The curse of having an extra gas meter - my switching supplier story

  • 25 February 2021
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I have an unusual setup of having 3 supply meters installed.

Smart electric / smart gas / traditional gas meter(s)

This setup hasn’t been without a few hiccups along the way, just the existence of this 3rd meter or it’s reversed seasonal usage has been a challenge, previous energy supplier included.

my Ovo experience is listed here.

It’s taken a while for Ovo to smooth out a few issues, but my account(s) & all 3 meters are working well, the only slight inconvenience I face now is having to use a different email address to login to Ovo depending on the account / meter(s) I wish to view.


As mentioned, although I’m now happy with the overall structure & management of my accounts by Ovo, the financial saving of switching energy suppliers had been to hard to overlook now I’m approaching the end of my fixed term contract 


So the Bain of 3 meters persist.


My first hurdle is that I was unable to include all 3 metres via an online switch, neither the comparison site or directly via the new energy company website

so I place a call to the new energy supplier,

Yes sir, I can initiate a switch of all 3 meters for you, not a problem, 👍

This resulted in an estimated annual cost of ££££,   but that figure is more than my online quote & more than my current supplier 🙈

Ah yes, our best tariffs are only available online sir, ! 
Can you apply that tariff here & now ? 
No ! you will have to apply online to get that deal.

A few phone calls later 


The current situation is similar to when I first joined Ovo

Ovo initially insisted I switch my Smart meters, then once my account was up & running, I could add my traditional gas meter later.

My chosen new supplier has a similar approach, apply to switch my smart meters online first, the we will sort out your traditional gas meter later!

 but this time it raises a different set of concerns, 

The question of joining accounts? the tariff of my traditional gas meter when it’s added? could not be answered 🙈

& a general reply of wait until you have made the switch & we are supplying you smart meters, get back in touch & we will see what we can do does not fill me with confidence.

Add in

A gas only tariff for my traditional gas meter is a possibility ? (at a rate higher than OVO)

This could reduce any estimated saving ?

I will have surpassed my 14 day cooling off period on my smart meter switch before I can resolve any 3rd meter queries.

If my new supplier can’t accommodate the cheaper tariff for my traditional gas meter ? Could I remain on supply with Ovo as Ovo don’t actually supply a gas only tariff? 

Hot off my email as I’m typing, The meter information that you provided doesn't match the information that the national database holds for your address.

Therefore, we cannot process your switch.


 I know my traditional gas meter has an additional identifying differential to allow the double entry on the National database, I’m guessing that the automated system can’t read as well as  it’s human counterparts when it comes to the correct address being supplied, albeit twice,

It also suggests that Please call your current supplier to check and amend the details for your home - they'll update the national database so when you try to switch again everything should run smoothly.

I’m off to make a phone call or 2


The joys of being furnished with an extra meter 😀😀😀


Apologies for the long post 


3 replies

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A short update 

My attempted switch to a new energy supplier away from Ovo has reached a deadlock of sorts.

The official reason is given as The meter information that you provided doesn't match the information that the national database holds for your address.

Yes is dose.

A real person can confirm all details are correct & would be able to process a switch.

An automated process & a machine fail in doing so.

with no detailed explanation, I’m guessing having 2 gas meters & a double entry against my address on the national gas supply database caused the automated switch process to fail. 
So I can’t switch to a lower tariff via an online process,

I can switch via a phone call, but it would be a higher tariff & higher than OVO currently offer. so why would I want to make a switch.

The response from the customer service agent of the new energy supplier is beyond belief, 

I can make the switch for you, it will cost you more, but once you are a customer, you have the right to make a complaint & raise the issue of a cheaper online tariff Vs the higher price tariff I am able to offer over the phone” 


I couldn’t get off the phone quick enough.



Enough said




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Thanks for sharing, @TomThumb - I’ve made this into a blog post due to the detail on offer. If you upload an image of your choice, I’ll add it. 


I work for OVO, but I’m here to give you the best advice. If your 3 meter set up is preventing you from leaving OVO due to a technicality with your chosen supplier, I’d recommend finding another of similar pricing that can handle this. Perhaps the online only tariff you were seeing was slightly too good to be true…..

We’ll be here and happily providing your energy in the meantime.

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Cheers @Tim_OVO  Having 3 meters instead of the normal 2, again highlights how the automated systems of energy companies are unable to process this information correctly.

A real person has no such limitations,

so having an extra meter is not preventing me from switching supplier as such, but in the above instance, it is the root cause, albeit with the addition of our best prices are only available online!

So I have now decided to remain an OVO customer 👍