I’m moving house - why can’t I take my OVO account with me to the new place?

  • 15 January 2018
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I’m moving house - why can’t I take my OVO account with me to the new place?
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Moving home can bring with it much unexpected admin - one thing you might not have been expecting to do is close down your OVO account.


Wondering why this isn’t something you can pack up and take with you to your new place?  -  Each OVO account is linked to the meter details at your home - when you move these details change so your account with us has to change too.


Closing your current OVO account


You can let us know that you’re moving on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) up to 28 days before your moving date. Simply select the ‘Moving Home’ menu option  -


Exact appearance may vary


We’ll then close your account on the date you enter here. If you don’t have a smart meter, don’t forget to check the meters as you leave and submit the final meter readings on the ‘Meter readings’ page. You’ll then receive a final statement covering the final energy used before your move within 4 weeks of the date you left.


Setting up a new account


The process for creating a new account varies slightly depending on who is currently suppling energy to your new home when you first move in. Check out this topic for some great advice in how to find out this info.


If we’re already the supplier - Happy days! You’ll just need to set up a new account by entering your details on our Moving Home page and we’ll set up an account from the date you moved in. Once again if there’s not smart meters at your new house - you’ll need to check the meter readings on your first day (or as close to it) so we can use these to start your account.


If we’re not the supplier already, there’s just a couple more steps to get you switched back. You’ll need to get in touch with the current supplier just to say you’ve moved in - they may ask for a set of meter readings and set up a temporary account for you to cover the time before you’re able to switch back. You can then check out our current plans and apply to re-join us here.


As it takes around 3 - 4 weeks for a change of supplier to complete, the cost of the energy you use during this time will be charged by the original supplier. They’ll send you a final statement within 6 weeks of the date you switched back to us. Check out our guide to joining OVO for more details about this process.


Need any more moving advice? - Check out our  ‘Moving home checklist’.


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


33 replies

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Hi @Nanna jue - I've moved your post onto this thread. You should find the information you need here!
HI - I'm stuck in a loop trying to tell Ovo that I'm moving house. The FAQs send me to MyOvo, but there's nothing in there telling you how to do it.

Please could someone tell me where it is?

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Take a look at the best answer for more info on this, @albeau. There's a Moving Home tab on My OVO - you can use this to let us know you're moving out.
I am 3 months into a 1 year fixed contract, I am due to move into my brothers place leaving the rented property vacant at the end of August, will I have to pay a penalty for leaving mid contract? Also how long does it take for my account to close and the money already in my account refunded to me? Thanks
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Hey @Stuartw,

You won't incur any exit fees, if you are moving out of the property, you can find all the info you need here.

Let our team know the date you're leaving the property and the readings on the day you leave, this will ensure your final statement is accurate. Your final statement will be issued within 48 hours of this and your subsequent refund will follow within 10 working days.

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat, or give them a call, you can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.

Hope this helps!

Moved to Scottish Power after house purchase via Uswitch. I am paying for energy to Scottish power but my wife keeps getting direct debit request from OVO.  Calling OVO is a waste of time as waiting time is never ending. Called many times  waited almost half an hour and gave up.  Don't know how to communicate this to OVO that we are not their customer anymore. I have some outstanding amount that I owe for around a month to OVO during the switch that I owe to OVO and would like to settle this.  Anyone has any advice?

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Hey @Bhundle, welcome to the forum!


If you were with us in your old home you’ll need to close your old account, this can be done by filling in this form.


We’ve been quite quiet all week wait times have rarely exceeded 5 minutes. Please ensure you’re calling the right number, the one you need is 0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!




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Erm… I’m a little surprised that the switch to Scottish Power is proceeding if there’s a remaining debt on the old OVO account, @Bhundle. This is one of the factors which usually stops your progress to the New Supplier.

If you’re receiving DD requests then I assume this is because you stopped the DD Mandate at your bank. Somehow you need to make a one-off payment to OVO in order to allow the switch to go unhindered.

You would normally do this by clicking the One-Off Payment option on your MyOVO page.

All aspects of a switch are handled solely by the Receiving Supplier. The Relinquishing Supplier (OVO in this case) receives Notifications from ECOES and Xoserve, who are the National Databases for electricity and gas meters respectively.