Bought a new house, OVO is supplier but what do I do next?

  • 10 December 2018
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Our new house, which we are not moving into straight away is supplied by OVO, the vendors left no paperwork or anything, we only know its OVO from the form supplied by the solicitors.

We are unable to read the meters as there are no numbers on them and we do not have a clue what to do next. I did put the postcode in a box on the website and said our payments would be double what we pay EDF in our current property! How do we find out what to do and can we speak to someone?


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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great that you’ve already looked in to  setting up an account with us, as we’re currently supplying the energy there. Even if you’re planning on switching suppliers - we’ll need a temporary account created in order to cover the period before your switch (this can be 3 - 4 weeks). When we create your account we’ll check the date you moved in and the meter readings on this date and create you an account starting from this point. If you’re having trouble seeing the reading on the meters, it could be that these are Smart meters - these should send the readings to us automatically but you can also read them manually - find out how here.


The suggested Direct Debit amount for your new account is based on average energy usage we’ve seen in your home previously. This gives us a good starting point to work out what you’re likely to use - but obviously if you are using less, you’ll only pay for what you use. We’ll monitor your usage and carry out a ‘Direct Debit Check-In’ every 3 months, after we’ve got an idea of your actual usage. If you’re really not sure about the suggested amount - reach out to our Support Team who can discuss a more suitable monthly payment amount.


The easiest way to keep an eye on your usage and suggested Direct Debit amount is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android)


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide, and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


OK, but we have not moved in, and do not intend to move in until the Spring, as there is a lot of work to do there and we still have a property to live in.

So, when we do move in we would quite like to transfer the existing contract we have already with EDF, which is fixed until April 2020 (and way better than any OVO deal) So if we stay with OVO until then will we have to pay exit fees?
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You won’t be charged exit fees for moving house mid-contract, @SingandPlay! We’ll just close the account down and refund you any remaining credit.

We’re unable to move your current contract to your new property, so you’ll need to complete the quote and switch process again here: (Once your your fixed tariff comes to an end with EDF, so you’re not charged exit fees from them).

You may find this topic handy:

I just moved into an OVO supplied property. Tried to switch to another gas and electricity provider but OVO objected to my switch. Who do I contact from OVO to understand why they objected to the switch? If the switch was objected because the previous tenant had debt with OVO, how do I let them know that I just moved in which means that I am not liable for their debt and so I should be allowed to switch gas and electricity provider?

Thank you.
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Hey @catherine888 - I've moved your post over here. More info on what to do if you've just moved in above.

It sounds like we've objected because you've not got in touch to let us know you've moved in yet. We'll be your supplier until you switch to your new company (which can take 3 to 4 week), so we'll need to grab some details from you in order to be able to send you a statement for this period.


I completed a property purchase yesterday, and I believe the previous owners used OVO for their gas and energy (they left no paperwork or information).

I plan to switch to a different provider, but I’m unsure of how this process actually works and would appreciate some guidance. Do I need to contact OVO now and tell them that I have moved in but will switching? Do I need to provide OVO with the meter readings from our move in date, and how do I do this? 

Apologies if this question is asked a lot, but I have looked on OVO’s website but can’t find clear instructions on what to do.  This page ( implies that I should sign up and ‘switch’ to OVO/ set up a direct debit etc, even though I plan to switch to a different supplier. Is this correct?


Many thanks in advance.



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Hey @nectarines 

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the purchase.

The best thing to do would be to message the team on webchat via the Help Centre with the date you moved in, the meter readings on that day (or the latest meter readings if you didn’t take any) and mention you will be moving to a new provider and therefore only want to go onto the variable plan (Simpler). Include your phone number, DoB, full name, everything you can think of, as they will need to set up an account in your name. That’s so that you can pay for the energy you used from moving in to switching supplier. Heads up, that switch will take up to 4 week, so you might want to get on and reach out to a new supplier to request the switch goes ahead. 


OVO will also be alerted that another supplier will be taking over the property once you decide who you are going with, so as long as this new OVO account is up and running first, there will be no problem


More info here, and loads of topics here!


If you need help with anything else. Let us know 😁

A couple of years ago, I also had a similar situation with OVO after buying a new home. As in the case of the user nectarines, the former owners did not consider it necessary to provide any documents and information. Special thanks to the guys from OVO who were able to quickly help me terminate my contract, when I contacted them.