I've moved out and the account is in debit - how is the final payment taken?

I have moved house and Ovo have received details and my account is showing that the final reading has been taken. It looks like I am in debit, and so owe Ovo money. Will this be taken as a final direct debit, or will I get another correspondence asking for money?

I'm not disputing the money owed, I just want to understand how it will be taken.

I am in temporary accommodation so haven't been able to take Ovo with me as a supplier ie the money does need to be paid.

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Thanks for letting us know you’ve moved home.


If you haven’t already it’s worth making sure this is registered on your account so we can issue your final statement which covers your usage up until the date you moved out. The easiest way to do this is via your online account OVO app (download for Android or iOS). Just click on the ‘Moving Home’ menu option:


Exact appearance may vary


We’d recommend taking a meter reading on the date you, move but if you’ve forgotten this may also be taken from a smart meter or submitted by the new occupier. We’ll then issue your final statement within 4 weeks of the move out date, which will confirm the final account balance.

If this final balance is a debit balance, as in your case, your Direct Debit arrangement will continue at the same level until the balance is cleared at which point the arrangement will be automatically cancelled. Your online account remains active so you’ll be able to keep an eye on the remaining balance and the payments outstanding.


Alternatively you can make a one-off card payment to clear the balance in one go. Just head over to the ‘Payments’ page and choose ‘Make a top-up payment’:


Exact appearance may vary

If a one-off payment or Direct Debit payments at your existing level pose an affordability risk - reach out to our Support Team. We’re able to spread out your repayment period to allow lower monthly payments if necessary.

Sorry to hear you’re not currently able to choose a switch back to OVO - find out more about what to consider with your energy account when you move on this great guide.

Hope the move went well.:slight_smile::house:

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Hi Eva,
Thanks for replying.
I receive emails from Ovo no problem (none go into junk), but no emails about what I need to discuss with them...
I have left Ovo (moved abroad) and provided final readings but I seem unable to close my account. Pretty sure of I was in debit and not credit there would be a response chasing me for the cash.
So its definitely not 48 hrs, I am over 2 weeks from first email and a week since last email. No human response at all, just an automated email.
Pretty shoddy really 😞
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It's strange you haven't received a reply yet, @Nandrews, but I'd recommend trying again - you'll receive an automated email back if your email has been sent to us successfully.

In the mean time, check out this topic - @Transparent's best answer should give you the information you need.

Hi Eva, thanks.
I did send the email again 2 days ago and got the automated response so I know they have it.
I have heard nothing.
Now I am glad I have left Ovo because it seems there is no customer service at all.
The only person that has replied to anything is you via the forum. I would have thought, as own the Community they could figure out who I am, if they could be bothered.
I will leave it for a few weeks and try again. It is a joke really.
Not sure what use the link re Transparent was for as there was nothing there that would help, although I didn't click on the next page as I will be searching for something that I am not sure what it is. I just want Ovo to respond to my emails - as a moderator of the Community could you just ask them!?
Thanks for your time.
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Really sorry to hear this, @Nandrews. We appreciate your honest feedback, though.

The only thing I can think of that would prevent the team from replying is if you've sent an email from an address that's not registered on your OVO account. If so, it wouldn't have passed the necessary Data Protection check.
Hi Nancy,
Thank you for replying.
I have only registered one email address with Ovo, the one that I receive the "thank you for your meter readings" to. I get those.
No, either my emails are being spammed Ovo side or they just cannot be bothered.
Now 4 days since my 3rd email, three weeks in total for 3 emails.
Not improving is it?
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Let us chase this up for you, @Nandrews. Send the team on Facebook or Twitter a PM with your account number, full name and DoB and we can find out where these emails are going.
Thanks Nancy.
I decided to send in more (the same) final meter readings and do the moving out info again. This seemed to trigger a final bill showing a credit, but no mention or communication as to when or how I will get it.
I never did get any response from any of the emails, but perhaps now that's not important, assuming I get the credit paid back.
Hopefully the end will be soon on this.
(I don't use Facebook or Twitter, only email & LinkedIn, so could not contact Ovo that way anyway).
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Hi again, @Nandrews. The "Final Bill" is the clincher! I'm assuming that it does actually have the words Final Bill printed on it?

We may never know why there was a long delay in generating this. Occasionally a new owner/tenant moving into a house can muck things up for you by giving incorrect meter readings or switching Energy Suppliers and then cancelling again within the 14-day cooling-off period. This is frustrating, but out of OVO's hands.

All meter transfers and readings are logged by the National Database, ECOES. OVO must wait until they receive the correct Notification from ECOES before they can issue a Final Bill.

If your original DD-instruction is still "live" then OVO will credit your account automatically. If not, then I expect you'll receive a cheque in about one week's time.
Hi, it says "final statement", so same thing I hope. I have cancelled the DD because I didn't want to increase my credit, so I will need to somehow get my bank details to Ovo for them to credit me. Sending me a cheque isn't going to work as I am travelling for 6 months+ then leaving the UK. I will have to call I reckon, as emailing doesn't seem to work. What Ovo needs is a messaging system from within the logged-in account, so its secure. Interesting info re ECOES, but in this case the new tenant moved in at least 4 weeks after I left so my final bill should have been produced I would have thought? I'll call next week. Thank you.
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Yes, "Final Statement" is ok @Nandrews.

You can Private Message to the six Moderators from this Forum site if you want. They're the same team who handle all OVO's social media communications, so will be able to bounce your message straight to the relevant accounts person rather than you going through Customer Services.

For example, since @Nancy_OVO has been responding to you on this Thread, click on her name, which will open her Profile Page. Then click the Green Button that reads {Send Message}.

The Forum PM's are private to the recipient and can't be read by anyone else, even another Moderator. So it's a good way to send your bank details for the credit they owe you.
Great, thank you, I'll do just that.