Feed in Tarriff Change of Ownerhip - 7 months and still waiting

  • 25 May 2023
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It has now been over 7 months since I submitted our 'Feed in Tarriff Change of Ownership' form, shortly after moving into our property on 10th October 2022.

Receipt of the form was confirmed by customer services on several phone calls between November and February, but it took 4 months of phoning and chasing before we received an email on 20th March which asked us for specific additional information.   

Most (or all) the requested information was already included in our original application, and no explanation was given about why it was being asked for again.  All my questions were ignored, and email replies have been robotic templates with not much sign of a real empathetic human being at the other end.

On 27th March I phoned and received confirmation that OVO had all required information.  But I was told it could take another 5-6 weeks to process from the point of receipt.  

It has been 9 weeks since providing the additional information, with no sign of progress.

We are now owed 7 months of tariff payments.   

I phoned again today and was told they cannot provide any timeline or any information about progress or anything.  There is a very small back-office team with a huge backlog, and I was told clearly that there was absolutely no way of contacting the team directly, or talking to any manager, or doing anything at all except wait.  

If we owed OVO money, I’m sure they would be onto us very promptly.  But not the other way round.  It seems that the system and service personnel for handling the Feed in Tariff is broken, under-staffed, and grossly mismanaged.   It has caused me (and presumably many others) a lot of unnecessary time and stress.   It is unacceptable.

Has anyone else had/having the same experience?  Any resolutions?  Any suggestions?




1 reply

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Hey @dandreae ],


Really sorry to hear this, I know our Feed In Tariff team are really busy right now but understand how frustrating this must be from your point of view. 


If you need to speak to our FiT Team you can call 0330 303 5063 and selecting ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so or you can email


If you aren’t having any luck with contacting the Support Team you can raise a complaint, there is more information about this procedure on the website. 


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