How can I switch to a new supplier at the end of my plan? Will I get a final bill if I've been paying a Direct Debit?

  • 5 March 2019
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Can someone explain me in the end how is the bill because next month my contact is finish and every month I paid 62 £? And how I can cancel I mean I don’t want new contract.
thank you

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Updated on 16/05/22 by Jess_OVO

Great questions to ask now you’re approaching the end of your current fixed plan.

You’ll be free to switch suppliers without paying exit fees in the last 7 weeks of your plan, this is known as your renewal period. We’ll send you an email to let you know your renewal options with OVO as soon as you’re able to renew or you can check these out by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).

When you log in to your online account or open up your OVO app during the renewal period, you’ll see a renewal message on your Homepage:


Exact appearance may vary


Click on the ‘Pick your new plan’ button to see the options available:


Exact appearance and plans available may vary


You’ll have a view of the recommended Direct Debit amount on each new plan, as well as the unit rates and standing charges on each plan by clicking ‘Tariff Information Label’. This is useful in making comparisons of these plans to those that might be offered elsewhere.

If you’ve found a plan with another supplier that you’d like to take out instead, you’ll just need to request the switch (either directly with that supplier or a 3rd party switching website). Don’t worry the new supplier will let us know that you’re joining them. You can also keep an eye on the status of your switch away on your online account

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you are considering a switch away, your Direct Debit usually remains active until we confirm your final readings and issue you a final bill, usually around 6 weeks after the switch date. 

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Not sure why you are contacting me by email.

I left Ovo in August - after they tried to block the move incidentally..

I have been unable to get a closing bill from Ovo’s accounts dept. They simply siad I’d better pay the balance shown on my acconts if I didn’t want to keep hearing from “Collection\a”

No doubt by now they have sold the debt on to debt colectors (must be approx £50)

Maybe in 2030 I will get a summons demanding I forfeit my house because of your sexy account ap - which I don’t have beciase I don’t have a moile phone!

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Hi @Brixton Dave - thanks for the reply. I moved your topic over here as it related to a final bill. 


I’ll be updating this topic’s best answer shortly, for the moment it does correctly state:


If you initiate a switch to another supplier, your final bill will be sent to you 4 to 6 weeks after the switch has completed.


So this final statement is overdue. It’s also very unfortunate to hear we’re reaching out to you about the outstanding balance when this final bill hasn’t been sent. Are you sure the final charges haven’t been applied to your old OVO account