I'm switching to OVO from People's Energy who've just announced they're no longer trading - Will my switch be affected?

  • 15 September 2021
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Thanks for getting back in touch, @anj747.


It’s worth double checking that your switch to OVO is still on track - just to confirm have you received an email from OVO confirming the exact switch over date yet? 

Thanks for getting back in touch, @anj747.


It’s worth double checking that your switch to OVO is still on track - just to confirm have you received an email from OVO confirming the exact switch over date yet? 

No, I received a “Welcome to OVO” email on the 7th of September which contained info on my plan, but no switch date. I have not received any other correspondence. I did send a support email on the 15th of September asking if my switch is progressing, but have not received a response.

Thanks Jess, talked to the support team and “apparently the industry has rejected the switch”. This despite me making the switch 7 days before People’s Energy announced they had ceased trading and the Ofgem website assuring customers that if they’ve already switched, it will go through. I had hoped to lock into a fixed 2 year tariff before the price hikes, but OVO support tell me there is nothing they can do. Oh well… :disappointed:

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Green are gone...

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Hey there @badgersmack ! Welcome to the OVO Forum. :)

I just want to give you a quick heads up that as a forum volunteer, I can’t access your account or make any changes to it. Please make sure to avoid posting personal info as this is a public forum and it might get leaked.

I think I know what’s going on here though. The full switch process usually takes around two weeks - have you had a welcome pack from OVO yet, such as via email? If so, that’s a good sign that the switch is definitely in progress and on track as requested - OVO would notify you directly if the switch fails for any reason. Even if you don’t yet have your account number, you can still get through via Live Chat (say no to the account holder question) or by phone and the Support Team can check the status of your switch. Your previous supplier does continue taking payments as normal during the process - the last one would be taken around the time you get the Final Bill/Statement (but would be substituted by a Final Refund if there’s any spare credit after paying off the Final Bill). It seems that’s what’s happening with Green in this case.

The old Direct Debit to Green Energy will become inactive once the Final Bill is paid off. I recommend leaving it open for now so that it’s easier to settle the bill (or refund) but you’ll be able to safely shut it down once that’s all been completed. Even if you don’t nuke it yourself, I suspect it will either get revoked by Green’s administrators or just left sitting there idle until someone revokes it.

From what you’ve described, it definitely seems as if OVO is making progress with getting you on-supply and setting up your account, but you need to use the First Time Logging In process to get your account up and running in MyOVO before any of the online features and OVO Energy app will work. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and you’ll be able to start exploring once you’re in.

As for the chatbot last week, that’s probably because you weren’t yet on-supply due to the two-week switch process and I think you might have been a bit too quick off the mark for it to have picked up your account. I would estimate that you’ll probably come on-supply with OVO sometime around the 1st October so things should start working around that point.

The fact that Green Energy went bust shouldn’t block your switch either - especially since you initiated the process before they activated the Ofgem SoLR process - and it should continue as normal. The only snag is that you might have a bit more fun than usual getting that Final Bill paid off and/or getting hold of that Final Refund, but either Green Energy, their administrators or the new supplier appointed via SoLR should be in touch about that in the next few weeks.

We’ll be here if you need a hand with anything else. Feel free to stop by anytime

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Great to hear your online account is already up and running, @badgersmack.


Just wanted to chip in hear with a bit of advice given the status of your previous supplier. The good news is the remaining credit balance on your account with them is protected by regulations from Ofgem and will be reimbursed, it may however take slightly longer to receive this refund than it would on a usual switch.


There’s more advice on the current energy market situation on our FAQs and recent Blog.


Hope this helps. :slight_smile: