I just moved in and don't know who's my supplier - Is it OVO or BOOST?

  • 19 October 2021
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So, I moved in into this flat on 1/08/21 and started a contract with OVO. Now, even though I can see my account on OVO website with my energy usage and everything, BOOST is cutting out my power supply and I have to pay BOOST as well. Anyone has had the same experience? I really need advice on this.


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Hi there @Giorgio !

Uh oh, that’s not meant to be happening! You can’t normally switch from Boost to OVO directly if memory serves, but things may have changed since. I think there’s probably a solution though, especially as you switched when you moved in.

The best thing I can think of would be to chat with the Support Team at OVO first and ask them to investigate. They might be able to fix things up for you and get the meters to switch over to Credit Mode. In the meantime, I’d also suggest to carry on topping up with Boost to get the supply back on and keep it active while this gets looked into. You won’t be expected to pay twice and I would imagine you’ll be able to get a refund from one side or the other.

I’ll also see if I can ask @Jess_OVO for her thoughts as well, since we don’t tend to encounter this very often!

Could you also show us some photos of your meters please? This would definitely help us out as well.

Hi @Blastoise186,

thanks for the reply and the suggestions.

The point is that yesterday I had this problem with electricity and topped up, but today I do not have gas supply, so I am really confuse. If I top us, shouldn’t I have credit for both?


This are my meters. Other suggestions?


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No worries. Once you’re on Pay Monthly properly, a single bill will cover both gas and electric at the same time. But for Pay As You Go, they’re both separate so you’ll need to top up both meters individually and the credit balances are not shared between them.

It still seems as if your electricity might be off-supply. Did you run out of credit before topping it up? If so, I can give you the instructions on how to get it back on again (and also for the gas meter too).

To avoid this in future, you’ll definitely want to get onto Pay Monthly. The good news is that you have SMETS2 Smart Meters, so at least it won’t require a Meter Exchange.

That’s the point. I tried to set up a Pay Monthly account with OVO on August. The account should have been up and running on the 24th of August, but it wasn’t. I called OVO and they told me I couldn’t have a Pay Monthly account so they would bounce me back to Boost.

When nobody came back to me about it, I went on my OVO account and could log-in and see all my details, so I set up a Direct Debit and thought everything was fine. But now, when I call OVO they say I they cannot see my account fully and they bounce my call to BOOST, that cuts me off of power because I have to top up. That happened with electricity yesterday and gas today.

I can login and see my details on my OVO account, but I cannot on BOOSt, as you can see on the pictures.

BOOST stays like that for hours. Nobody in OVO seems capable to sort this out and it’s making me lose a lot of time to figure it out.


One question, the Jess_OVO you tagged, works for OVO and can help?


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That’s correct. Jess does indeed work for OVO. She’s one of the Community Moderators who helps to run the show along with Tim who looks after the place as the Community Manager. I can also call on their help for things that need some additional advice beyond what I can get to as a forum volunteer.

Thanks for the screenshots by the way. It definitely seems clear to me that your account is somehow stuck/trapped between the billing system for Boost and OVO’s legacy billing platform - which definitely shouldn’t be happening. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that the account on the Boost system is a dud that’s never going to function, while the one on OVO’s side appears to be active. But somehow, other parts of the account might be trapped in the other way round - especially the meters.

This is why I think Jess might be able to step in, at very least to see if she knows of anyone who can untangle these things and get it all working again.

Thank you again, @Blastoise186.

Regarding the gas, BOOST send out an engineer today and he changed my meter. He showed me that the gas meter is on credit and the electricity meter is on pay as you go, which is odd. He also told me that the meters aren’t communicating.

By the way, everytime I call OVO, they say they cannot help me and they bounce me to BOOST, but at this point I don’t get why my account on OVO is active and they cannot see it. I also remeber that OVO set up an appointment for an engineer to be here and check the meters, but the engineer never came.

Is this something you ever heard of before? Do you think it can be sorted swiflty? I am sorry about all the questions, but it is really causing me a lot of troubles and distress.

Tom contacted me, I really hope to sort this out. Should I have other questions, may I write to you again?

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No worries, that’s what we’re here for. You’re always welcome to ask for help here anytime. Forum volunteers such as myself can’t help with everything, but we’ll almost always at least be able to help you out somehow in a way that at least helps you to make progress.

One of my specialities is puzzle solving, which is my second favourite thing to do with OVO’s stuff - bug hunting is my favourite thing to do when I’m not on the forum. I knew I could break OVO’s stuff all the time, but I’ve honestly never seen anyone break it anywhere near as much as you’ve managed! I’m pretty impressed. Which also means to say that I’ve never seen anything like this before and I think this is an extremely rare edge case.

