Moving from SSE to OVO - what tariff will I be on with OVO?

  • 20 October 2021
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Moving from SSE to OVO - what tariff will I be on with OVO?
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Energy Plans Explained


Here’s our FAQs on energy plans, to see all our FAQs on SSE joining the OVO family, click here


What will happen to my fixed plan?


If you’re on one of SSE's fixed term plans, it will be carried over to OVO. You can find the terms and conditions for your plan here.


What happens when my fixed contract ends?


We’ll write to you six weeks before your contract is due to end. We’ll show you our current plans, and give details on how you can fix your prices with us again. Our fixed plans are easy to sign up to from your online account.

Haven't logged into your online account? Activate yours today in just a few clicks.


What energy plans do OVO offer?


If you’re on a fixed SSE plan, this will move over with you to your new OVO account. It will keep going until your expected plan end date. But at OVO we also offer a selection of fixed contract and variable plans to suit your needs.

Our 1 and 2-Year Fixed Plans protect you against price hikes. Our Better Smart plan brings you all the goodness of a smart meter, like more accurate bills, along with the security of a fixed price for the year. And, with our more flexible plan, Simple Energy, you won’t be tied into a contract.

Will I still be protected from Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap?


Yes, the Ofgem Energy Price Cap applies to all energy suppliers, including SSE and OVO. This helps make things fair for everyone, by setting an upper limit on prices for variable plans (where your prices may go up or down). Ofgem reviews the Energy Price Cap every six months, checking for changes in the cost of generating and distributing energy. They raise or lower the Energy Price Cap in October and April to make sure any changes to these wholesale energy costs are passed on to energy users in a fair way.

Whether you’re with SSE or OVO you’ll have the same protection from the Energy Price Cap.

There are lots of ways we can support you if you're struggling to pay for your energy: visit our online Help Centre or get in touch with us – and together we’ll find the right solution for you:

Call us on 0800 0699 831 (8am-6pm Mon-Fri)
Message us on Twitter
If you’d like extra advice or free, independent support, these organisations can help too:

Citizens Advice – for advice and info on debt, visit their website or call their helpline on 0808 223 1133
The Centre for Sustainable Energy – for advice on saving energy, call them on 0800 408 6601, or email ovo@cse.org.uk


I’m on a variable plan with SSE. Will my prices change with OVO like they do with SSE?


Yes, they will. And here’s why…

In the energy industry, variable rate plans are a great way to pay for your energy without being tied into a contract. The price of the energy you pay fluctuates according to the wholesale cost of energy across the entire market. Which means the prices may go up or down.

Every six months, the energy regulator Ofgem reviews the price of energy in the market and amends their price cap accordingly to account for increases or decreases in the cost of energy. But, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. If there's ever a change in your prices, we’ll get in touch around three to four weeks in advance to let you know, and explain your options.

You can read more about our variable rate plans in our detailed guide here. Any price changes in the future will not be related to your move from SSE to OVO Energy.

If you have questions about a price change, we're here to support you. Head over to our website to find out how we can help.


I’m on the Warm Home Discount. Will that continue with OVO?


Absolutely! There's no need to worry. If you've already applied for the Warm Home Discount, your application will carry on as normal.


Will my terms and conditions be different with OVO?


If you’re on a fixed SSE plan, you’ll stay on this plan, with the same terms and conditions, until this contract ends.

If you’re on a variable plan, you’ll have new terms and conditions, (even though your prices won't be affected). We’ll send these before you move to OVO. They’ll include all the information you need about your plan and contract.


Will what's happening in the energy market affect me?


We realise there’s a lot in the news about the energy industry. We’ve taken lots of steps to make sure your winter supply will be uninterrupted, and OVO Energy's in a stable position. Your energy supply is safe and secure and you don’t need to do a thing.

Click here to read our FAQs. We’re here to reassure you.


To see all our FAQs on SSE joining the OVO family, click here. Have we missed anything? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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I’ve been moved to OVO from SSE but have been told I can not use the OVO Drive tariff as I don’t have gas. We have no mains gas in our area and no prospect of getting it. How can you encourage greener energy use yet discourage those who don’t have access to gas?

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Firstly, Welcome to OVO and to our online community, @Mrs_M!


Great to see some newly transferred SSE customers popping up here asking some really important questions about the plans available with OVO. It’s worth mentioning that when you first join us your fixed SSE plan won’t change, however when you come to renew you’ll be offered the OVO plans that you’re eligible for instead.


We fully take on board your comments about the availability our current EV plan, OVO Drive. It’s something that has been discussed here previously - We’re only able to offer OVO Drive as a dual-fuel plan at the moment to ensure this is commercially sustainable. We’re hoping this could be extended in future as we’re keen to increase our support of our EV members. If you haven’t already why not check out our EV Review Topic Hub where other EV members have shared their thoughts on their EV wheels :oncoming_automobile::



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