Can I switch my microbusiness supply to OVO?

Hi, my step-father is an owner of a microbusiness that is also registered where he lives. He has been unhappy with the energy bills for a while and wants to switch (possibly gas too if it is worth it). Ofgem specifies that microbusinesses don’t have to get a business contract (see the link below). So I went to moneysupermarket and checked best deals for that address for homes (not for a business). Better Smart 28 April 2022 from Ovo Energy appealed to us. The website then  redirected me to get a quote with Ovo Energy. So I went to the official website to get a quote but after clicking “Get a quote” the page refreshes with the following text on the top: “Oops, there’s a problem…
Sorry, we are currently unable to offer you a quote. Please check back soon”.


I suspect that it has to do something that he gets his energy as a business from his current supplier Opus Energy. In regards to gas, it is registered on my mother and not on the business.



Here is the link to Ofgem: If you click on microbusiness (that is underlined with a dotted line) it will bring the criteria for a microbusiness. My step-fathers’ business satisfies them all.


I hope the description is sufficient and thank you in advance for your help. 


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Hi @DmytoMalevskyi ,

I’m really sorry, but OVO Energy doesn’t offer energy supplies to businesses, as OVO is only a domestic supplier. Your father might be an edge case though, so I think the best thing for me to do would be to ask @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO to stop by.

Hang in there for a bit, this may take a while.

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Hi @DmytoMalevskyi and thanks for asking a new question here!


As our forum super-user @Blastoise186 mentions, here at OVO we only supply residential supplies. Your supply would need to be listed using a residential ‘profile class’ on the national database for electricity in order to switch to OVO.


As you mention your father’s supply has previously been charged as on a business energy plan, I suspect that the supply is listed as a commercial supply which would explain the error message when trying to apply on our Quote and Switch page. Our Support Team or your current supplier should be able to double-check this, which might help work out the best options for you going forward.


I hope this helps explain.