Switching suppliers and direct debit dates


I am in the process of switching to OVO and have been told my first DD payment will be taken on 22nd of April. However, my DD date with my current supplier is on the 27th of every month so ideally need my DD date with OVO pushing back to next month.

Is this possible?



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Hey there @dc5R ,

Firstly, welcome aboard! It’s great that you’ve joined us. :blush:

Yup, this is indeed possible, and there’s still plenty of time to make the change. The fastest way to do this if you don’t yet have access to MyOVO would be by phone. You can find the details right this way. I recommend keeping it as close as possible to the contract start date though, so that your account stays in good shape. You might also want to do a quick manual top-up payment as well to cover the gap.

You’ll need to do this at least 10 working days before the next (or first!) payment, so if you make the change today, you’ll just about catch it in time.

If you ever need help again, definitely feel free to stop by the forum again. While I can’t make changes to your account as a forum volunteer, we can almost always point you in the right direction even if we can’t solve the question.

Thank you for your reply.

I have just spoken to OVO but was told they couldn’t adjust the direct debit date and could only change it after I have made the first payment.

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Thanks for getting back to me @dc5R .

That’s strange. I did the exact same thing when I switched to OVO in October last year, albeit only moving the direct debit date by a few days and that was before the first payment was due right at the start of the contract. I’m not aware of the policy being changed since.

However… I do have some magic tricks. Hang in there for a bit and I’ll get right back to you.

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Ok, I’ve just double checked the details for you @dc5R . It seems the policy has changed since I joined.

After a quick chat with Sophie from the Support Team, I’ve had confirmation that you can’t change the direct debit date prior to the first payment, otherwise there’s a risk the account would go into debit. However, you can request it to be changed for future payments. Sophie did mention that you can do manual top-up payments at anytime though.

The closest date that OVO can do which would “synchronise” with your old payment cycles would be the 28th of each month. You’ll be able to request that once you’re on-supply with OVO and it’ll be applied from that point onwards.

With that said though, there might still be a workaround yet.

If you’ve got plenty of credit with your old supplier and are confident that there’s enough in there to cover the Final Bill, you might be able to ask your old supplier to skip the payment that’s due on the 27th April. If they agree that today, there’s just enough time to put a stop on it before their system tries to trigger the process.

It’s possible that they might also skip the payment anyway due to the switch date, but it’ll be worth checking if they’re able to help. If you’ve got more than enough credit left in the existing account to pay off the final bills anyway, it’s unlikely they’d need more.