrate to OVO automatically, which should happen within the next six months or so. Not only does this bring your account balance over, but OVO will also honour any fixed rate deals you have for the remainder of the term. It’s the easiest way to get your account moved over.

At the moment, I wouldn’t recommend switching manually though, especially for an SSE → OVO switch.

If that’s not the question or you need any other advice, feel free to reply to this thread again and I’ll stop by when I can.


I cannot get hold of sse. Maybe best place to get help.

Electric supply started on 06/09/2022


We have just received a bill for £2156 even though we are on a payg meter and are £80+ in credit. Any suggestions as I'm panicking a heck of a lot here!!! Can't get through to sse to get help

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Did you open a new account when you moved in?

Yes, new account set up.

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Can you check if the meter readings on the bill make any sense compared to the readings on the meter now? Could the bill be related to the previous residents usage?

We don't have meter readings, we are pay as you go top up  the bill is a final bill for some reason 

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You may have been down this route already but check the customer support phone line hours here:

Smart Pay As You Go meter enquiries

Check our opening hours to see when we're available

0345 026 0677

That’s from the SSE website…

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Hi @Tonyleeb and thanks for flagging this. It must be a big shock but I’m confident it’s not anything you should worry about. 


If you’ve been paying for your energy via a prepayment method, there shouldn’t be any debt built up. Please contact SSE’s Pay as you go team using the details noted by Julia. They also have quick response times on Facebook and Twitter