How do I get my credit back from my previous energy company who have gone into administration since my switch to OVO?

  • 18 November 2021
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I left Igloo just before they went bust and moved to OVO - however, I do not seem to have my credit moved across. Eon say I wasn’t moved to them with other Igloo customers - so where is my credit from Igloo?


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Howdy @Cathy P ! Welcome to the OVO Forum! :)

I have good news for you. You don’t need to worry here - your final refund is safe. Given that you switched to OVO just before Igloo went down, it is indeed true that E.On won’t have had the credit balance for your account transferred via SoLR. That feature also only exists for SoLR as well, your switch to OVO is a normal one where credit doesn’t get transferred over and SoLR wouldn’t have activated for you anyway because of this.

What should happen in your case, is that the Final Bill from Igloo should be generated and sent to you as usual within six weeks of coming on-supply with OVO. If you had enough credit in the account to pay the entire bill off, it will be marked as paid automatically and you’ll get the rest back via an automatic refund. You can safely cancel the Direct Debit to Igloo once that’s done.

If Igloo or their administrators can’t issue it that way, they’ll send you a cheque instead. If you don’t see anything after that time, please get in touch with their administrators, who should be able to investigate for you.

OVO won’t be able to retrieve the credit on your behalf, but the Support Team might be able to help make sure the opening readings you provided to OVO have been passed on.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply so quickly  and give a very comprehensive answer to my question. I will now all the information you have provided and see if I can finally get my money back :) 

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No worries. :)

I’ve recently been keeping an eye on all these things just in case I can spot any trends - it helps to be prepared in case anyone needs help with this sort of thing.

Just so you know, E.On won’t be involved in the matter either, so you won’t need to contact them again (they can’t do anything anyway). If Igloo’s administrators try to refer you back to E.On, please let them know that your account was not transferred to E.On via the Supplier of Last Resort process because you were already switching away before SoLR activated. That should be sufficient to make sure the administrators assist with your request directly.

Thank you - yes I had been in touch with Eon and they haven’t got my details. However on Igloo website it states :- If you are a former customer and switched to a different supplier before Igloo Energy ceased to trade then E.ON Next will be in touch if you had a valid credit balance and let you know when you can expect to receive your cheque. They are working hard to return your credit balance to you as soon as possible, however, this may take some time so please bear with us.

Which is a bit confusing -  I have looked and seen that Rob Croxen and Jonny Marston of Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP were appointed as Joint Administrators to the Company but no contact details.

However, another statement says - 

I left Igloo before they went into administration and am still owed a credit from my final bill

We'll issue outstanding final credits via cheque by the end of November.

So will wait and see what happens  and then start contacting people .

Thanks again

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Yes, it seems like it’s one of those giant global professional service companies that’s dealing with the matter. At least that’s the impression I’m getting anyway.

I’m not really sure how far you’d get, but if you wanted to reach out, I found the details you’re after at least. Your use of these is at your own risk however. I don’t know what they’ll say and as a forum volunteer, I can’t step in if it goes pear shaped.

I’m not really one to advertise stuff, but if you know anyone else who wants to know more about what happens if an energy supplier fails, I’ve got you covered.

It took me a lot of figuring out to get that guide right!

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Welcome to OVO and to our online community, @Cathy P,


Great to see that you’ve already met one of our top volunteers around here, @Blastoise186. Just wanted to clarify some of the advice given with reference to the FAQs given by Ofgem here:


I’m already switching supplier and it’s not yet complete. Will my switch go through and is my credit balance protected?


You don’t need to worry. If it’s already in progress, you will continue to be moved to the new supplier you have chosen. You should not need to do anything.

Once the switch is complete your direct debit with your old supplier should be cancelled. You could also be owed money if your account had built up credit with the old supplier.

If the direct debit hasn’t cancelled you may need to close it off through your bank. 

We'll look to appoint a supplier who will pay back money owed to you that's outstanding from a closed account. 


Whilst the usual timeframe to receive your final bill and refund from a previous supplier is 6 weeks, there’s a chance things could be slightly delayed due to the SOLR process. If you’ve received an opening statement from us (which should be issued once we’ve had your opening meter readings confirmed around 6 weeks after your switch date) but are yet to receive a final statement from your Igloo account, it would be best to contact the appointed supplier (in this case Eon) who should be issuing this on their behalf.


I hope this helps clear things up - Do keep us posted here, this will be really helpful to others who might be facing a similar situation in future. 


Thank you all your help and guidance - well E.ON Next must have been listening in to my conversation because a cheque has turned up from them for the full amount of credit I had with Igloo - despite the customer help staff telling me that would not be the case - hence my question on here.

So I am very happy.

many thanks


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Definitely make sure to pay that cheque into your bank account when you get a chance. The money you’re owed is safe and that cheque will ensure you get it back, but cheques have a weird habit of “expiring” if you wait too long. They’re not supposed to expire, but a lot of banks get fussy over cheques that are more than six months old when you attempt to deposit them.

Your local bank branch should be happy to take it off your hands and process it. But if you’d rather not head down there in person, you might be able to use the cheque scanning feature in their app to scan it in and submit it remotely. Either way, once you deposit the cheque, you should get the funds cleared and made available within five working days. Don’t spend the money before that, as cheques can bounce!