I suspect the reason OVO’s Support Team are redirecting you to Boost may well be related to the fact your account is somehow trapped between the two sides and they think you’re with Boost. It’s normal for the Support Teams on both sides to transfer you over to the other if you accidentally call the wrong team, but in this case the usual processes don’t exactly work because you seem to be on both sides at once… Which is supposed to be impossible.

It’s really hard for me to say how long it could take to fix, since I don’t work for OVO myself and don’t have access to anything beyond this forum. But what I will say is that I definitely agree that this really does need to be fixed sooner rather than later, before it causes more problems.

In fact, I’m seriously confused as to how your gas meter was in Credit Mode while the electric meter was in Prepayment Mode, which again is meant to be impossible with OVO and Boost outside of very, very specific circumstances - none of which are likely to apply to you without your knowledge. Given that you’re not supposed to be able to have your gas on Pay Monthly and electric on Pay As You Go at the same time… Something’s clearly gone a bit wrong. I almost wonder if your switch went through partially and then broke before it completed.

This is going to be an interesting puzzle to solve, that’s for sure.

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Actually… @Lukepeniket_OVO can I borrow your insights for a second? I have a feeling you might know something that could be useful.

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Hello @Blastoise186 and @Giorgio! This is a good one and I'm certain you’re correct in that the two systems cannot be mixed. 

In my short time installing on the OVO side if things it has only ever been either a full credit system (OVO) or a full paygo system (BOOST).

Im glad Tim has contacted you and hopefully should start you on the way.

As what's happend here I feel its possible that the accounts/meters have only partially swapped over and that'd why your in limbo.

As always you can always ask advice on here and apologies @Blastoise186 for being quiet recently!

@Blastoise186 and @Lukepeniket_OVO thank you again for all of this.

I just hope to have this sorted as soon as possible. Would you advise to deal with it over the phone or via e-mail? I’m asking because on one hand via e-mail would be easier to keep track of things, but over the phone would be maybe quickly?

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You’re welcome. I’d definitely want to see something like this fixed if it affected me as well.

Personally, I’d be tempted to suggest going in via email so that you have a written record and also lets you easily reference this forum thread. However, going in by phone might work if you mention this thread as well.

With that being said though, right now I think the best move would be to wait for either Tim or Jess to pick up on this thread in the morning, since they might have some more advice for you.

Will do. Even because I’ tired myself. @Blastoise186, I forgot to tell you that I love your nickname. Huge fan here, although favourite is Charizard.

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LIVE CHAT! I'm a massive fan of live chat with big companies! Its another alternative you could look into 😁

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Haha, you have no idea how many people say that exact thing! XD

Even one of the agents on OVO’s Support Team has said that as well when they wished me happy birthday a few months ago - and even referred to me as Blastoise186 rather than my actual name (it’s part of a running joke). Mind you, that agent did also comment that Tim and Jess are evil moderators whose ultimate goal is to take over the world. But that doesn’t seem right… Surely?

Mind you, I do find it rather curious that your account on OVO’s side of things somehow landed on the legacy billing system - especially since OVO is no longer provisioning any new accounts on that system and hasn’t generally done so for over a year because it’s actually being shut down soon, once everyone has been migrated to the new billing platform.

@Blastoise186 I don’t think I am following you on here:

Mind you, I do find it rather curious that your account on OVO’s side of things somehow landed on the legacy billing system - especially since OVO is no longer provisioning any new accounts on that system and hasn’t generally done so for over a year because it’s actually being shut down soon, once everyone has been migrated to the new billing platform.

What do you mean?

@Blastoise186@Lukepeniket_OVO Here’s an update. Yesterday I called OVO because I didn’t have any gas supply. They redirect me to BOOST, who sent an engineer to change my meter. As I told you, the meter was on credit, but I checked this morning and it is again on prepayment. What is going on?

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That’s strange. And a bit of a problem because this still doesn’t resolve your account being in limbo so I’m not really sure what to say right now.

I think Tim and Jess might try and figure this out to some extent, but I’ll try and think about this some more in case I can some up with something.

As for the billing system, OVO previously used a third-party billing system that they purchased from someone else. I’m not sure what it’s called or who made it, only that it came from someone. After it caused a few issues, OVO decided to stop using it and instead began to build a new one in-house to help solve them, among other things. The new billing platform has been live for something like 18 months if memory serves now, and most new members are automatically put on the new one by default. There’s also a migration project going on to get everyone moved off the legacy system and moved to the new one - but I find it strange that you ended up on the old one somehow.

The point is that I still need to top up with BOOST – I had to top up gas this morning – but my Direct Debit is still going on with OVO – £108 a month. We are back to the start: I do not want to pay twice for my supplies, but everytime I call OVO, they bounce me to BOOST.

@Blastoise186 If I got it right, even though I am a new costumer, from my screenshot you can see that I am still on the old payment system?

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That’s right. It seems the screenshot has been removed to protect your privacy but I recognised the appearance anyway. I didn’t realise that an account number was visible, because it didn’t fit the format that I know OVO uses.

Tim and Jess will most likely check in shortly, so hang in there for a bit and we’ll have an update for you.

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Updated on 21/01/22 by Jess_OVO


Firstly I’m so sorry for this complicated OVO or Boost situation you’re facing, glad to see our community members @Blastoise186 and @Lukepeniket_OVO have been able to offer some support in helping get things figured out.


I’ve slightly edited one of you comments to remove the account number which was showing but it did help me to get to the bottom of things slightly. As Blastoise mentioned I think there’s a bit of a technical bug going on! :bug:


The OVO account which you are able to access is actually inactive, so I’d really recommend cancelling your Direct Debit as this will likely be bounced back. It looks like our systems have incorrectly registered this OVO account when your meters should be in prepayment mode with Boost, as they were when you moved in.


If you’d like to discuss the possibility of switching to a pay-monthly account you’d need to speak to the Boost team to request this, it’s worth mentioning that there are some checks we’d need to carry out before being able to request this account change. The easiest way to reach the Boost team via their webchat (just click on the yellow speech bubble on their Homepage). 


I hope this helps get things figured out and the Boost team are able to assist. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jess!

Based off of this, I’d also recommend checking through your bank statements as well. If OVO has returned, refunded or bounced any payments back to you, there should be a record of this somewhere on your bank statement for each payment. I think they normally show up as something along the lines of a Bank Giro Credit if memory serves, but you should be able to recognise them either way as it’ll reference OVO as the sender.

If you have any trouble finding anything, feel free to ask your bank for help. Most of them will be happy to help you dig through the records to see if anything has come back from OVO.

If you don’t get the money back, I think OVO and Boost will be happy to take a look for you and run a few searches to trace what happened to the money. If needed, the teams should be able to trigger a manual refund, but it may take a few days to get that taken care of. If there’s one thing banks are good at doing though, it’s keeping very solid audit trails!

Good morning @Jess_OVO and thank you for you reply.

I cannot remove my direct debit from my OVO page, so I guess I will have to do it on fom my bank account?

To be honest, considering all the trouble I had in trying to get a Pay Monthly account, I would be ok in having a Pay As You Go at this point.

How do I solve this problem with an inactive account where I can log in and that is keeping records of my energy usage? Because it keeps building up. At this point I would like to have that account cancelled: I don’t know if OVO will ask me to pay for the energy I already paid for. I am not saying OVO will do it, but I feel like I am in that in position and I don’t like it. :sweat_smile:

@Jess_OVO also, when I moved in I typed in my meter readings on the OVO website, but they have been registered wrongly. For instance, my readings were 01501 for gas ans 02636 in electricity, but on my account is says 00909 for gas and 01502 for electricity. I sent the pictures of the meters on the 1st of August and I have received a reply about a reading dispute. Is there anything else I can do other than wait?

And sorry again for the third messange in a row. I keep receiving statments from OVO related to that inactive account. How is that possible?

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No worries, we’re here to help.

If you have a chat with Boost, they should be able to arrange for the inactive account on OVO’s side to be cleaned up and also to get your online account with Boost working properly. You can cancel the Direct Debit via your bank as the one that’s currently set up right now will no longer be useful anyway. Once all that’s done, no further payments will be taken and the statements from the inactive account should stop. You won’t be asked to pay twice for your energy usage, so someone in the Boost Support Team will almost certainly be happy to try and get that sorted out and fixed up for you as well.

Jess might be able to offer recommendations as to how to sort out the meter readings, so I’ll see if she’s able to help with that.

It may still be worth switching to Pay Monthly anyway, since it would allow you to never have to worry about the meters running out of credit and disconnecting you ever again - and the entire payment process would be fully automated as long as there’s enough funds in your bank account each month on the payment date for the Direct Debit to go through.

You’re perfectly welcome to stay on Pay As You Go if you wish of course and you can always change your mind later. Either way, if you do decide to switch over, the Boost Support Team can help with that and they’ll take a look. I think most of the checks involved would be things like making sure you can afford the payments, running a credit check and discussing the details with you so that you know what being on Pay Monthly involves. As long as the switchover goes through correctly, it should be pretty easy - especially if the Support Team assist with the process and oversee it for you.

I think the ultimate cause was probably just down to the initial switch attempt failing to complete properly and somehow the rollback broke as well, which is extremely rare. If you try again with help from the Support Team, a second attempt should yield much better results.