Could OVO change my meters from prepayment to pay monthly?

Hi I moved into a new home in October last year. The previous owner had pre pay meters in the property with NPower I have already requested credit ones which I passed the credit checks but nearly 6 months on NPower have failed over and over to honour the change of meters and the prices on these meters are once again increasing! I have tried a few other suppliers but they are not interested in removing NPowers prepay meters and advised me to get them too which has been a waste of time can anyone give me some advice does OVO do this?

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Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your current supplier.


As you’ve got prepayment meters there at the moment, unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to switch to OVO Energy before some changes are made to your meters. As we only supply Pay monthly meters, we can only request a switch if you’ve got traditional Pay Monthly meters (or smart meters in pay monthly mode) already installed. If you’re still looking to switch as a prepayment customer, check out Boost Power, our Pay-as-you-go sister company.


If you are keen to become a Pay Monthly OVO member, we’d advise you to contact your current supplier to request a smart meter installation. As long as this meter can communicate with OVO (find out which smart meters we can communicate with here) it can be switched to a Pay Monthly mode when you switch, allowing you to access our great OVO Pay Monthly Plans.


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


Just moved back to our home (having rented it out for 14 years) to find an Ovo prepayment card set up. Would like to move this to direct debit immediately but after 2 hours on wasted calls, website searching and being left on hold for an age (gave up before it was picked up!) am stumped how to do this.
Can a real person help me sort this out?
(Utilita changed the electricity prepay to direct debit in 6 minutes flat)
Come on Ovo - tell me how it's done!
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I've moved your post here, @KJS, please check out @Nancy_OVO's post.

Thanks ☺️
We are moving to a property that has British Gas pre pay meters installed, I have asked for them to be removed so I can pay by direct debit. They have refused as I didn’t pass the credit check ( my Experian score is 999)
Can OVO who are my current providers take over the supply so I can continue my account with them?
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I've moved your post over here, @Horace, take a look at the best answer for more info! 🙂

Hi, Was previously an OVO customer until moved over to Boost. I have a smart meter and use the phone app to top up but received my annual email with how much I spend and I can save £400 by switching to OVO pay monthly.


How do I go about switching as Boost have told me they only do pay as you go and the OVO website says I cant because I have a smart meter. A bit of googling tells me Boost can switch the meter to credit mode? Is this true or am I stuck with paying through the nose for Boost forever?


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It would help to know what make your smart meter is

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Hey @reallylost, I’ve moved your post here, please check out the best answer for more info. 



I just moved in new flat with my family and OVO is energy supplier, but there is prepayment meter for electricity and no gas or gas meter at all.

I spoke with landlord he told that's ok with him if we change back to normal credit meters back up. 

And i just wanted to know how it is possible to arrange that and we need gas that's most important for heating and hot water here is only very small boiler not even enough for bath and we do have 4 children so it's quite urgent for me. 

Kind regards S. Audris 

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Hi @Silvesters 


I’ve moved your comment onto this topic, and updated the ‘best answer’ (at the top). Please have a read and take the appropriate steps as advised. 


As for your gas meter, can you confirm if you have a gas supply? If you don’t, this is a big job. I don’t think we have a topic on this yet……. @Transparent usually knows more about this then me: am I right in thinking they’d need to speak to the National Grid, to first arrange to be connected with a gas supplier, before arranging for your supplier to attend on the same date to fit the meter, create the supply on the Xoserve and the rest?


We might need to create a tutorial topic on this when I know the process…...

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Hi @Silvesters. My aim is that this Forum can provide more answers than you have questions. :wink:

So with that in mind, let’s start with the basics.

First, please complete your Forum Profile because then I can see which area of the country you’re in.

Next - have a chat with your neighbours and ask if any of them have gas.

Then please tell us the approximate age of the building, the type of heating it has and where your flat fits within the overall topology. Is it ground floor? Or the 11th floor in a block 19 stories high?!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello everyone. 

I live in Normanton, UK

And landlord told there use to be gas and also in flat is radiators from central heating but just because of previous people who use to live here he removed it and did put pre payment meter on but from gas he removed completely. 

But i think that gas supply as that is possible because below us is and restaurant. 

House is pretty old and its 2 floor house groubd and first at the ground floor there is restaurant and all above is our flat is 4 bedrooms quite big also with attic. 

Flat is almost in city centra like 5 min walk till shopping street. 

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OK, thanks @Silvesters. So the Gas Distributor in your region is Northern Gas Networks. This link takes you to the page where you can enter your postcode to check what supply is there.

The answers you need depend on what was actually done by the landlord to “remove” the gas connection. For safety reasons, the usual practice is to have the Gas Distributor remove the meter and cap the end of the pipe next to the isolation valve. To check this you need to locate the gas meter box. Do you know where this is?

There are three “people” responsible for your gas supply:

  • Northern Gas Networks provides the pipe up to the point where the meter is
  • Your Energy Supplier (OVO) provides the meter
  • A local gas engineer (registered with Gas Safe) is the only person who must work on the pipes after the meter. You cannot connect devices like a boiler or cooker yourself.

Is this clear so far?

If there is still a gas pipe to a meter-box, then you won’t need to communicate with Northern Gas Networks.

Before a new gas meter can be installed you must ask a Gas Safe Engineer to run a test on your internal pipes. If he is going to be employed to fit a boiler or cooker, then you might not have to pay for the test.

As part of the test he will check that there is a safety earth connection between your electricity consumer unit and the point where the gas pipe enters the building.

If any of this is unclear, please ask. I can provide photographs to help you.

I do not know where was the gas meter and where to the pipes go. 

Maybe you can give some advice how i can find that place? Or photo how it should look.

Thanks in advance

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Sure. If the original meter position was on the outside of the building, then it would be housed within a plastic meter box with a door. Some are recessed into the wall


If the shop below you has gas, it is likely that their meter and yours are close together. Ask them.

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This is good support here. I will be making this latest back and forth into a ‘getting back my gas supply’ thread, once we have a resolution. Looking forward to hearing from you, @Silvesters 

I want to change from payg to direct debit 

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Hiya @Sallieg !

Are you currently paying off any debt using your Pay As You Go account?

I have some good news for you here. As long as your account is in good shape you can switch over anytime you fancy. If you’d like to switch to an OVO tariff, what you’ll want to do is sign up over here and that should start the process of getting you moved over.

If you currently have a debt to pay off, that might cause a few snags, but feel free to ask for help if you’re unsure.

I’m with boost already but I want to change to direct debit they said I have to talk to ovo but I can’t get though on the phone 

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Thanks for confirming.

Sometimes the phones can be busy at this time of day, but the webchat is also open. You can find the link on the help pages here near the bottom. You should get through to the same team either way


If you still get stuck, feel free to reply here again and someone will try to catch you.

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I want to change from payg to direct debit 


Thanks for posting this question, @Sallieg - I’ve moved it over to this topic on the same query. 


It’s actually not as clear cut as what’s been advised, mainly as the sign up process to OVO is different to Boost, including a credit check. See the ‘best answer’ (at the top) for more info.


Do you have a ‘Secure Liberty’ smart meter? That’s the first obstacle to overcome. if you don’t, get one fitted with Boost, here


If you do, then it would be the Boost Support team that would need to judge whether a move to OVO, and a credit ‘pay monthly’ plan, is possible. I’m sorry if you were advised that it was OVO. 


Let us know the latest, and any follow up questions, and we’ll go from there. :blush: