ridiculous situation!

  • 3 September 2020
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my original post has been closed and is now cheerfully tagged as ‘Solved’ which it isn’t.


as its been closed i cant post my reply there.

Long story short….

Ovo adopted my supply without my authority

I emailed them and got a response to say that they cant discuss the supply on my property because i’m not the account holder 

I emailed and explained what had happened - ie that someone had transferred the account without my authority. the response arrived tonight….

wait for it….

despite my explanation…..

they cant talk to me about My Property because the account isn’t in my name.



4 replies

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@OVO Crooks  The Thread you originally opened I believe was closed as the correct processes that need to be followed were described. Please try to refrain from posting on  the forum with this continuation as a new subject. Whilst we understand the issue may be frustrating (I certainly do), the advice from a forum point of view has been given and you will need to follow the process as laid out in previous responses.


I feel your pain as I have had similar issues with EE Recently around an account incorrectly not assigned to me (as they has a database inaccuracy assigning it to someone else) but eventually it was sorted through the proper processes and perseverance.


Good luck!

I have lost all patience with this bunch of clowns so will keep posting until someone actually does something sensible. 

im certainly not going to stop posting to save the blushes of OVO or because you have asked me not to. If you are not a moderator and have no ability to influence the actions of this business then stop responding. You have provided your comments and advice already on the other thread so there is no need to continually leap to their defence

if OVO actually applied some common sense to the situation then I wouldn’t need to post. 

Im really angry about all this and these ridiculous responses from the help email addresss have done nothing to reduce my concerns about a process that should never have been triggered.


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as its been closed i cant post my reply there.


This is incorrect - a ‘best answer’ has been assigned, but the topic can still have comments added to it…..? The ‘best answer’ remains in place to help others with Erroneous transfers issues like the one you described in your first comment.


Unless I’m confused, your property was signed up, by your estate agent, to Spark Energy. It’s not fraud, nor was it a supplier mistake, so this issue isn’t an ‘ET’ technically. We could make this topic the place to discuss your issue, which is I’m sure is very frustrating for you. However from past experience, any help offered hasn’t been well received.


If I had one bit of advice, it would be to consider raising this to Spark and Eon as an ET > Complain to your estate agent about switching without your permission (if this is in breach of your agreement > if an ET isn’t possible, start a new switch to Eon. ETA 4 weeks. 



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One question for you, @OVO Crooks - what is your expectation of an adequate solution from OVO Energy? It would be interesting to hear.