Why have I still not had a bill after switching my new property to OVO in early 2020?

  • 19 September 2020
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Ok so I was an OVO customer and have stayed with OVO in new property. Called to change it over all good. Called again twice in August as no bills to be told first time expect a bill next week  and 2nd time that they are changing billing etc and  its a generic thing. It is now mid September, i have tried online chats etc as i don't want to be trying to get through for hours. This is totally unacceptable to have no bills and a massive one due.. what can i do to sort this out? On my app it just says thanks for letting us know of move, we will start your new account from 1st August. No communication etc. I am tempted to change providers but don't have the funds to pay a huge bill to close it! No emails nothing only if i put in a complaint do i get communication....

11 replies

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@Joanne 11 , sorry to hear your plight. There are actually many factors where this could have gone wrong. Ovo cannot as i understamd issue a bill (or anyone) if:


The previous supplier of the property hasnt recorded the final meter reading and passed it over.




The database containing which supplier is authority on the meter isnt updated fo some reason (i think there is 2 dbs here?) 




The ovo billing system didnt record the start meter reading for some reason




The ovo new billing system didn't work properly.




For you old address something like above has gone wrong.


Do you jappem to have confirmation of the previous suppliers final meter reading for new address AND your final read from old address as these are likely to help. 


@Tim_OVO can possibly get a team to check some of these, but I was without a bill for 6 months in similar situation. Thankfully my monthly dd covered it to within £4.


@Transparent did i miss anything?

Thank you. Ovo was my previous supplier. They have all the info. I have given them all the readings. They said they are updating the billing. But surely doesn't take 4 months. 

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Quick question to help us drill down into possible issues, @Joanne 11:


Did you move into a house that was also supplied by OVO? Or were on supply with OVO, you moved house, and then you started a switch to OVO at the new place?


This is a good recent topic on a switching delays which includes more info on those possible reasons outlined by @Jequinlan above. Can you have a look and let us know?


Also, why are you not getting responses from our Customer Support?! Try on web chat again today if you can. There should be no more then a 5 minute wait to get to an agent

Ovo was the previous supplier of the house we moved to. I tried a web chat and responded but they said i didn't respnd and cut me off. I will try again. Thank you

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Ovo was the previous supplier of the house we moved to. I tried a web chat and responded but they said i didn't respnd and cut me off. I will try again. Thank you


Thanks for flagging this web chat issue - I’ve passed it on to the engineers that look after that!


OK so what about the new place - have you initiated a switch to OVO for your current property back in May? If you have, did you receive emails like your welcome email and so on? 

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Still waiting for a bit on info on this, @Joanne 11 - I’m concerned that you never actually started a new switch to OVO for the new property.


Either the new place was already on supply with OVO, so you just have to do this online home moving form, or it’s got a different supplier, and you have to use that online home moving form to close your old account, and start a new switch here

I didn't recieve a welcome email. I was told it was up and running and would get something to confirm so i called and was told i was on the system etc and would have a statement that week. Called again and was told billing was being updated. Tried calling again after another month told same thing

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Thanks for the reply, @Joanne 11 


If the property you moved into was already supplied by OVO, you wouldn’t need to start a switch. But you would need to agree to a tariff. Did you do that over the phone? Feel free to PM me your address and I can check you supplies you. 


If the address isn’t supplied by OVO, a switch is needed, but let’s cross that bridge when/if we get there. :) 

It was definitely ovo in my new house. I have also had a call about smart meters. I am going to have to call again as the debt is getting bigger!

I have pmd my email. Thank you 

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What’s happening with this one, @Joanne 11 - has your account been updated now? If you give us an update on the issue, I can assign it as the ‘best answer’ to help others effected by this…. :blush: