What do you look for when switching to Energy Supplier?

  • 1 December 2020
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Updated on 26/02/2021: Thinking of switching to OVO too? Check out the available OVO plans and get your switch sorted today here.


Hello my fellow Forum users! It is I, NinjaGeek

How are we already in December? 2020 certainly has been fast and uneventful. 

Now, after speaking with the in laws and asking how much they pay for their energy bill. It then turned into a conversation which included such questions like 

  • How much do you want to pay monthly?
  • Do you care if the supplier want to make an impact on climate change?
  • Do you want to go with a green energy supplier?

Having this conversation, it really made them think. After seeing my EV they have been thinking about changing over from their dirty dirty diesel car. So now, that also adds to the questions, looking into an energy supplier who also offer the best EV tariffs. So, after comparing online and showing only green energy suppliers to them, they have decided on OVO! They will be looking at moving over to the EV everywhere tariff as soon as they get an EV which is looking like next year they said. 

So this left me scratching my head. My in laws are in their late 50’s. There seems to be a big divide between generations who love the toxic fossil fuels and would never consider or care about moving over to an EV or renewable energy supplier. For one example, my father doesn’t see the point in EV’s, think they are a fad and will not last! We are completely different people indeed haha! 

When you look at moving to a new energy supplier. What sort of things do you look for? Other than Ecotricity who seem to be making a big difference with renewable energy. They are really expensive, whereas OVO are creeping up fast behind Ecotricity and cost much less. 


2 replies

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Good point this, @NinjaGeek 


There are rock bottom price suppliers out there, and they’re not always a huge success. This tells me it’s not JUST price. I remember speaking to a friend who worked for an analytics company. They offered their research services to this and that company, so this friend was thrown into different industries very often. The most recent one was energy. 


They shared with me (after I waffled on about the OVO forum, I must admit) that their findings indicated energy consumers in the UK care about:


  • Customer service reputation
  • A green and renewable image
  • Monthly payment amounts


Not necessarily in that order, but going on this, it’s not just a race to the bottom on price. It’s also perhaps not always how green or how helpful you are, as long as you appear to be… This is very contentious of course. Also I should point out that OVO have made an actual documented commitment to zero emissions by 2030, so there’s no ‘all image and no substance’ about us, in case there was any doubt! 


EVs, I don’t think they’re mainstream enough yet to deliver purchase power trends. Although it’s probably in the top 10….. 


Thoughts anyone? @Jequinlan @Blastoise186 @Transparent

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There are rock bottom price suppliers out there, and they’re not always a huge success.

I’ve twice taken out contracts with rock-bottom companies.

These forays were hugely successful…. that’s how I learned so much about Complaints Procedures and the work of the Energy Ombudsman :scream: