How do I get OVO to take over my electricity supply, I'm only with you for gas?

  • 19 June 2021
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Hey all - current OVO user here, I’ve been sorting out an electric mixed metering issue and problems with the National Database being wrong.
This has all finally been sorted and I’m now looking to bring my electric under OVO. Currently only my gas is with OVO - does anyone know the best way of doing this?


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6 replies

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Howdy @TheEpicBlob !

Sure thing. This is actually a pretty unusual one, since OVO doesn’t normally offer Gas-Only accounts. However, there is a possible option although it needs a little bit of manual intervention if that’s OK.

I’m not sure if you can get to work in this case, but feel free to give it a shot, you might get lucky. But it’s more likely that you’ll want to have a chat with the Support Team on Monday and do an assisted switch that way, since I’m 99% sure the self-service route will choke in these circumstances.

This kind of thing is technically a Change of Contract, so you’ll need to do it over the phone as it requires verbal consent. I hope this helps.

If you get stuck though, feel free to give me a shout. I kid you not, you are probably the first person we’ve ever had ask about adding Electricity to a Gas-Only Account!

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Huh, I feel like I’m on a unicorn of a tariff (maybe I shouldn’t switch!) 

I seem to remember the last time I spoke with them the CS  said to go through the self-serve route and they’ll add it into my account, but due the headache (so far 3 utility companies, two EDF accounts and another, non-household person being in mix) I’ll give me a call on Monday!

Thanks @Blastoise186 !

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Wow. That’s a lot of juggling!

No worries though. It might be possible to do it via self-service, but I’d still recommend getting the Support Team to assist with the switch anyway, since it’ll need manual intervention to link it to your existing account regardless. It might be possible either way, but best to check.

The other reason that I think the Support Team might have given that advice might be that they can link an existing Gas account to a newly created Electric account and then merge them. There’s a few magic tricks that even I don’t know about. :)

@Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO will be back on Tuesday, so I’ll double check with them when I can. But hopefully you can get things going in the meantime. If you let the Support Team know you’ve spoken to Blastoise186 on the forum, that sometimes speeds things up.

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Hi @TheEpicBlob and what a great username this is!


Yep as @Blastoise186 mentioned, our Support team can take a request to add a supply (MPAN for electricity, MPRN for gas), which is then submitted as a case and is worked in a matter of weeks. We would then contact your supplier to advise we’re taking the supply. ETA is usually a month, roughly.


Please speak to the Support team over the phone, as you’d need to verbally agree to the unit rates being used, which would tend to be the same prices available when you fixed the gas tariff. Also the Support team can advise if there’s any technical reasons we can’t apply for the electricity currently, such as a billing platform limitation. 


It’s very possible to only have a gas supply, but only if there was some reason why the electricity supply couldn’t complete. We don’t offer gas only tariffs as standard though, so yeh there’s usually a reason for a customer only having a gas supply with us.  

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Thanks @Tim_OVO - I’m pretty sure the username came to me in a fever dream and had stuck ever since.


I’ve spoken with the team yesterday who interestingly said that at 09:00 the request was made to bring my supply to OVO (I hadn’t requested it and they suggested that this was likely being monitored already?)

I was also a little concerned that initially I was quoted ~£109 for my one bed flat, then managed to get that down to -£74 (despite online quote system saying ~£65). Either way our electric should be coming to you in the next few weeks and the entire mess will hopefully be behind us!

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Nice one!

Yeah, that quote seems a bit high. But it can be adjusted over time as needed. Whenever OVO does a Direct Debit Review, there’s a whole bunch of factors that are taken into consideration. If the number crunching reveals you’re actually likely to use less energy than was originally predicted, the platform may offer to reduce your payments automatically. You’ll always be kept informed there.

I recommend letting things run on autopilot for the most part. But feel free to keep an eye on things and ask for a review if it looks like you’re building up way too much credit.