I've received a grossly miscalculated final bill after moving in to a house that OVO supplied! - How can I lodge this billing complaint?

  • 8 November 2021
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Headline- Ovo are trying to charge me £400 for a bill covering a 2 week period. 

I moved into my flat in September 2020 and changed energy supply to Eon straight away

It came to light in September 2021 that the supply wasn’t transferred until 2 weeks after I moved in and I started receiving demands for payment…. A full year after I moved in. 

For that two week period Ovo energy are demanding £390….

I have supplied all the necessary evidence for a correct bill to be issued but have been met by a wall of silence hello@ovo, collections@ovo and the customer service team 

To date I have spent 15 hours on the phone trying to get this resolved but every agent I have spoken to has either not been able to contact the relevant department or has not been able to help 

Despite being assured multiple times (these calls are recorded ovo, I suggest you listen back) that demands for payment would be put on hold until this was properly investigated I was today served a final notice of default. This means I have 30 days to pay this grossly miscalculated bill or I will be taken to court 

what are you playing at OVO? 

I received none of the calls backs I’ve been promised in the last month and none of my emails have been answered so I guess the only way to get your attention is to publicly shame you here? 




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Hi @Rachael52 ,

Sorry to hear of the trouble. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do to help with this as a forum volunteer since this is very account specific. However, it’s worth noting that public shaming doesn’t really work on this forum, since your thread will only get buried eventually anyway.

What this forum can do however, is more powerful than that since it’s community based and volunteer led. I’ve placed a flag on this thread so that @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO are notified that this thread needs their attention, since they might be able to help. Please hang in there for now and we’ll keep you posted with any updates.


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Welcome to the forum.

If you genuinely believe that you have been treated badly I would suggest making a formal complaint. As @Blastoise186 says its hard to solve specific customer service issues on a discussion forum,

Ofgem have some good resources on how to do this:

Good Luck!

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I’m so sorry to hear of your unresolved billing complaint, @Rachael52 .


As our community members have already advised this is best directed to our Support Team channels, who’ll be able to discuss and escalate your complaint if you’re not happy with the amount you’ve been charged when moving into a house we supplied. They’ll also be able to access the details of your account to confirm we’ve used the correct readings for the date you moved in and the final readings match those used to open your account with your new supplier. 


There’s a full run-down of our Complaints procedure here.


I’m hoping this helps get things resolved. :slight_smile: