I have two electricity meters with two MPANS - Why are my storage heaters resulting in high energy costs?

  • 7 September 2021
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Been a while but thought I’d update. They changed the meter, it is done! Not sure how it’s affecting my bills yet, but at least we know it’s possible to do now.. with a lot of research and fighting..

Funnily enough, after the meter was changed, my landlord said they’d send someone over to see if i can get gas..

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Hey, welcome back @BrightEyes161 !

That’s great news, glad to hear you finally got things taken care of. :)

Hopefully this should result in your bills dropping slightly, as I suspect the second MPAN will be terminated, along with the related Standing Charges. Paying only one of those will always be cheaper than paying for two. This will also make it a little bit easier to switch supplier in the future, should you wish to do so.

Please allow up to three months for the redundant MPAN to be fully terminated from your property and be reflected in both the bills and your account. ECOES will of course be updated with the new meter details and MPAN data as well, but it just takes a while. Either way, the Standing Charges for the removed meter/MPAN should cease as of the date that meter was removed, even if it doesn’t show up immediately.

As for getting gas… At this late stage I personally wouldn’t recommend it unless there’s already a gas main in your street. Gas is being slowly phased out over time in the UK, and the amount of time, effort and resources required to get a gas supply set up now - especially if there’s no gas mains nearby - is potentially unviable unless you seriously need it badly. The UK is moving more towards electric only and as gas prices creep up, the price advantages of gas are being slowly eroded. This isn’t to say it’s definitely out of the question, but may be worth factoring into any decisions.

Mind you, a couple of months ago now, someone from a housing association in Scotland actually reached out to me via PM to ask about similar matters after seeing one of my guides. I did respond to them, but I never heard back… I’ve decided not to reveal their identity for privacy reasons, and out of respect for the fact it was via PM.