I have a EDMI MK7C business AMR Remote meter - can I transfer my account to a domestic provider, and then try to get the meter exchanged?

  • 22 July 2020
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Hi - I’ve bought a new house, that was built on the site of an old factory. The meter that has been installed by the developer’s electricity company is an EDMI MK7C, which I understand is a business AMR Remote meter and not suitable for residential. I’ve been on a long journey to try and get my account changed to domestic, and the meter changed - but so far limited success, although I believe my account is now registered as residential. 

Question - can I transfer my account to a domestic provider, and then try to get the meter issue fixed? Can this type of meter be converted to a residential tariff? Any advice? Or just keep pushing the existing company to change the meter?


Any help is gratefully received.



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Welcome to the forum, @RCG, this is a really interesting question and got me digging for the correct answer with the ops team, so here goes…

As long as the meter isn’t a three phase meter and is listed with the profile class 01 on the national database, we should be able to take over the supply and offer a meter exchange when you’re on board with us. 

Pop the team a message and they’ll be able to check your supply details on the national database. We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat!

You’ll find some handy info about 3 phase meters here, I’ve tweaked your title to make this post stand out more to other members. 


Hi Amy - 

Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I’ve confirmed my meter is 01, and a single phase, so looks like I am good to transfer. 

Should I mention the meter when I request the transfer? It seems to confuse most people when I do so. 


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Hi @RCG and thanks for raising this issue on the Forum.

So… “It’s a Smart Meter, Jim - but not as we know it!

As @Amy_OVO has said, I don’t think there’s going to be a problem with this one. Whether you mention the meter or not shouldn’t matter. All Energy Suppliers pick up the electricity meter information from ECOES, the National database.

Regardless of the MK7C being labelled “Smart”, it doesn’t meet the requirements for either generation of Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) hardware. So OVO would regard this as “not Smart” and you would apply for a SMETS2 Smart Meter online in the usual way.

It would help if you could fill out your Forum Profile. Although Amy is a Moderator, the rest of us can’t see your basic background details. I don’t even know if you’re yet an OVO customer!